The Gifted Child

Chapter 8 - It's Only The Beginning

Daniel sat in Taylor's room watching the boy sleep. He was anxious to start testing out his powers. It had been so long since they last worked with him. He knew the boy was a lot stronger now and would fight them a lot more than he used to but he wasn't to worried. They had come up with ways to make him cooperate. He only hoped that his power had grown stronger as well. He smiled deviously at the thought. Taylor shifted slightly in the bed and let out a small sigh. Daniel sat for a moment to see if he would wake up. He didn't want to wake him up again for fear that he may try to run. A few moments later Taylor shifted again. Daniel smiled.

Taylor rolled onto his left side and slowly opened his eyes. He saw another blurred figure. He blinked his eyes as they came into focus. Taylor jumped up when he saw who it was. Daniel, smiling at him with a eerie grin.

"Just relax," Daniel said in a calming tone, "I'm not gonna hurt you."
"What do you want from us?" Taylor asked feeling panic and misery rush through him.
"Like we told you before Taylor, we just want to learn more about you."
"That's bull!" Taylor yelled angrily, knowing this man was lying to him. "I know what you really want us for. You want us for your own selfish gain! You don't care about us! You only care about yourself!"
Daniel leaned in close as Taylor backed up against the pillow. Daniel grabbed his shoulders.
"Listen Taylor, don't make this hard on yourself. Just cooperate and you'll be just fine. Okay?"
"Your a liar and I'll never help you." Taylor said as tears of fear and anger towards this man filled his eyes.
"Oh I think you will, because if you don't want us to hurt your father, you'll do as we say. Understand?"
Taylor's eyes went wide.
"You leave my father alone! Don't hurt him!" he said as the tears flowed down his cheeks. He felt his power rising but fought it. He was afraid of what Daniel might do to him if he used his power against him.
"Then will you cooperate?" Taylor turned his head to the side and let the tears flow. He didn't know what to do. He didn't want to help this man but at the same time he didn't want anything to happen to his father. Daniel stood up.
"Fine! I'll give you tonight to think about it. I want your answer by tomorrow morning. We aren't gonna hurt you or your father if you cooperate. The choice is yours."
Daniel walked to the door as Taylor lay thinking hard about what to do. Suddenly something hit him. The whole time he had been here, the men never mentioned Zac.
"Oh no!" Taylor thought. He sat up quickly. "Danny?"
Daniel looked at him.
"Have you made your decision Taylor?"
"No, um, I was just thinking, we weren't the only ones in that store. What happened to the others?"
Daniel opened the door.
"Relax. The only other person there was that Leroy person and we have him here too. He is safe and comfortable, just like you and your father. OKAY?"
Taylor nodded.
Daniel then left the room. Taylor felt a wave or relief. They didn't find Zac. That means he got away. Taylor smiled.
"Thank God!" He said as he lay back down. The drug still hadn't worn completely off and he was still drowzy. But that didn't bother him as much as the decision he had to make.
"Oh God help me." He said wanting to cry again but held in the tears. He hated it here and just wanted to go home. He lay there, thinking hard. What was he gonna do?


