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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


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This poem was written by Amy!


Loving you hurts me so
I pour out my soul
I feel my strength fading
But I'm not letting go

I'm putting all of me into each kiss
I run my hands through your hair
A tangle of emotions balled up in my fist
But will I find your heart there

Loving you is something I will hold on to
Can't imagine not loving you
This feeling will never fade
Because our love is true

Loving you is something I've always known
Now I've found where I belong
I can't imagine life without you
This is where I belong

I'm asking you to hold me close
And love me true
Stay forever in this pose
Love, me, and you

I bring my lips to yours to kiss
My hands on your chest
Why did you take so long to ask me this
You knew I'd say yes

Loving you, it hurts me so
But now I know
It hurts because our love is true
Your ring, your hand I hold

by Amy

This poem was written by Santosh!


Thirty billion missiles
Fifty thousand warheads
Why? Why?
Why carpet bombs, human bombs?
Hurry up, create love ,create peace.
Nuclear holocaust! Radiation poison!
In our bones you attack.
O pestilence! You laugh like Satan.
Yes, Lamb is life.
While Lord reigns,
Our planet is safe.
Christ'd subdued the Bomb-
It's a fact
And we'll be new men.
It is very sad,
It won't be early.

by Dr. Santosh Kumar

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


It looks like rain,
feels like water,
All my pain
All my sarrow.
All my fears
of being alone,
these are real tears
tears of stone.
As i weep
from my heart
my dreams are ripped
and shredded apart.
I cry alone
I cry in vain
No one can see
all my tear stains.
Tears are like dreams
Dreams that flow.
Hearts that lead
Hearts that follow.
Thoughts that swell
in my brain,
Seem to always
go down the drain.
I have no hope
I turn to death
Its my last moment
its my last breath.
As the tears
turn to red,
I see myself
on my death bed.
It's sad to say,
I wanna die.
But with nothing left
I end my life.
Now I am here
at heavens gates,
Will he except me?
What is my fate?
I should have listen
now I am scared,
He wont except me
I am not prepared.
Listen to me,
Let me say,
killing ur self
is not the way.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


A funny thing happened the other day
You told me you loved me but you lied.
You dont know my fears
You have no idea what I want to hide.
So thats how it ends
with a word goodbye.
Lonely tear drops fall a far distance from my eyes.
I cant believe I let you go,
I was so wrong to even have thought so.
I love you more and more everyday,
God how I wished you would have stayed.
So this is how it ends,
I dont want you to go
I need you here with me but i cant change that now.
All of what we ever had is now a distant memory.
Alone here in the dark I weep tears of anger, saddness, jealousy.
I write this down in my notebook of dreams.
This life I live is full of nothing, which it seems.
Now It ends finally,
My tears are gone, my hate not strong.
For I can let you go now live your life to the fullest.
Dont remember me, dont think about me
Dont shed a tear for what we had,
Tomarrow is a new day,
Thats how it ends.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Kimberly!

LOVE - (dedicated to tj)

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care,
I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there,
I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do,
I'm sorry I just can't help it but I fell in love with you.

by Kimberly

This poem was written by Shelly!


I put on a face
The one that people see
I use it every place
The one that keeps me free.

I put on an act
That all around me see
They donít know the fact
Of the person who is me.

I put on a show
True me hides deep inside
True friends are ones who know
The person that I hide.

Iím tired of the play
Some days itís really hard
To be the image on display
That is so on the card.

Iím tired of the lie
So this I say to you
The ones who seem so high
May be so low itís true.

Now the face is gone
Shining through is the true me
My dark side has finally won
For this moment it will be.

But soon a new day will break
The face will come on back
But for all others sake
The face I will not lack.

by Shelly - From Albertane to Moffatts High and Back

This poem was written by Tabbie!


Hurt is a four letter word, is it supposed to be bad?
From where I stand, it only looks sad.
I can feel it within, it's all over my skin.
I can feel it inside, I'm not gonna lie.

You've hurt me more, than you ever have before
Don't deny it, you won't be able to fight it.
Was she worth the lies you told?
Was she worth it, or was our marriage just getting old?

I can't imagine a day without you, but I know I'll make it alone.
I don't need you the same anymore, I can make it on my own.
You're nothing more than an illusion of lies, and I'll live my life thinking that.

I can take all the pain inside me, but I can't handle you did that.
If you want you can curse in my face, if you want don't take it back.
I don't care enough to look at you anymore
I don't need your eyes on me.
I don't need the lies that we lived for years now to come and set me free.

Those Years of love are gone now, they washed away all the hurt.
The memories are in the back of my mind now, locked away with the dirt.
You're the only one I've ever loved, gone away is that.
You're the only person I ever could ever forgive, no more of that.
Tomorrow is another day, the start of my new life.
Tomorrow is the last day..that I will be your wife.

I won't remember your name tomorrow, after all these words are said.
You're not in my heart anymore, you're not in my head.
Dreams and emotions are a void now, and not a pain..
my heart is on the floor and,
tomorrow....I won't remember your name.

by Tabbie

This poem was written by Fairy!


His eyes, dark and gray like the sea,
Seem lost and gone, as they stare back at me.
Though he sadly smile through the pain,
I know itz cutting through him like shackels and chains.
Then his tears fall, like rain hitting the ground,
And I can tell he's fading fast, even though he makes no sound.
What can he read now from my face?
His soft kiss, I can still taste.
"Don't leave me behind," I quietly say.
I try to let love run its course, by fate.
His closed eyes, caught in an endless sleep,
Seem lost and gone, as they stare back at me.......

by Fairy - Fanson Writers United

This poem was written by Stephanie!


I have a mental picture
Inside my head of you
Your beautiful eyes, your little nose,
I can see your mouth too.

On the day that we meet
I'll feel safe in your arms
And wisely you'll say
"I'll never do you harm."

Some will call me stupid
Or say "what a fool!"
But most will say "how sweet"
Or simply "that's cool"

When you look into my eyes
I know just what you'll find
You'll see your picture
In my heart and mind.

by Stephanie Seager

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