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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by *STAR*!


that sparkle in his eye,
the words that always pry,
into my heart so deep and true,
my heart skips a beat every time i see you.

everytime you smile,
my heart fills with joy,
for you really are,
the most beautiful boy.

People like you,
are very rare in this world,
Taylor, dont you understand ,
I want to be your girl.

Please don't ignore me,
please tell me the truth,
I just want to know one thing,
Doyou love me too?

I ask you over to my house,
you say yes,
my heart is filled with joy,
for you really are,
the most beautiful boy.

I look into your eyes,
so deep and so blue,
I see that you love me,
as much as i love you.

although i wasn't certain,
now i am,
i know that this is true,
taylor,i love you.

Please tell me you feel the same way,
please tell me you do,
Taylor i want you to know,
that i want to spend the rest of my life with you.

by *STAR*

This poem was written by *Star*!


I am who I am,
You are who you are,
But why do we have to be,
So far apart.

I Think of you,
The whole day through,
Your face doesnt escape,
My mind all day.

I wish,
I could have the courage,
To say,
I love you Tay.

It would make my day,
To hear you say,
That you feel,
The same.

You cant hear me,
and though were far apart,
I love you Tay,
And those words come from the heart.

by *Star*

This poem was written by Zachariah-Marie!


The moons on the water
glowing strong and bright,
as I peer past my reflection
into the starry night,
I think of all the dreams
I've dreamt in nights that have passed,
all those sweet dreams
I wish would last and last,
a shooting star flys by fast
and I begin to wish and wish,
I wish with love, pain, and strife
that I can be with you for the rest of my life,
a wish people say will never come true
they all say im not truely, "in love" with you,
but I'm the only one who knows the truth here
because I'm so sad when you are not near,
so I wish and pray to my lucky star
that we can love eachother even from afar,
the love I know will last and last
the love I've dreamed of long nights passed.

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Zachariah-Marie!


I feel like going to a far away place
a place where my dreams are filled
with the sight of his face,
I wish I could share all my secrets
with him and him alone,
as I peer into his eyes that are like
stars that shone and shone,
I truely know without him
nothing could ever be
as wonderous, as powerfull,
or as beautiful as he,
his presence brings
a light to my life,
he eases all my pain
and strife,
I swear he is from the blue
heavens above,
him and I are meant for one thing
and that thing is.....love

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Zachariah-Marie!


A striking pain
flows through my mind,
one that can't
be left behind,
its a thought I
encounter everyday,
one I cant seem
to get out of the way,
this frightening vision
I hope never comes true,
is the vision of me
never being with you.

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Zachariah-Marie!


A love as true
as the sea is blue,
a trust so strong
it lasts so long,
a heart so soft
it lingers in my mind,
behind you I'll be
two steps behind,
my heart goes to you
and you only,
in my heart
you'll always be.

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Zachariah-Marie!


the spring flowers
remind me of you,
the lavender purple and
perriwinkle blue,
blind, only the eyes
of love can see,
the attraction between
you and me,
I love you so much
its hard to tell,
is this hello
or is this farewell?
a love I'll never
find again,
the love between
me and him.

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Cari!


i believe some hearts don't exsist
no compassion can be found
only evil can be seen
and there is no good
to look for deep within
yet the soul chooses to care enough to hate
the things that go through their minds
to cause anothers misery
to take time from their concided self
to harrass and joke
again and again
till theres so much pain
i wonder what makes them
care enough to hate
i wonder why they go on even though the other doesn't care
i wonder how this helps them achieve the higher life seen in dreams
does it help them lose their hair
i wonder who they imagine they are showing off too
most of the people we know now, wont be around later on
so i'm wondering where they go at night thinking of more insults
but where is the pain they hide
i can't walk away anymore
i can't ignore it anymore
i can't stand it anymore
itz time to believe they can change
itz time to fight back with stronger words
because to care enough to love
is far better then to care enough to hate

by Cari - Faceless Crowd

This poem was written by Jackie Townsend!


To some you are just another picture on the wall
Or just another beautiful face on TV
For me you are more then that
You are the man in my dreams
I see you at night while I sleep
Everywhere I look I see your sparkling blue eyes
Your smile makes me do the same
Who knows maybe I am living in a dream
Or could I be in love with that picture on the wall
And beautiful face on TV
I hope someday you will appear to me
But until then you will always be the man in my dreams
Whenever I close my eyes I know you will be there
Sometimes I hope not to wake up
Because I know you will have disappeared
It often feel like you are a part of me and that I know you so well.

by Jackie Townsend - Jackie's Poems

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