The Gifted Child

Chapter 7 - Fear, Panic, and Confusion For All

Mrs. Hanson stood with her arms crossed like a scared child by the window in the dining room looking out into the rain. Isaac walked into the room and saw the worried expression on his mom's face. "Mom?"
She looked at him. "Oh hi baby, how'd you sleep? Feeling better?"
"Yeah I'm feeling ok. What are you looking at?"
"I'm looking for your father and brothers. Your father took Taylor and Zac to go get some sand bags. That was two hours ago. I'm really starting to worry."
"Why didn't dad wake me up? I would've gone."
"Because he knew you weren't feeling good," she sighed. "I didn't want him to go at all but he said it had to be done."
Isaac felt a little worried himself but tried to calm his mother.
"Well it takes about twenty minutes to get there and in the rain it probably takes longer. And you know how dad is. He loves to get into conversations with Leroy about everything and anything. I'm sure they're alright. They'll probably be back any minute."

Mrs. Hanson shook her head slighty, "Oh Isaac I hope your right."
Isaac could see the worry on her face and placed his arm around her. He hated seeing her like this. It had happened way too many times for his liking. A few minutes past and Isaac noticed someone running frantically up the dirt road leading to their house. He looked closely and then felt panic run through him when he saw who it was.
"Mom? Is that Zac?"
Mrs. Hanson, who had been lost in her thoughts, looked up and saw her son running towards the house like there was no tomorrow.
"Oh my gosh! Zac, my baby!" She ran to the front door with Isaac close behind. She quickly opened the door and Zac ran inside and grabbed her.
"Mom! Mom! Mom, you've gotta do something! We have to save them! We've gotta do something!" He screamed frantically. Isaac shut the door and came over and put his hand on Zac's shoulder as a way to comfort. By now the rest of the children had come downstairs to see what was going on.

Mrs. Hanson tried her best to calm Zac who was soaked from the rain and find out what was happening at the same time. She looked into his frantic, tear filled eyes.
"Zac, baby, what are talking about? What happened? And where are Taylor and your father?" She asked, her voice cracking on the last question. She saw more tears fill his eyes as he tried his best to answer her through his shaking, fear stickened body.
"M....Men. Th...They gra....grabbed them." He stopped as more tears came, "Th....they got them. They got them! Mom you have to do something!" he began to yell again as panic raced through his body.
"Baby, WHO has got them?" Mrs. Hanson said, panicking herself.
"I....I don't know who they were. But....but I saw him."
"Who Zac? Who did you see?" She asked even though she had a bad feeling that she already knew who it was.
"I..I...I saw...." He took a deep breath and burst into more tears. "Daniel! It was Daniel! He took them away again! Why Mom? Why is he doing this? Why is he so evil? Why Mom? Why? Why can't he just leave them alone? It's not thier fault! Why?"
Mrs. Hanson felt her heart skip a beat and her breath catch in her throat when she heard that name. She hugged her soaking, sobbing son in an attempt to comfort not only him, but herself as well.

Isaac felt time stand still as the name Daniel left Zac's lips.
"Not again! Not again!" That phrase kept running through his head like a broken record. He slowly backed up until his back pressed against the front door. He slowly slid down to a sitting position. He felt like the world had just come to an end. This couldn't be happening again. He looked up and saw his little brother and sisters standing there looking at him.
"Get out of here!" he yelled, not wanting them to realize what was happening.
"Ike! Calm down!" his mother said sternly, still holding Zac. The three youngest; Zoe, Mackenzie, and Avery, took off up the stairs, Zoe in Avery's arms. The oldest sister, Jessica, did not move however. She stood looking at the scene before her.

Isaac looked back at the stairs and saw his little sister looking at him. He was about to yell at her again but stopped himself. He saw something in her eyes. It wasn't fear and it wasn't confusion. What he saw was understanding. That is when he realized, she knew what was happening. They couldn't hide the truth anymore. She was old enough to figure it out. Now he only had one question. How were they going to explain what exactly their father and brother had been through and may be going through again? He hoped she wouldn't ask questions.


Daniel had the biggest smile in his face that he had probably ever had. He sat in the passenger side of the car picturing the look on Jacob's face when he saw them. He turned around and saw Taylor and Mr. Hanson sleeping peacefully. He looked closely at Taylor remembering how strong his powers had been that last time they had captured them. He smiled at the sleeping boy.
"Soon Taylor. Soon you will reveal all the little secrets you hold inside of you." He then let out a small laugh and turned to look at the road again. "Oh this is gonna be good!"


Officer Hank Walden walked around the small store looking for any kind of evidence of what might have happened. He and his men had recieved a phone call from a very distraught Mrs. Hanson who said her husband and son had been kidnapped. He knew of their past and had tried his best to help them. No body else would believe them though. He had to do a lot of convincing to get these men out here today. They were all taking it seriously when they had seen the scene at the Hanson's. The little ones all crying. Zac fear stickened and still a little wet. Isaac shaking from the anger within. Mrs. Hanson, crying and praying. She was so upset that she could barely speak. Everytime she tried she broke into tears and would apologize. Isaac had to take over telling the police what had happened.

