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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Angela!


I see a star oh so high,
it shines so brightly in the night.
I look up and see you waiting for me.
I wish with all my soul and might to have you with me here tonight.
Your smiling face,
your light blue eyes,
your short blonde hair.
I wish upon the star tonight to have you waiting in my heart,
knowing that it will never come
I should probably give up.

I wonít give up the fight to have you in my heart tonight.
To wish upon a star to find out where you are.
I hope and pray to the star I see, that youíll find me up upon wondering where you are.
I wish with the star I see that you will come to me.
Should I give up?

I shall never for I am confident that you will find me upon the star I see shining down smiling at me for all the days and nights that I see to where I see you looking at me.

by Angela

This poem was written by Angela!


I listen to your soulful voice way above the clouds
Your like music to my ears when I listen it brings me
to tears. Your song guides me by your voice hoping to hear it again
please say youíll always be there to sing and guide me by your voice.

I hear only youíre voice as I pray you guide me in the direction of my
Future. Though it is not certain nor may it come true I will always think
of you by the voice you guide me by.

Way above the clouds I listen to
your voice as you sing a voice always guides me by tears. My heart will
never change my mind on how I think about you guys. So remember your voice
will guide me to the way of my heart and soul. I pray you see me,
I pray you listen but it is not for sure that I even exist the only thing exist of me
is your song to guide me by please guide me the way to your heart and soul
so I may always listen to your voice, for that voice is a song to guide me by everyday life.

by Angela

This poem was written by Samantha!


If only you'd look at me the way I look at you
If only you'd return these feelings , if only just you knew

If only you'd just hold my hand and play with my brown hair
If only you'd just give a damn, If only you'd just care

If only we'd be hand in hand til' the stars fall from the sky
If only you'd be there for me, the shoulder when I cry

If only you thought about me every second of the day
If only you wanted me in each and every single way

If only you were mine to hold for now and ever more
If only you wanted to spend your life with me, if only you were sure

If only you thought I was beautiful, or maybe just even cute
If only we could runaway with out hearts, the perfect suit

If only you wanted me, and hoped I wouldn't go away
If only I made you happy and you wished that I would stay

If only you'd look back at this, at the girl who truly cared
If only you'd remember the girl who was as invisible as air

If only this could be true, but I know it'll never be
That's because I'm nothing to you though you're everything to me

If only I could meet Hanson and tell them I do everything for you
If only dreams were wishes and all of my wishes came true

by Samantha

This poem was written by Anny!


There he sits,
So lovely and pure
With a beauty that makes the angels seethe

A voice more beautiful than their harps,
And piercing blue eyes that see straight thru you

He looks so divine,
God's TrUe gift to the world
But is he ReAlLy all THAT angelic?

Look in his eyes!
Look close!

There's a fire there,
Burning bright
With more heat
Than hell's most terrible flame

He holds it in check
But everyone longs
To stroke that fire in physical passion...
Away from where it belongs.

Now...watch him sing,
Watch close!

The fire is out,
Itís burning bright!
Oh what a beautiful blaze it is!

It's in his eyes,
In his soul,
Itís in his musicÖ
Where it belongs.

by Anny - ITZ HANSON 4U
Yahoo Club: ITZPage4U

This poem was written by Shelly!


Music is life,
But most people would say,
It won't help you in life
It just gets in the way.
But how do they know
What is right for someone?
How can they tell
If it makes you have fun.

They say English and math
Are the most important thing.
Were will it get you
If all you can do is sing?
But singing and music
Are more then just that
It's the feeling you get
When you give something back.

To know someone is happy,
Enjoying your voice.
Is all you need to know
that it's the right choice.
So don't listen to them
When they tell you don't try.
It's all up to you
Just reach for the sky.

And music will get you
So far in this life.
It will help you with friendships
And dealing with strife.
So let all voices sing out,
In joy and in pain
And let people be happy.
You have so much to gain.

by Rachelle Paquette - 10/13/2000
From Albertane To Moffatts High And Back.

