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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


Icy Blue

Staring at me

through hot bright lights.

Your eyes so silky

like the stars at night.

Icy Blue

is what I see.

So tempting and sweet

staring right at me.

I blink for a moment

yet you stare is there.

Its like I am floating

upon thin air.

Icy Blue

is most unique.

Your stare sends vibrations

from my head to my feet.

I come out of my daze

and look upon your wonderful eyes.

You not looking at me any longer

I am not surprised.

Icy Blue

you look away.

This is a wonderful moment

to such a beautiful day.

I think of what its like

to have u watching me.

You have the sweetest smile

for all the world to see.

Icy Blue

you never knew me

only for a moment in time

your eyes connected with mine.

I leave you now

alone again.

Look back now

and remember when.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Tasha!


Addiction addiction. Why can't you see?
That while you're in my life, you're killing me?
I couldn't live without you if I should try.
You are my world. My earth. My sky.
I can think of no other in the daytime or night.
You burn inside me like a cloud of light.
I can't let you go. I can't hold on.
The world is a curse, but with you it's gone.
I see no other people when you are around.
You are what I was looking for and finally found.
I feel like I'm going crazy. I feel that I'm dying.
You help me get on my feet and to help me keep trying.
Addiction. Addiction. Why can't you see?
That while you're in my life you're resurrecting me?
You make me want to live. You make me want to try.
If there were no you, the world would surely die.

by Tasha

This poem was written by Caity!


From the moment I saw you I knew my search was done.
I could vision you with me, dream and reality melted into one.
All that was black and white seemed to haze into gray.
Iíll never forget that one moment that day.

Here I am and forever I'll stay if thatís the way things are meant to be.
Let me be the one to make you smile when you cry.
I wanna be the one to hold you when you hurt and donít know why.
Just to know whatís deep inside and to love you till then end of time.
Itís all I ask, itís all I pray, all I want is just to be right where you are.

If you are ever to wonder what it is in you I see.
Iíd tell you itís everything that youíve done to me.
You made me smile when all I felt was pain.
You were the truth in all of the lies.

by Caity - Purpose

This poem was written by Anny!


You poor dear..
You misunderstood boy..
on the verge of being a man,
but being held back
by over zealous fans.

"He's so rude!"
"He's such a jerk"
"We MADE him who he is!"
You're right...
You DID.

Let him go,
he needs to grow,
Let him live his life!
Who cares who he's with?
It's not you,
so get over it!

One life is all you get..
and we're taking his away.
What right do we have to do this?
Where does it say we're allowed?

Why do you try to run his life?
Sorry, my mistake,
a lil typo I did make...
I meant Ruin...

by Anny - ITZ HANSON 4U
Yahoo Club: ITZPage4U

This poem was written by Anny!


What a day,
you've had today...
Fans screaming,
Fans fainting,
Fans clawing at your clothes.

Three years of this,
one would think
would be a guys dream come true...
but you stand there smiling,
no life in your eyes,
no warmth in your grin.

What have we done to you?

Sorry to say,
we've invanded your life,
made your world our own..
we had no right..
We HAVE no right...
and what we've done to you...
isn't right.

I know what we've done to you.

and I apologize on our behalf.
Our fan adoration is out of place
for a normal guy,
with an angel's face...

by Anny - ITZ HANSON 4U
Yahoo Club: ITZPage4U

This poem was written by Tammy!


How can I express my gratitude to people that I don't know?
Their lyrics have touched me like no other
They've reached inside and pulled out someting that has been lurking in
my heart
They've reached me when no one could
An immense love for complete strangers, strangers that have touched my
soul, strangers that I love as people
You've undone my tears and all the broken hearts, I know now that this
time around everything is going to be okay
The music you write and the lyrics said have helped me live
Now I'm not dyin inside instead I'm dying to be alive
I was once looking for a song to sing, but now the pain inside is almost
These three strangers, these beautiful strangers have helped me like no
other, I feel like their songs are the songs of my soul
I wish I could thank them in person, the strangers that I love, so they
can look in my eyes because the eyes are the windows to
the soul
I want them to see what's in mine
Theyll see a soul that was once trapped in despair that now is set free
A soul that can finally strive to be happy
Without their music it wouldn't have been possible
I have an immense love fror strangers, strangers that will always be in
my heart because I'm forever grateful

by Tammy Rowe - Eyes are the window to the soul. Come look in mine...

This poem was written by Julza!


There was a boy
I thought I knew him
I thought I loved him
I was wrong.
He doesn't know I'm here
He doesn't even know my name.
I met this boy
He smiled at me
He signed the paper
And said 'see you later'
But I never saw him again
I think about him every day
Knowing that I cannot have him
I wish I knew before.

by Julza ©2000

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!

HANSON WONDERLAND - Written for Hanson Wonderland site!

Welcome to my world of Hanson
come on it and look around.
You see we have concert pics
and other things we have found.
This is my Hanson Wonderland
filled of magical things to see.
All Hanson fans are welcome,
anti - Hanson fans must leave.
All bad thoughts
leave them at the door.
Don't be afraid
come in and explore.
Don't worry about
if you don't have a pass.
This is my Hanson Wonderland
you'll never be last.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


As sit here
upon my window sill
I see the streets below
as people walk
and keep to themselves
the world takes a hard blow.
Cultures and races
dont get along
husbands and wives
try to be strong
People taking advantage
of the things
we say and do
And cut short
of what is really true
Arguing and fighting
keep going on
The world isnt prepared
its just so wrong
Shootings and deaths
don't make it right,
the world is dissapearing
without a sight.
What happened
to the golden rule?
Does anyone believe it,
if so then who?
God made us strong
This I believe
but he also made weaknesses
for those who can't see.
I dont take advantage
of what I see,
I only for sorry
for you and me.
All I can see
from my window sill
is a world crumbling
and no one cares.
We don't try hard enough
to make it right,
take my word on it
look on the insight.
I want a world,
which should be bright.
Only to have fears
of shadows in the night.
As I close
my point of veiw
hold your familes dear
and close to you.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

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