Officer Walden sighed with frustration. All they had found was a shattered vase. Leroy was no where to be found. There had been some tire tracks in the driveway but the rain had wash them almost completely away so it was impossible to identify the type of car. He realized that they would have to give up here after two hours of searching and finding no solid evidence.
"All right men. Let's go. There's nothing more we can do here."


"What do you mean you didn't find anything?" Mrs. Hanson asked after being told by Officer Walden what they had found, or rather had not found, at the store.
"I'm sorry but we looked over that entire place. The only thing's we found were a broken vase and some traces of tire tracks."
"And you call that nothing!?" Mrs. Hanson screamed.
"Mrs. Hanson please. What I am saying is that there isn't anything there to prove what has happened. We are going to do eveything we can to find your husband and son but it may take a while."
"They might not have a while! God only knows what these men are going to do to them! We have to help them! We have to find them! You can't give up on my family! And besides my son already told what happened! Are you calling him a liar!?" Mrs. Hanosn screamed with tears running down her cheeks. She just couldn't understand why they weren't doing more.
"Mrs. Hanson I'm sorry. We are doing all we can. We don't know what else to do."
"I don't understand you Hank. The last time this happened you never gave up. Why this time? Why when they need you most?"
"Please Diana, don't make this any harder. We were never able to find your husband and son... they got away themselves. And we never caught the men responsible. Believe me, I want to help. I just don't know how." He sighed feeling miserable for not being able to do more. "We have to go now. I'm sorry. I'll do all I can. They're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure they will be in my night mares too."
The Hansons all gave him a look of shock.
"Uh, my dreams. They'll be in my dreams. Good night and God Bless." With that he left the house quickly, knowing he had hurt them by his words.
As soon as the door closed Mrs. Hanson picked up a vase off the coffee table and threw it at the door smashing it to pieces. Isaac came up to her.
"Mom?" Mrs. Hanson broke down into tears as Isaac hugged her close. It had started. All the pain was back.


Jacob Grant stood in his office waiting for Daniel to return with their treasures. There was a knock at the door which caused Jacob to jump and sent his heart racing with anticipation, "Come in!"
Daniel walked in with a huge smile on his face, "I have a surprise for you. Would you like to see it? Or should I say, them?"
"Where are they? I have to see them!"
"Follow me." They walked down the hallway and came to a place that split to the right and the left.
"Who do you want to see first?" Daniel asked.
"The boy! I want to see the boy!"
"Right this way." Daniel said walking to the right.
They entered a room and Jacob's smile got even more wicked when he saw what he had been dreaming about for seven years. There, laying in a bed, was Taylor Hanson. Daniel sat on the bed next to the sleeping boy as Jacob stood next to him. The other workers that would be helping in the experiments stood around as well.
Jacob smiled, "That has to be the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Look how big he's gotten. Oh it's been so long. I can't wait to test out his powers," he said while imagining what great things they would have him do.
"And if his powers have grown as much as he has," Daniel said with a grin, "then we've hit the gold mine! We're gonna be rich!"
Jacob grabbed him, "Not if they get away! They've escaped us for the last time! Do you hear me! If they get away again, you will not have another chance at capturing them because you will be terminated! Do you understand me? And no one is to know of this until we are certain of what caused this power and how he developed it. The same goes for his father." He looked around at the other workers, "Does everyone here understand?"
"Yes sir," they all answered in unison.
Taylor then let out a sigh and gently moved his head. Daniel gently stroked the boy's cheek, "Wake up. That's it wake up."
"Dad?" Taylor moaned.
"That's it wake up."
Taylor opened his eyes and saw a blurred vision before him. He squinted trying to focus his eyes, "Dad?" he said again.
"Not exactly." Came the answer. Taylor blinked again and his eyes focused on the figure in front of him. "Hi there!" said the figure.
Taylor's eyes widened and he sat straight up, "AHHHHH!!! Danny!? Oh my gosh! Dad! Where are you! Help me!" He yelled as he tried to get up but was held down by a rather large man. He panicked and suddenly the man went flying and slammed into the wall.
"Dad!" Taylor yelled as he took off for the door.
"Grab him!" Daniel ordered.
Taylor tried desperately to open the door but it was locked. He saw the men coming towards him and his power took over. Once again the men went flying back into the wall. Taylor ran into the next room that resembled a small living room. He looked around and saw absolutely no way out. He wanted to cry. It was happening again. All that pain and fear had returned, hitting him like a ton of bricks.

