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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Lindsay!


Tķ eres en mi corazon siempre
pero no me quires
Vivimos en silencio
por quť nunca voy a recibir tķs amor

english translation:

You are in my heart always
but you do not love me
We live in slience
Because I am never going to recieve your love.

by Lindsay

This poem was written by Lindsay!


The world around me's changing
The once steady ground
is begining to shake
I can't close my eyes anymore
and make it go away
Because even my heros
have lost their innocence
and my fantasy world
has crumbled away
just like Atlantis
It's a shame
Even the strong
eventually Fall

by Lindsay

This poem was written by Jazmin!


My heart aches with pain as it knows the reality of the truth,
The realization that life doesnít exist in a tiny bubble where no one
On earth that exists can penetrate it.
All hopes, desires, left shattered admits the wind of your sole,
As itís torn open and your inner naiveness left for everyone to see, to laugh at and stare.
The words spinning in your head of the droughts that came forth years earlier.
The longing now becomes so strong you can taste it, feel it, yet never coming close to it,
For the fact that you live each day coming closer to the realization on what will never happen
and the tears you want to shed if only you werenít so proud or stubborn, that now you canít
even fathom in doing so.
Eventually all the sorrow, emptiness, and longing will become love once again but this time
once awakened like from a dream it might actually be real, or it just might be
Your illusion to reality.

by Jazmin

This poem was written by Jazmin!


The confusion, pain, and lust that your so concerned with is not really there.
Itís your mind playing endless hallucinations to your soul,To trick you,
To pull you down deeper,
Where the darkness devours you and daylight is a distant memory.
Your concern with the everyday world becomes a desire-
A need.
Panic creeps upon you since your to far down to actually reach it.
Your mind desperately tries to flick backwards into time,
Where once so vivid an imagination filled with colours,
Is left hollow and translucent.
Emotions serge through,
Trying to regenerate the innocents lost.
The willingness to know is left powerless ,
As your left to wallow in the darkening pit.
Surrounded by the horrible truths.
Time is endless here, it knows no boundaries.
For it doesnít exist as long as you falling.
Years press on and nothing you can do can stop the downward spiral,
Itís like you're being sucked farther and farther away.
Only to think that the world that youíve created is the right one,
Youíve been falling for so long.
All at once the haze lifts like a heavy curtain from your eyes,
But itís too late.
Your heartís in pain,
As youíve finally let the light reach the depths of your ocean.
The light once again warms you,
You reach out for someone to pull you through,
But it quickly recedes away,
Just like your hopes,
All to come to the startling realization-
The child is lost.

by Jazmin

This poem was written by Abby!

UNTITLED - (waiting for the new album)

Waiting, waiting, a silent forever.
The longing hurts my weakened heart.
It seems the time will surely be never
finality is far to start.

What are we really waiting for?
will it be worth the wait?
It better be good cuz I cannot ignore
this waiting that I so much hate.

Time between, time away,
time perhaps to forget.
time to maybe go astray
though all this waiting will not let.

I want this hiatus to come to a halt.
I ever I behold the day
we discover the jewel and open the vault
and all this waiting goes away.

To behold the jewel that we are presented
make this waiting go away.
Waiting for good, waiting resented
won't matter when I behold the day.

by Abby

This poem was written by Abby!


She was the picture of depression unknown, on the brim of the perception engraved on her soul, on the edge, half wanting to jump, half wondering why. How did she let get to that point?

Her face was the frown of innosence, in a world where absence is recognized as being complete. Her heart was the depth of misery, maturity, empty beauty through and through.

She wanted so much to meet expectations, to find her place in an empty nothing, but she felt the rebel burning inside and it kept her awake through the darkest nights.

One night when she least expected it, a knife pierced her weary heart, so that the yearning she once had felt came loose in a unique forever. The knife that had pierced right through her soul was the energy she so needed to carry on. She found her place in the setting sun, and it rose upon her day after day.

She never met the expectations, her place was not in the empty nothing. She found out what had brought her to the edge: the absence of something she never knew she wanted. Her frown of innosence turned to the smile of knowledge, the empty beauty now rested in her depth, and was not so empty anymore.

by Abby

This poem was written by Laura!


It isn't you, it never was you, it never will be you...
I thought those words of comfort,
When I'd thought I'd made you sad,
And you told me it wasn't me who made you sad.
When I thought it was me who made you distant,
You said it was never me.
And when I'd thought things were my fault,
You said it never would be me.
That's what I thought.
But now I realize, I was wrong.
It wasn't me who made you happy,
It never was me who made you smile,
And it never will be me that you love.

by Laura

This poem was written by Ashley!


You beat me at every thing.
You made me feel so small.
You for some reason I stuck with you through it all.
I felt I owed you.
For what I do not know.
Then I finally realized I had to move on, I needed to grow.
I left you and it fased you the little bit.
Yet it changed me for ever.
Now I know that no matter what you say or do
I am and always will be better than you.

by Ashley Perry - (C) copyright

This poem was written by Tiffany W.!


That's right I'm a Hanson fan
Scary huh???
You better run now while you have the chance
I know you think I'm crazy
I know you say *what is she thinking
Doesn't she know how disgusting and wrong*
That they actually know about music
That they actually play instruments
That they actually sing
That they actually know how to harmonize
That they actually write their own music
That they weren't put together
That they aren't bad boys
That they like being nice
That they care
That they take time to make music they are proud of
That they inspire people to show their talents and goodness
That they give hope to the older generations who have almost lost their faith in the younger generations
That they are actually REAL
My god what is wrong with me??
Why would anybody anywhere ever want to like that??
Why would I want something real when their is fake all over the place??
You better get away from me as quick as you can or you might even start to think for yourself instead of what they try to sell you.
Hurry before you see reality.

by Tiffany W.

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