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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Chrissie!


If you painted a picture..a portrait maybe,
what would you leave me??
A true picture of what you saw,felt,thought,believed,hoped for,wished to see?
Would it impress me with your passion and speak of your reality?
And even though it would remain long after you had gone,
What truth and beauty would it capture??

But when you wrote a song and put a melody with it and played it lovingly,
feeling every note and phrase through the whole of your body and with your mind and in your soul.
When you decided which words would best fit and which harmonies would most express the dimensions of your feeling,
You gave me away into your being, and then i encountered you...

by Chrissie - copyright

This poem was written by Chrissie!


I met you in song,
I saw you in a sound,
A harmony and melody, a depth of colour found.
your face so open and alive,
A smile so fragile and naive,
You openend up the arms of love,
You asked me to believe.
Your music like a painting is hung inside my heart,
I feel the texture of your words,
The brush strokes of your art.
Your hands speak of your passions,
You touch the keys and moods appear,
you plant a reservoir of tears that float like colour on the air,
And there is no shade or note or pitch or phrase or tone thats not laid bare,
I'll frame the moment if i can,
I'll catch the spirit of your care,
I'll hear the picture you have made, I float on solid air....

by Chrissie - copyright

This poem was written by Angela!


Nowhere is where I'm going
so I don't have far to go
So I'll let my mind dwell on Taylor Hanson,
he's the greatest guy I know.
If he could only know my thoughts, how he's in most of them,
He'd call me up most every night and let me talk to him.
But knowing me if he did, I'd be tongue tied and wouldn't know what to say,
Cause then my only thoughts would be, my gosh I've talked to Tay.
Dream on oh silly dreamer is what I feel inside,
Cause I know this dream will not come true so I feel like running off somewhere and find someplace to hide.
So in the middle of nowhere is where you'll find me,
Except unless that dream comes true, I said could never be.
So Taylor if you're dreaming too, and if you dream of me,
Then look in the middle of nowhere, cause that is where I'll be.

by Angela - Do You Love Hanson This Time Around

This poem was written by Anna!


She spends her days up in her room,
crying over things she cannot change.
she spends her nights up on the rooftops
just wanting relief from all that pain.

She feels like no one really knows,
exactly what she really feels inside.
She just wants a release from it all
but there is nowhere to go and hide.

So she goes up to the edge,
she can feel the need to fly.
And as she stands there waiting,
she breaks down and starts to cry.

But before she has the chance to jump,
a angel pulls her back.
He says he knows what it's like,
but nothing is worth all of that.

The tears steadily stream down,
as she cries in his arms and prays.
That someone would understand her
and that it would all be okay.

So she goes up to the edge,
she can feel the need to fly.
And as she stands there waiting,
she breaks down and starts to cry.

Cause there ain't nothing in this world,
worse than having no one to care.
And when those times get so damn bad
all you want is someone there.

So she goes up to the edge,
she can feel the need to fly.
And as she stands there waiting,
she breaks down and starts to cry.

she felt that life just wasn't worth,
all the pain that she received.
But when she realized it was almost gone,
she began to believe.

And though her life isn't perfect,
she can still move on to make it matter.
She knows it won't be handed to her,
on a shiny silver platter.

so she walks down this road,
it's a road she has never seen.
And she knows that on the other side,
the grass isn't always green.

So she goes up to the edge,
she can feel the need to fly.
But before she takes another step,
she breaks down and starts to cry.

She can feel the need to fly,
but she knows she's been here before.
And even though it hurts so bad inside,
she knows that life is worth living for.

He sits alone in his room,
and cries for days at a time.
But in the end he keeps on going,
as he can feel the need to fly.

by Anna Whitman - copyright 2001

This poem was written by Hsin!


Something's been approaching
I wonder what it is
I feel worried and uneasy
I'm sure about it
It's something really important

If only I could recall
Recall my memory
But on the calendar
Dates with Madaline & Lucy
Are all I see

I must be hallucinating
I rather be strolling

Love song is the only music
I've heard in the city
People walking hand in hand
Is all I've noticed
Sauntering can't stop me from thinking

Day of Valentine? 4th of July?
No, no. Noway, Never.

Wish that I was there
Where someone could save me
An answer is all I need
I'm dying to be alive
From this dead memory

It's just as hard
As finding a song to sing
"Runaway! RUN!" is
The only reaction
When I sing

This time around
An idea just visits me
It says
"A yearbook is everything"
Sounds of flipping pages
Are what I hear

A name is in my eye
As a feature comes to my mind
You can't expect who he is
To me,
You never know
How important he is.
For sure,
You can't and
Will never know.

by Hsin

This poem was written by Hsin!


I believe
That we will meet
I believe
That I will know more about you
I believe
That we will fall in love
I believe
That we will get married
I believe
That I will accept all your bad habits
Or you will quit them all
I believe
That I will be your forever fan
And you will be my forever God
That I will always worship
I believe
That you will always be my lighthouse
Leading me to the right harbor
I believe
Now I have had a crush on you
And I believe in this feeling
I believe or rather afraid
That you probably will never know
This little belief
Then I believe ............
................................in your choice.

by Hsin

This poem was written by Laura!


Your power
Is binding.
Your power
Is absolute.
Your power
Is incredible.
Your power
Is you.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
You are you.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
If it fades,
Let it fade.
If it grows,
Let it grow.
If nothing happens,
Let it stay.
We love you for you.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
You took this job.
We took this job.
With it comes its perks.
With it comes its downfalls.
Its letdowns.
Its vacations.
We accept you for you.
We should.
And we do.
It could take years
To discover truth
Within the thousands.
But in the end
We will be waiting.
Still accepting you for you--
Nothing less.
And nothing more.

by Laura -One Band, Three Guys, a thousand words

This poem was written by Tricia!


I need to be more thankful for the little things,
Like a bird seems to be when they chirp and sing.
I can stand, write,read and walk,
Along with my favorite pasttime which is to talk!
I have medications that help to ease my pain,
There is so much to live for, to learn, and to gain.
I have tastbuds which help my enjoy all kinds of food,
Especially chocolate which puts me in a fabulous mood!
I can breathe on my own without machines to help me,
My nurses are amazingly kind and as gentle as they can be.
I live in a country where food and water are always around,
And we don't have to rely on eating only what we have found.
I have ears to hear my great Hanson tunes,
Which always cheer me up and make me feel better soon.
I have friends which always show me so much love,
And most of all I have my Heavenly Father up above!

by Tricia

This poem was written by Joan!


I never knew before,
That I should have wanted more.
When I saw the younger four, I knew.
Yet, those that actually have it are few.
They stood together.
If only forever.
Though it was fast,
I saw them at last.
It was but a moment in time.
And it was all mine.

Of course, they have parents too.
For all children do.
I saw him walking alone.
He's the only dark one, you know.
Like his two oldest girls, he need not say a word.
Yet, you could not help but see the smile, O Lord.
They're all more fair-haired, like their mother.
Whom talked to the crowd without a bother.
Inside, the oldest three, all boys, were waiting for dinner.
All nine of them sat at the table, not one a sinner.
Though they are from the Middle Of Nowhere,
They are in the Middle Of Everywhere.

by Joan

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