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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


Your the light
at the end of the tunnel
You pick me up
when I stumble.
You let me
into you heart.
You gave me a chance
to make a new start.
You held me close
threw the storms.
You dried my tears
before they formed.
You brought me up
when I was down
you made my frown
turn upside down.
You whispered close
when I was scared.
Even the thoughts
that I dared.
You were there
at my fighting end.
And now I call you
My Best Friend.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Mariana!


And I'll give up Forever to touch you, cos all I can feel is your skin
You're the closest to Heaven that I wanna be and I don't want to wake up
right now
And all I can taste is your lips
And all I can breath is your life
Cos sooner or later you'll know who I am
And I don't want to miss you tonight!

Sometimes I feel that I know you somehow.
That I seen you somewhere.
but you even know me at all
You don't know
I don't know what's going on, you became my singer angel
with your amazing voice, so strong and so beautiful

Love you no matter what, if you're distant from me
just want to love you
Cos you make me so happy with your talent and beauty!
All I can say is that I love YOU with all the strenght in my heart!!

by Mariana Troller Mello

This poem was written by Sharon!


sleep is my fantasy world where everything goes my way,
nobody to dishearten me, or hurt me when they say,
you're not here at the end of the day,
but my dreams forget you're a million miles away!

I could live that dream forever,never to be awoke,
away from the endless torture,
of a heart that's badly broke!

I know that rhymes sound tacky, but this one's from the heart,
taylor I've always loved you, and that's the hardest part!
If I could wish upon that star,
you know I'd be right where you are,
until then I'll close my eyes,
and forever I will fantasize!

by Sharon

This poem was written by Jocelyn!


How can you say you love me
if you don't even know me?
How can you say you know me
If you've never even met me?

You don't try and hide your stares
If only you knew what's there
Inside this heart of mine
Would you still love me?

And maybe you don't want to know
What lies behind this shield
But if you did, what would you do
Turn me away, or would you stay?

I'm drowned in a pain like a thousand knives
Ripping at my heart
Sometimes I can't sleep
Sometimes I can't breathe
I guess I am just falling apart

They ask me to smile
But what for?
I have no reason to anymore

by Jocelyn - Copyrightę 2001

This poem was written by Becky!


I know I've never met you,
But I can't emphasize enough
How much you have helped me through
These times that have been so rough.
If it wasn't for you guys,
I'd be dead right now.
I wish and hope and pray
That maybe someday, somehow
I will get to thank you,
And then maybe you'll see
Just how much I appreciate
What you've done for me.

by Becky - Horsechic Main Page

This poem was written by Amy!

LOST LOVE IN OKLAHOMA - (Note: this poem is supposed to be funny!)

Lost love in Oklahoma
Now I am all alone
I've got to find someone
Waiting for love to come

You've gone away
But I still see your face
Does it really show
Everywhere I go

It's over, that's true
But now what do I do
Don't know how long
But I've got to be strong

Dr.Pepper cans
Rolling around in my car
Son lyrics written on scraps of paper
And I haven't gotten far

I've pictures plastered all over my walls
I sit around
Still waiting for you to call

I've got CDs, MOEman, Dr.Food
Will somebody please tell me what to do
It's been so long
And I am all alone

Lost love in Oklahoma
Now I am all alone
After all that we've been through
I still don't know what to do

by Amy

This poem was written by Amy!


Seeing you brings a smile to my face
Hearing your beautiful voice lifts my spirits high
But know ing I could never have you brings a tear to my eye
Cause you make me so happy
And even though we're many miles apart
I still somehow feel like I know you
And even though we've never even met
I still feel like I could maybe love you
Cause you make me so happy
I know you're not mine
But if you were, that would be just fine
And if, by chance, I did get to meet you
Would I see all my dreams coming true
But you make me so happy
You light up my life with your beautiful smile
My spirits soar with every word that you speak
But I want to cry knowing you and me is still a dream left untrue
Cause you make me so happy
And looking to the future, I guess I'm trying to be real
But I could never forget how you make me feel
I wish that I could meet you sometime
And maybe see the real you - with me
Cause you make me so happy
And sometimes I think in my wildest dreams
That maybe we could be
But looking ahead no one can see
So you and me could never, ever be...?
But you make me so happy

by Amy

This poem was written by Amy!


Hanging from this cliff
Above the angry depths
My fingers get stiff
And I can't catch my breath

I'm afraid to fall
But I can't get back up
I can hear you call
But my arm won't reach up

I can just see your outstretched fingers
Reaching out for me
The warmth of your breath lingers
And I'm almost set free

But the raging wind blows
Me further down
Swinging out of control
I start tumbling down

Now I feel the strength of your grasp
Your hand entwined in mine
And in relief I gasp
As we resume to climb

Higher and higher
Now I can see the peak
We have both grown tired
But neither dares to speak

At the top of the world
Where we both thought never
At the top of the world
But we can't stay forever

On our journey back down
We don't speak of such things
We know we heard the sound
We heard the angels sing

by Amy

This poem was written by Amy!


When he gets on the plane
I beg him to stay
But these tears will remain
And my heart's flown away
Now in this pain
In this dark November
These words he said, I remember

Everything changes
But my love will remain
Everything changes
But I'll stay the same

He said he'd always be there
My face tear-stained
He said he'd still care
My heart's in pain
Memories spinning in my head
I remember the words he said

Everything changes
But my love will remain
Everything changes
But I'll stay the same

by Amy

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