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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Lucy McAdams!

THEY 11/24/98

They're my happiness and my love
They brighten me up
On a rainy day
People say three's a crowd
But to them, itz not
They sing like angels
I cry tears of happiness for them
They will be mine, someday i hope
Their smiles chase the clouds away
They take me places I've never been
They're the only ones I'd give anything for
They are my love

by Lucy McAdams

This poem was written by Lucy McAdams!


I dream a dream
Of you it seems
In the moonlight
Holding me tight
Our fingers entwined
Together we would find
The courage to go on
With the morning dawn
Not with another
We found eachother
There will always be a place for you
In my heart that's only true

by Lucy McAdams

This poem was written by Lucy McAdams!

I LOVE THE WAY 11/25/98

I love the way you sing
Just like an angel from above
I love the way you make me happy when I'm sad
I love the way you smile
As sweet as sugar
I love the way your personality is
So funny and kind
I love the way are

by Lucy McAdams

This poem was written by Zachariah!


If I had 3 wishes
I'd spend them all on him
He who makes the sun rise and the moon fall
He who puts laughter in it all
He who never leaves my mind
With him I'll always be two steps behind
He who lights the glowing stars
For him I'd fly straight to Mars
If I had 3 wishes
I'd spend them all on him
My one, my only
Zachary Walker Hanson

by Zachariah

This poem was written by Jen Doyle!


You glisten in the sunlight with charisma flared
My sweet dreams of you fill the distant night air
You sparkle in the rain
And wash away my deepest pain

Obsession isn't a way to explain my love
It's more of devotion, you know I'd give you the sky above
This love is to strong
You couldn't convince me that I've gone wrong

I would give you every inch of my world
If I could be your one and only girl
I watch in awe as you shine like star
It seems that our worlds stretch out afar

You'll brigten up the skies
During the dark trails we may take
The thought of you, is making my sore heart ache
One day fate may come upon usWith my heart in your hands, I'll send you
my trust

Until that day, I promise to wait
For the day you will come and give me your love that's so great
Zac, all I want you to know
That forever until the end I will adore you so
So the next time we meet, ignore the tears that I cry
If love should come upon us, that's too amazing to deny

by Jen Doyle

This poem was written by Jen Doyle!


Why can't you see when the tears flow from my eyes?
Why can't you tell that destiny overshadows the lies?
My cries are for destiny, a twist of fate
You know you've felt these feelings, why can't you relate?
Maybe someday you'll realize this is true
But you seem to be so blind, you're making my bright eyes lose their
sparks of blue
You know I love you, I can't help it if I'm wrong
But how can I fail, when I know this love is strong?
When destiny falls upon us
Like it could any day
My tears will stop falling
and destiny will be the guiding light.

by Jen Doyle

This poem was written by Monica Campbell!


It was well past midnight,
the moon had begun to drop down into the heavens.
There was not a sound...
save for the song in his head.

Although no one else could hear, all others lay sleeping...
To him it rang loud.
To him it rang clear.

Before long, words
began to rush forth
from within his heart.

Tonite he would not sleep.
Tonite his body would not slumber.
Tonite his soul was restless.
For tonite a song
begged to be born.

He sat down and his fingertips softly touched
the always familiar keys.

He closed his eyes and he listened
to his heart and to his head.
He closed his eyes and he listened
...to his soul.

The vision within...
the music within...
SUDDENLY sprang forth!

His fingers danced along the keys,
breathing rapidly into the song,
giving it it's own heartbeat,
Strong and Fast, like his own racing heart.

He gave the song LIFE.

He stopped,
but only to put pencil to paper.
certifying the birth of this new song.

And so...
What began as a dream,
pounding deep within his heart,
deep within his thoughts,
and swelling deep within his very soul...


by Monica Campbell - Zac World!

This poem was written by Mary!


You sing to me all the time,
With you rsweet harmony and rhyme

You say you love me and you'll always be there,
But you don't even know me, so how could you care?

I've seen you once, for an hour or two,
With bright caring eyes, brown, browner and blue

Thank you for helping me through the past two years,
You've helped me get through the worst of my fears

I'll meet you someday, and when I do,
I'll look you in the face, and tell you I love you

by Mary

This poem was written by Tammy Neil!


Tell me Taylor, tell me true, are your eyes crystal blue?
With hair of gold I've been told, your the one I want to hold!
With cheeks that are always blushing, you keep my blood rushing.
With a voice like that of an Angel so sweet, Your the boy I want to meet.
With a smile like that of a child. It makes me happy for a while.
Taylor, you can never make me blue!
Yes, your my dream come true!

by Tammy - SYAH'S Hanson Page!

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