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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Brittany!


i awoke that day
to weather like that of may.
i then ate at wendy's
wendy's, not cindy's.
wally world was next
i bought markers and poster on which i wrote text.
i went back to the suite
and on the way i heard a bird go tweet tweet.
as the hours flew bye,
my stomach began to cry.
it was getting closer and closer, nearer and nearer.
soon i would realize the true effect of my hanson fever.
i thought i'd be sitting miles away in the "green",
but once there, i found that i was much closer to the scene.
admiral twin came on,
and sang their first song.
i was on the fifteenth row,
and slowly, my love for hanson began to grow.
finally, the first chord to "gimme some lovin" was heard,
a loud shrieking was louder than every word.
at the end, my dream came true,
i was drenched in water by zac and tay, don"t you wish it had been you?

by Brittany

This poem was written by Ariana!


Yesterday I cried again
Just wish that you would know my name
I hear your voice, I see your face
They both put misery in my days
They make me happy because it's you
They make me sad because it's true
I don't have you, I never might
We haven't met yet, that just ain't right
Look at you I can for hours
Looked at me you haven't yet
I've known you for many years now
But still we haven't even met
I know that you're the one for me
I know that we're meant to be
If only I could feel your touch
If only I didn't need you this much
You set a fire deep inside my soul
And put it out no one could
If I could meet you someday soon
Make you mine I instantly would
But now all I do is cry
And fantasize 'bout days of you and I
I wish my fantasies would come true
'Cause I cannot live without you

by Ariana

This poem was written by Tabbie!


The past its like one big rhyme moving slowly by me
I feel I've run out of time, and lost my sense of wanting
I've turned to the next chapter in my life, growing older and wanting more
I've never have this feeling before, not fearing and wanting to explore

I wake up early sometimes, watching the sunrise over the trees
Never have i felt before this sense of inner peace
I live from day to day now, not planing out, just taking in
I want to live forever now, letting these shades of gray fade within

So close to home, yet so far away
I feel like I've done what I've set out to do and cannot stay
I need to move on now, to find where I'm needed now
Open my arms up and love myself
If its possible too, somehow

Dreams and melodies haunt my mind, like a hell that won't go away.
I feel now that I'm losing time, to this painless, endless stay.
Fever's of everything thats happened in the past
Wake up and bite me when i sleep
When will this feeling go away?
Will it forever catch up to me?

I feel so confused in my boxed out shell.
Without knowing, I'd think I was in hell.
Will I ever end this drawn out maze?
Or will it be forever? These shades of gray

by Tabbie

This poem was written by Heida!


Crying, hurting, sadness and pain
it all lies within one aspect of your life.
You base your exsistance on them,
you dedicate every second to them, to find out
they don't even know who you are.
The magazines you buy,
And soon we will all come to realize
our time will come..but if our time is supposed
to come, how come it hasn't come now?
Screaming echoes in your ears, the millions
of other girls that feel, think and share the same
emotion as you..all love the same thing you do.
You don't think anyone understands, people say
you are obsessed, people say you are crazy,
people say it will never happen, it's all a crazy
fantasy. You tell them it's not, you tell them
they are wrong, but the days start to pass by
and you realize what you want, hasn't happened yet.
And then you start to let it sink in- that everyone has been
right all along..you will never meet them, you will never
be friends with them, you'll never touch them, you'll
never even breath the same air. And when you think it,
you start to believe it. And believing makes all the things you've
wanted go away, all the hopes, dreams and desires that you've wanted
ever since you layed eyes on those 3 men. But, I know in my heart
one day, in this life time, my dream will come true, my dream isn't crazy,
a fantasy or unrealisitic..and it certainly is not an obsession..it's

by Heida

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


I was walking home from a Hanson Concert
on a stary night.
The air filled with coldness
I was a fright.

I felt someone behind me
I turned to see.
I saw nothing but blackness
It really scared me.

I turned back around,
saw something that made me jump.
It was a bunch of teens.
In my throat i felt a lump.

They came toward me
and hit me in the head.
"You like those queers Hanson..."
A boy on my left said.

They left me there
on that fateful night.
I cried out in pain
No one in sight.

I laid there
waiting to die.
How could someone
want to take my life?

After a while
I was found.
There I was
without a sound.

Now I am laying
on a hospital bed.
I want to move
but my body is dead.

I got hurt
on that fateful night.
for liking Hanson
it isnt right.

with little brains
Threw away
all my hopes and dreams.

I hope they suffer
for what they have done.
For now I am in heaven
I am gone.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Sammie Beth!


Poster on the wall

for my eyes to see,

Its of three guys

known as I. T. Z.

I stands for Isaac.

The oldest of the three

Wise and smart

and very cute indeed.

T stands for Taylor

the middle one of the pack

His eyes of baby blue

and now on to zac.

Z stands for Zac

as you already know

the drummer

who has a heart of gold.

Together they make up

the power of three.

Putting together music

on VH1 and MTV.

by Sammie Beth - Hanson's Blue Dolphin

This poem was written by Jennifer English!


The lights dim and the noise level rises,
The journey down the road has begun.
In the blink of an eye the stage is illuminated with lights,
Silhouettes can be seen through the curtain.
The energy is sky high,
Adrenaline is racing through the blood of all in attendance.
Shouts and screams can be heard from all directions,
The music must compete with the crowd just to be heard.
Flashes from cameras are brighter than the lights themselves,
All in hope the moment lasts ‘forever and a day’.
The crowd knows every song by heart,
Each beat before it is ever played.
They sing with the band,
Never missing a word.
As the journey comes to an end,
The shouts and screams are even louder than before.
The band says good-bye and exits the stage,
Leaving the crowd satisfied but craving more.
It is the night 15,000 people have been anticipating,
For some it is the chance of a lifetime.
It is the night 15,000 people journeyed down The Road To Albertane,
I am one of those 15,000 people experiencing the journey.

by Jennifer English

This poem was written by Amber!


Oh Zac, oh Zac, oh Zac.
How much I love you.
I picture you and me in my head.
You kiss me.
Oh that tender kiss.
It feels so real.
I wish it was real.
I open my eyes,
I can't see you but I feel your love that you hold.
and I will dream of you night till day, like every day.
And when you come,
our love will combine and our love will last,
even when we're dead.
so, all I would like to say is Zac Hanson I will love you forever.

by Amber

This poem was written by Lily!


When the trials of the day require
that the arms of sleep be held off
He has himself a cup of coffee
(a necessary evil)
a fractal of white swirling lazily
away from itself
No sugar

He sighs
He is tired of the rising sun
slicing through jets of skyscraper
glinting on office windows and
baking in antlines of cars outside

He longs for a gentler morning:
lace-patterned leaf-shadows fluttering
across his forehead
The sunrise like butter
so thick you could cut it
Deciduous islands in vast oceans of grass
and a tender breeze pressing its shape
there into
All preceeded by the full spectrum
washing brilliantly into azure sky
Miles of it, uninterrupted

He winces
at that familiar, hateful burn
against his tongue
And imagines a morning
without coffee

by Lily

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