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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Rachel!


I watch you from the floor
Looking up and only hoping
Hoping you notice me, smile at me, glance at me
I go unnoticed, like everyone else

It hurts being the fan
You pay attention but you don't
You notice but don't remember
I'm just another face in the endless crowd

I buy all your albums
I know the words to all your songs
I watch you from afar
Because I'm the fan

I make you who you are
Sometimes you see fans make a band
Sometimes you thank them
But you dont take time to know us

Its hard to be the fan
One face of a million
Only hoping to be noticed
Hoping you'll see the true fans.

by Rachel

This poem was written by Star!


From boys to men,
we've seen you grow.
From land to land,
we've seen you go.

We are your fans,
we've been here from the start
you will forever have
places in our hearts.

Im writing this poem,
just to show you,
that ,we, your fans,
will always love you.

From your fingers,
music blazes like fire,
this is why,
it is you we admire.

Sure some of us,
may get out of hand.
But that is what,
makes us fans.

When youre down,
and feeling blue,
please remember,
you have fans that love you.

And after all,
that we have seen you go through,
were not only your fans,
but your friends too.

And as my poem,
comes to an end.
Just remember,
we are your friends.

We are millions of people,
whose hearts you have touched,
millions of people,
who love you so much.

by Star

This poem was written by Veronica!


i want to be with him
does he know i exsist?
would he want to be with me?
why can't i answer this?
i know in my heart
these feelings are true
i cant bare to be apart
you are my soulmate
my angel, that's you
i wish you could hear my crys
i just wanna be with you
these feelings i have will never subside
you mean the world to me
that's something i can't hide
who's always on my mind
my love
a person who was so hard to find
i will always love you
truely and dear
no matter exactly
how far or near.

by Veronica

This poem was written by Tiffany (Crazy)!

"HI, I'M TAYLOR....."

When I first saw you
You were sitting alone
I don't know what happened
But my heart began to race
I tried to calmly pass you,
trying to look away
But before I got the chance
You looked my way
And our eyes met
My heart stopped beating as
You stood up and said
"Hi, I'm Taylor, nice to meet you."

by Tiffany (Crazy)

This poem was written by Jennifer!


I'm sitting alone in this darkened room
No ones around, and not a thing to do
Choking on words I should have said
with butterfly thoughts going around my head

Theres no longer the voices that used to be there
Nothing is right, nothing is fair
The world just seems an ugly gray dome
While I'm waiting for someone who's not coming home

Even though you're not here, you're all I see
So far away, but I can feel you breathe
when I lie down to go to sleep
I sense you there, lying next to me

And when I sleep, you're there through the night
In my dreams, in my arms, holding me tight
But when I awake, I'm still all alone
Waiting for someone who's not coming home

I know its my fault, I did this to me
you were asking for help, but I didn't see
in my heart I know the blame is my own
and I'm waiting for someone who's not coming home

The wind doesn't blow and the sun does not shine
the beat has been robbed from this heart of mine
I turn on the radio but nothing comes out
I'm the losing fighter in the championship bout

I sit by the phone and make call after call
No one is answering, no one at all
I keep replaying one moment in time
when I could have saved this whole world of mine

and when i go to bed tonight
I'll tell myself that it's alright
but in my heart and mind I'll know
that you're gone now, and you're not coming home

We've had hard times, this we both know
but through it all our love has shone
and if I had one wish, I'd want the world to know
I wish my baby would please come home

I know you're gone and feeling smothered
my wish is in one hand, but lifes in the other
I wouldn't feel right if I didn't at least say
you're welcome back here, anytime, anyday

In the end I hope we make it through
it's hard to picture my life, living without you
No matter where you are, or where you go
please remember I'm waiting for you to come home

by Jennifer

This poem was written by Carrie!


A golden strand
Dances free,
Tiny worlds of chocolate
Marvel at the sky,
With mirrors which beam
And reflect him with pride,
And the nightowl gives a reassuring wink,
Which tells him he can go on.

The world wears a black hat
And creeps silently about,
Except for her who bends the trees,
And runs her fingers quickly through his hair,
And the tiny worlds of chocolate
Sucome to the early bird,
And sings a soft tune,
Awaken, young man,
To a day so true.

by Carrie - Sixteen: A Hanson Story
Letters To Hanson

This poem was written by Andrea!


When the roads crack and bend before you,
And the bleak sky is the horizon line,
And the feared illusions are coming true,
The eyes are yours and mine.

Though I remember days of Legos and chocolate chips,
And of your great wisdom to that of mine,
I remember most the words that crossed your lips:
"Always remember the sunshine."

You have been my brother, my next of kin,
As long as I can recall
Through toughest years and soldiers of tin,
You were like my brick wall.

I could come to you about anything
You always knew what to do
That was always something
That was consistent about you.

And as we advance, though silent now,
The road of life stretches ahead,
You make it all the better somehow,
Like you always did.

I lay my trust down to smooth the chasms,
To make the bumps less severe,
To try and repay your selfless feats,
And to thank you, my brother, for being here.

by Andrea - Hanson

This poem was written by Julie!


I look up at you
at where you stand
I reach out to you
but miss your hand
u seem so close
and yet seem so far
it seems impossible
to catch a star
so many people
keep us apart
how can i ever
get to your heart
i jump in the air
longing for your touch
it seems i cant reach
what i need so much
my heartache is sure
unreasonably pure
and the hurt and the pain
are always insane
although i've cried so long
and tried so much
your hand will alwayz be
just too high to touch

by Julie

This poem was written by Blagovesta!


Life is a constant chasing for something you desire
Sooner or later, the time for chasing expires
We need to be looking out
For what really matters and counts
Be good treat the others right
Avoid argues and fights
Believe every dream
Dreams are the air we breathe
Hanson know a ton of things
Listen to every brother and to what he sings
These are lessons for life
About love, hurt and strife
They transform you to something very far
From what you are
In time your goal you’ll be able to define
How do I know? They helped me define mine!
If you’re lonely
They could help you only
If you’re ever sad
Listen to those lads
Hanson means adoration
They’re always waiting for your dedication
So join us, be a fan
They’ll make of you a proud and worthy man

by Blagovesta

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