This poem was written by Lauren Feinstein!


I'm standing here alone with my heart on the line
Knowing your miles away
I know that you care, but how could I dare
Say the words that I want to say
It was only a while
And I know we have never met
But the life that my heart felt
I will never forget
So I'll write you a poem, that will soon make you see
Exactly how much you mean to me.
When I saw your eyes, it was love at first sight,
And I'm sure you dont feel the same.
So I'll listen to your song to carry you along
In my heart during meaningless fame.
Meaningless without you I know it will be
For you are the one who made my heart see
How listless and care-free one's journey is made
And for that I owe you my heart all the way
And I'll hope that we'll work, and a couple we'll be
Better late than never
And I cant read minds but im sure you will say
"It's to hard, I'd rather be friends than together"
So I give you my love with my arms open wide
Now do with it as you please
But never forget, that forever you'll sit
In my heart as the man who saved me.

by Lauren Feinstein

This poem was written by Heather!


Can you see the tears falling from my eyes
Can you see the hurt that I desperately try to hide
Can you see past my act and into my soul
Where my heart is gone
The heart that you stole
Can you see the fear that's reflecting in my Eyes
Can you hear my love for you as I try to cover it up with lies
Can you see that I have too much pride
And that is why I know that these feelings I have to hide
Because if I were hurt it would confirm all my fears
I would hide away my heart as I drowned myself in tears

by Heather

This poem was written by Angela!


Promise me youíll never give up,
promise me youíll live forever,
promise me youíll never die for life is so short
itís not worth dying for the pain youíre soul holds inside
One night you came home your life was ending,
you never felt as bad as you do now,
just this morning you lost your way from life
when you lost your soul from love's hold
that kept you warm and safe inside,
now your alone with no one to hold
but donít give up your life to save your soul,
But he did not listen he walked to the balcony of his home,
he peered down the ledge to the sea below the rocky cliffs,
he climbed over the ledge and just before he jumped he saidÖ
I know I promise Iíd never give up,
I know I promised Iíd live forever,
I know I promised you Iíd never die,
for you said life was so short that it wasnít worth dying for
the pain that my soul holds inside,
but why did you break my heart in to when you said I hate you,
but why did you say just the other day I love you?
I must go now to a place I belong
up in the sky so blue but remember Iíll always love you,
even though you donít love me.
I came home the next day to find my answering machine blinking like crazy,
I looked over the messages, when the last message played it was him and he saidÖ
I know I promised Iíd never give up,
I know I promised Iíd live forever,
I know I promised you Iíd never die,
for you said life was so short that it wasnít worth dying for
the pain that my soul holds inside,
but why did you break my heart in two when you said I hate you,
but why did you say just the other day I love you?
I must go now to a place I belong up in the sky so blue
but remember Iíll always love you, even though you donít love me.
I closed my eyes as the sound of him falling into the sea below,
I bowed my head and said,
Ē Iím sorry, how could I have been so blind not to see I loved you,
please donít leave me,
I couldnít survive without you,
the sound of silence was more than I could bare
so I said,Ē I know we promised weíd never give up,
I know we promised weíd live forever,
I know we promised our lives to each other,
and not to die for we said and vowed that life was short
it wasnít worth dying for the pain our souls held inside,
I canít live without you,
nor will I try,
I know one thing I must do now,
is I must die,
so we can be together again and reunite our hearts again
I walked to the kitchen and picked up the knife
I put it to my wrist and slowly cut across the top,
my life was ending and I knew I was dying
as I laid on the floor
I closed my eyes and fell asleep,
I felt my soul go up to the sky,
I could see my friend take her pledge to her boyfriend,
just the same as I did with mine,
I pray she doesnít make the same mistake as I did with mine,
Up in the skies I seen him,
he seen me,
and we were both together again,
our broken hearts were mended back in one.
I shall always love him for he loves me,
when he took his life and now our souls are free from the pain of heart break
and now we wonít give up the fight to keep our souls.

by Angela

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