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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Dina!


Itís my daily wonder
Itís my daily thought
Itís just a dream or a simple hope
It may be a fear or much more

There is something going on in my heart and mind
Itís something that I really canít describe
Itís a feeling deep inside
I try to hide all the time

Itís the way my eyes just light
When I see you standing there
Itís the way my lips smile
When you come around from nowhere

Itís the way my heart dances
When Iíve got that small chance
To talk to you or have a simple glance
Hoping that weíd be tied together in a lace

Itís the way I hope that you feel
Half of what is there inside me
Itís the dream that may be one day
Youíll show me that you care

Itís the dream that youíd turn to me
Saying Dina if you please
Can I be your life long mate
Can I enter your nice small world

Itís the dream that Iíd reply
Donít you ask me
Donít you try
You are already inside me
In the center of my heart

Words are there but I canít find
The true word or phrase that might
Just express what is there in my mind
Or give me a clue if I were right

May be itís just a dream, I donít know
May be Iíve got to wait much more
Or should I just try to show
Something from what is inside me continuing to grow

Itís my daily wonder
Itís my daily thought
Itís just a dream or a simple hope
It may be a fear or much more

by Dina Refaat - 2/25/2001

This poem was written by Christi!


It's hard to sit here
With an empty hand
And crying eyes
It's hard to understand
Why it all has to be
I just wish there was some way to know
Some place to go
You hide it all inside
You hold it all in Your voice
Give me just one whisper
One breeze of hope
This confusion breaks my soul
How do I confront You
With all the right questions?
I sound like a babbling fool
An idiot in Your presence
It's hard to lie here
And face a no-face voice
I just have to hear
Hold onto me tight
Spin me upside down one more time
Let me land at Your feet
And create a state of peace
Contracting a reaction from You
Please take it all
And give some to me
I need a place to confide in
A soul, a being to hide in
You're my pride
I live my life for You

by Christi - © copyright

This poem was written by Cadence!


im looking in your eyes
i see something no one else can see
theres a part of you i never knew
In you there's some of me

but do you really know
or are you mindless too
that as much as you think its the same as before
its meant to be me and you

you think its all the same
its not what it claimes to really be
but i know not to rush for i know
that God made you for me

You have heard all these words
whenever you go out your door
but i can assure you this is not the same
as what those girls have shouted before

I know i cant reach you now
I know what it means to wait
God has a plan for me and you
And im not gonna screw around with fate

so while im far away
and just watching as you walk your miles
I know that it is me and you
so hey im all a smiles

i have known this was real
and that is why i fell
but i dont care-its all in Gods hands
I know you are my angel

by Cadence Mackenzie Christiansen - © copyright 2000

This poem was written by Raceey!

UNTITLED - Excerpt from a song written by Raceey Perry-Whitman-if you'd like the full song (which I think is beautiful) email me at -my name is cara!

Mountains in the distance
tall hills ahead to climb
i've been looking high and low
though i dont know what i need to find

I see castles standing strong
the drawbridge drawn long
and all this in a silent reverie
i picture swans on the lake
all the memories to make
and you are here and its just you and me

as i walk across these bridges made of stone
I wonder if ill ever find a place to call home
as i look down at the water blue
i know its impossible but i swear i see you

*and now i see*

a table set for 2 in the sky
you reach for my hand a twinkle in your eyes
you take me and we go to this place
my heart begins to break
my mind starts to ache
and i wake up tears streaming down my face

and i know you are okay
i know you are taking care
but it pains me so much to have
me being here while you are there

and you are in everything i see
in the water-everywhere
but i know it's impossible
but i swear i see you there
i know its impossible but i swear i see you there

by Raceey Perry-Whitman - © copyright 2000-2001

This poem was written by Shelly!


Itís been two days since Iíve seen the sky.
Tears from heaven fall quite hard at times.
The heavens are saddened.
The world is not right.
Is there too much pain today?

Someone is crying,
For all of the people that have nothing.
For the people who are ill and hungry.
For the little girl that is hurt by a bad man
For the little boy with no shoes on his feet.
The heavens cry.

The rain is slowing.
Is someone happy now?
The sun is showing; a little.
Did someone do a good deed?
Did it fix all the badness?

Little good is ever seen in this world.
People are starving and dying of war.
But there is a ray of hope from the cloudy shy.
A person has reached out to help another person.
And the rainy day becomes clear once more.

by Rachelle Paquette

This poem was written by Shelly!


Behind the scenes
Where no one looks
I am there.
Watching you
And hoping for a simple glance,
But you see me as nothing.
I am but a worker.
I change the light bulbs.
Flood the stage with colour,
And make you sound good.
Would you hear me if I sang?
Give me a look if I were to dress provocatively?
I see you other places,
Outside of work.
You never see me.
I am just there to fix the microphones,
Or lead you through the blackness,
By the simplistic light I carry in my hand.
And once a show is over,
A simple thank you
Is my only reward,
But it is enough.

by Rachelle Paquette

This poem was written by Shelly!


Best friends are the friends that know you well
When sadness strikes, they can tell.
They are the once to help you smile.
Though there efforts make take a while.

They need not live within walking range.
To some, internet friends may seem kinda strange.
But they can still pick you up when you are down
Or when the ones you thought were friends are not around

True friends wonít judge when things go wrong.
Theyíll ask you to make thing clear and youíll both be strong.
Theyíre the ones to comfort you.
When you face a task you canít get through

So tell your friends that they mean a lot
They are around when other are not.
They keep you happy, you should do the same
With friend by your side the world is not hard to tame.

by Rachelle Paquette

This poem was written by Lexy!

HOW - This is a song that she wrote. Lexy sings professionaly!

how words never come to me
when I need them the most
how, how the world could
could have been so unfair to you

How, I don't understand
I just cannot stand this
I want to change everything
I want to make you live it all
but I know that Im not strong enough

Anger swells up in my heart
cause your light I want it to blaze
the skies need you, little star

Don't be afraid,
That's what I would like you to hear from me
But I'm not strong enough
so we'll just help each other out

How is justice of this world
I don't know
I don't believe in anything anymore
but don't shy away, from your truth
cause you know I don't lie

And I tell you, you are so special
just don't care about those people
We're not dreams, we're not perfect
but tell me who is?

"Don't worry", I know it's easy to say
but don't worry you're on the good way
so trust me, you'll shine one day
But still I cannot believe
my head is torn by the thoughts of this
how, how, how

by Lexy - - © copyright

This poem was written by Lexy!

UNTITLED - Dedicated to one of the Hanson brothers.

On my books
on the trees
on the waves
and on the sand
I write your name

On rainbows
On paper
On ashes
and on the snow
I write your name

On golden images
On soldier's guns
On king's crowns
and on the wall
I write your name

High above the horizon
On the eagle's wings
On mountains
and on the sea
I write your name

through the clouds
through the rain
through the sunsets
and through the sunrises
I write your name

On the destroyed shelters
On my loneliness
On the street of my heart
and on the echos of my childhood
I write your name

And thanks to the power of a name
I start again my life
And now I realize
That I was born
just to call out your name

I don't ask for an answer
I don't ask for a sign
I just want you to know
that you'll be famous in my heart

by Lexy - - © copyright

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