Chapter 7

I got back on my bike and headed back to the apartment. As soon as I pulled into my parking space, an idea popped in my head. Why don’t I help Phyllis out and clean up the apartment? I smiled to myself thinking that I was totally brilliant.
I ran to the apartment and stuck my key into the lock and rushed in. I closed the door and headed directly for the broom closet where she kept all her cleaning supplies. There sat a clunky old vacuum that I thought sure wouldn’t work. I grabbed it along with its tangled cord and brought it into the living room. I plugged it in and vacuumed the whole apartment in the grand total of five minutes. I then decided that I should turn down the beds.
I walked into her room and noticed her cd player sitting on top of the dresser. I headed to it and saw a small vinyl cd holder. I picked it up and opened it. I stopped suddenly when I saw something that I had seen so many times in my life, one of our cds. I quickly went passed it and pulled out a Fleetwood Mac cd. I popped it in the player and turned up the volume. I walked over casually to her bed and pulled the covers off and threw them to the floor. I was planning on washing them as soon as I got some of my laundry and bed linens. Just as I was starting to pull the sheets off the queen sized mattress, something fell to the floor with a thud. I walked around the side of the bed and looked at the floor. Sitting there was a small black book. I picked it up reluctantly and looked at the cover. It didn’t have anything etched on it so I didn’t have any clue. Unfortunately my curiosity took over my better judgement. I stopped and noticed a lock on the side. I always loved a challenge so I decided that I would go on. I attempted to press the button that would open it but noticed it wouldn’t give.
After hitting it and finally opening it by pounding it against the nightstand, it opened. I opened the cover carefully and read the first couple of lines. What I was reading seemed to be the beginning of a story. I kept on and to the next page when I stopped suddenly, feeling my jaw drop. It wasn’t just the beginning of a story. I slammed the book closed and quickly shoved it back under the mattress. I looked all around, feeling almost paranoid that someone might have seen me. I grabbed the bed linens and headed in my room and got mine. I went out of the apartment and to the Laundromat in the main building of the apartment complex.

“Taylor…I’m back.” I looked up and quickly put the rest of the things away in the bathroom.
“Hey.” I smiled and pushed a stray hair out of my face.
“What have you been up to?” She asked and put down a bag before I could get a look at her. As soon as she looked up I gasped.
“What?” She said a little annoyed.
“You-You have make up on.” I said in shock.
“Yeah, what’s your point. The girls decided to do makeovers. I had no choice.” She said and rolled her eyes.
“You-you look nice.” I stammered and could feel my face go flush.
“You do realize that I wear makeup. I just haven’t since you’ve been around. I haven’t had the time.”
“So…uh…what did you buy?” I said, changing the subject. I couldn’t stop from feeling guilty about rooting around in her stuff and reading her diary.
“Oh…uh…a dress. By the way, thanks for the money. I’ll pay you back…”
“No problem…let me see you in it.” I smiled.
“I…I don’t know. I didn’t really want to get it. Amanda forced me sort of…” She stammered.
“Oh come on, if I paid for it, I want to see it at least.” I smiled and nudged her in the arm.
“Oh…all right. Let me go try it on but don’t laugh at me. I don’t normally wear things like this.” She said and grabbed the bag as she began to head to the bathroom.
“You know…this place looks really nice by the way.” She smiled.
“Uh…thanks.” She finally retreated into the bathroom. I sat down heavily on the sofa and grabbed the magazine that was sitting on the coffee table. I began flipping through when I heard the bathroom door open.
“Close your eyes.” She called.
“Close your eyes.” She said and sighed.
“Okay…okay.” I said. I closed my eyes and waited.
“Ready?” She asked.
“Can I open my eyes now?” I smiled.
“Yes.” She said confidently. I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a scarlet colored spaghetti strap dress that was a little low cut and showed off her legs.
“I…I…I…” I stammered and looked her up and down.
“I know…I know…it’s something I would never wear and I’m probably going to take it back.
“I love it.” I smiled.
“You-you do?” She said with wide eyes.
“Definitely. Keep it. Best investment I’ve ever made.” I smiled.
“Okay, I’m definitely taking it back now.” She said and grimaced.
“NO! I mean…no…I really like it. You should keep it.” I smiled again.
“Well, okay…it’s not like I have any place to wear it.” She said.
“I’m going to change.” She added and went back into the bathroom.

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