"Taylor!" Taylor turned around to face Daniel and Jacob.
"Where's my father!? What have you done to him!? Where is he!?" Taylor yelled back angrily.
"Calm down Taylor. Your father is just fine. Now why don't you come back and lay down?" Daniel said trying to get Taylor to cooperate.
"No! I want to see my father! You take me to him or I'm gonna do something and I mean it!"
"Taylor please," Jacob said, "We don't want to hurt you. We just want to learn more about you. But we can't do that unless you cooperate. What do you say?" Jacob asked Taylor as he moved to Taylor's left making Taylor look that direction. Taylor didn't notice the movement towards his right.
"I say No!"
Jacob gave Daniel a look. "Do it!" Daniel said.
Without warning, a man stuck a needle in Taylor's right arm making him yell out. Taylor immediately felt drowsy.
"Put him back in the bed," Jacob said.
Taylor was then carried to the bed and layed down.
Daniel came right to his face, "You will cooperate. Do you understand? Because if you don't you will never see your father or the rest of your family again!"
With that Taylor's eyes closed as a single tear ran down his fear stickened face. Daniel and Jacob smiled at each other.
Suddenly, Taylor jumped and moaned, "Daaaaad?"
Daniel looked at Jacob, "He's awake!"
"Show me where he is now!" Jacob said angrily.


Mr. Hanson was standing in his room trying desperately to communicate with Taylor. He had woken up all alone in this strange room. It haden't taken him long to realize where he was and what had happened. He immediately got up and tried to find Talyor. No luck. He was obviously in another room. The second thing he did was try to find a way out. He searched the entire room and found nothing. He was angry. That's when he thought of Taylor. He had promised him they would be safe.
"Oh no," he thought.
"Taylor I'm so sorry," he said in a whisper, wishing he could hold his son in his arms.

Now he stood trying desperately to reach his son. He felt so much fear and pain when he tried to reach his son. He couldn't get through though. He was angry. He was still groggy from the ether and Taylor's fear was so great that he couldn't get Taylor to respond. Suddenly he heard a very weak and quiet, "Daaaad?" He jumped.
"Taylor? Taylor can you hear me son? Please answer me. Oh Taylor I'm so sorry. I should never have taken you out. I'm so sorry." With that he broke down into tears. Tears of anger and fear. He wanted his son back and he wanted him now.
He rubbed the tears away, "No. I am gonna be brave for my son! I won't let them get to me! Never again!"
He then heard foots steps outside of his door. There was a beeping sound and then the door opened. Daniel and Jacob walked in and Mr. Hanson's anger boiled.
"Daniel!" he said with anger. He rushed at the man and slammed him into the wall holding the front of his suit.
"Where's my son you jerk!? What have you done with him!?"
Two men pulled Mr. Hanson off of Daniel and held him back. Daniel smiled at him, "Relax Walker."
"Don't call me Walker you monster! Where is my son!?"
"Ok fine, Mr. Hanson, your son is fine. He is resting right now, as you should be."
"You let me see him! And I mean now!"
"All in good time. We want to perform a few tests first."
"Screw your tests! I want my son and I want him now!" Mr. Hanson yelled, fighting hard against the men that held him.
Daniel looked at Jacob, "Looks like we'll need to do him too." Jacob nodded and looked at another worker. "Do it!" he said.
"What?" Mr. Hanson said as a needle was stuck in his arm as well. He tried to pull away but was held in place. He was so angry at himself for not being able to fight. He figured that they had been more prepared this time and gotten stronger and quicker people to guard them. He felt the drowziness over take him as the men carried him back to the bed. He lay on his back, fighting to stay awake. Daniel now stood over him. "Now, will you cooperate from now on?"
"No." he replied weakly.
"Fine," Daniel said, "Have it your way."
"Don't you touch my son!" he groggily said just above a harsh whisper.
"Don't worry," Daniel said with an evil grin, "Your son is in good hands."
With that, the medication overtook Mr. Hanson as he fell into a deep sleep having lost that battle. The first of many.
Jacob looked to Daniel, "He's gonna try to communicate with the boy. You know how strong their bond is. This won't be easy."
Daniel looked to him, "We, we will just have to make it harder for them."
He looked to the nurse assigned to Mr. Hanson, "I want you to keep him drugged when he isn't with us. We can't let them communicate. Understand?"
"Yes sir." She replied.
"Good. Come on. Everybody else come with me. Let's get the testing rooms ready. I want to start as soon as possible." With that they all left the room.

As they walked down the hall Jacob turned to Daniel, "There's something that has been bothering me Daniel."
"Oh? And what's that?" Daniel asked.
"Your post was at a store. There had to be other people around. What did you do about them?"
"Don't worry. There was only one witness, the store owner and..."
"Daniel! There can't be any witnesses! What have you done!?" Jacob yelled feeling panicked that they may lose their subjects again.
"Relax! We took care of him. We traquilized him and we have him in his own room. Besides, it was pouring rain. You couldn't see more than twenty feet clearly. That means anyone driving by wouldn't have seen and that the rain washed away the tire tracks. Believe me, no one knows where any of them are."
"Or so you hope." Jacob said, still worried.
"Relax Jake! Everything is under control. Besides, no one has ever found them before," Daniel said feeling confident.
"That's because they got away before anyone had a real chance to look for them! Daniel I swear that if you mess this up again, you will regret it. So help me God, you will regret it Daniel!" Jacob said in an almost scary tone.
Daniel just rolled his eyes thinking that Jacob was just being paranoid.
"Look Jake, we have a lot more security and more advanced equipment as well as more secure facilities. They won't escape us again," Daniel said, smiling that wicked smile.
"Oh I hope your right." Jacob said, still not convinced.
Daniel's smile grew, "Trust me."

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