Mr. Hanson slowly tried to sit up. He had a terrible headache from the drugs they had given him earlier. He finally managed to get into a sitting position and rested his head in his hands. He moaned from the pain wishing it would all just go away. It felt like his head may burst at any given moment. He slowly looked around the room. When he saw that he was alone, he decided to try and reach his son. He closed his eyes and tried to call out to Taylor. A pain shot through his head. He grabbed his head moaning. He began to get angry. Determined, he gathered himself and tried again. The pain shot through again. He gasped at its intensity. Furious, he hit the bed with his fists.
"Why? Why are they doing this to us?"
He put his head in his hands again and waited for the remaining pain to subside. He looked up as he heard an electronic beep and the door opened. A nurse came in and smiled at him. He saw she was carrying a tray with some needles on it.
"Oh come on! Don't give me anymore of that! I'm still groggy from the last dose! Give me a break for crying out loud!" he said in a tired, disgusted tone.
The nurse smiled and set the tray down on the night stand.
"Don't worry those are for later. I was sent in here to see how you are doing."
Mr. Hanson looked at her.
"How am I doing? My son and I have been kidnapped and are being held against our will. I've been drugged twice already. I don't know what they are doing to my son. I don't even know where he is at. They are putting us through the worst thing that could happen to us in our lives and bringing back way to many horrible memories and you want to know how I'm doing!?" He said with a tone of sarcasm and annoyance in his voice.
She smiled trying to calm him.
"Mr. Hanson I can assure you that your son is safe and being treated well."
"Yeah, but for how long?"
The nurse just looked at him, confusion obvious on her face.
Mr. Hanson continued. "They have put my son and I through way to much already. My son has been living in fear most of his life. Why? I'll tell you why. So these men can make a fortune on our behalf. They pushed my son beyond his limit and it has haunted him since he was five years old. That's way too long. But do these men care? Of course not! Why should they. He's just a boy with a special power. That is all they see in him. They don't see an innocent boy. They only see that power."
"Mr. Hanson, I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. I do know however, that your son is fine. I also know that Daniel will be in here soon for you so...."
"What do you mean 'for me' ?"
"I was told to tell you that they are ready to run a few tests on you."
"Already? They aren't wasting any time are they?" he said angrily.
"Listen, if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable just let me know. That's what I'm hear for."
He looked at her. "Let me see my son."
She gave a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry sir, but I can't do that."
"I didn't think so," he said bitterly.
There was another beeping as the door opened again. Daniel walked in with two huge men and looked at Mr. Hanson.
"Ah, so you're awake I see. That's good. How do you feel?"
"Well if you really want to know I feel like stangling you." Mr. Hanson said, giving Daniel a look to kill. Daniel gave a surprised look, a little shocked by the answer. He turned to the nurse.
"That'll be all. You can go now."
"Yes sir."
And with that, Mr. Hanson was left alone with Daniel and the men.
Daniel cleared his throat, "Well, we have the room all set up and we would like to start running some tests. I trust you will give us your full cooperation."
"Then you should be careful who you trust. I will not now, or ever cooperate with you. You have no right to hold my son and I. We do have rights."
Daniel leaned in. "Listen to me Walker, if you don't cooperate, then your son will feel the consequences. Do you understand me?"
Mr. Hanson's anger boiled.
"You leave my son alone you monster!" he yelled, lunging at Daniel. The two men grabbed him and held him back. Mr. Hanson gave Daniel a look to kill.
Daniel gave a small laugh, "Why do you try to fight it Walker? You can't win. You're too weak. Just do as we say and it'll all be over with."
"If it were up to you it would never be over," Mr. Hanson said angrily.
"Maybe. Maybe not." Daniel said smiling. "Take him to the room."
With that the men took Mr. Hanson to the testing room.


Mr. Hanson sat at a small table across from Daniel and Jacob with some probes on his forehead. There were some other people in there that he assumed to be doctors. They were all taking notes and looking at him like he was a lab rat. He hated this. He just wanted to get his son and go home. But he knew he had to do this. Taylor's safety depended on it.

"Okay Mr. Hanson, we are just going to run some basic tests. They won't be to hard. They are just to show us how well you can read minds. We want to see if you've improved since the last time. Okay?"
"Yeah whatever, okay." Mr. Hanson said, not even looking up. Daniel sighed and proceeded to explain the first test.
"Okay. We have some flash cards here. Each one has a different number on it. I want you to tell me which number I am holding up. Now, there are some doctors and researchers and the other side of that glass who will be recording this entire session. They will be keeping track of your progress. Okay?"
Mr. Hanson just looked at him angrily.
"Okay then. Let's start. Oh and by the way, if you try to contact your son, we will know and he will be punished. These machines never lie. Do you understand?"
Mr. Hanson wanted so much to injure this man but feared for Taylor. He bit his tongue and uttered a forced "Yes."
"Good then let's begin."
Mr. Hanson was so angry but he knew he had to do this. He pushed aside the anger and cleared his head. He focused on the cards and Daniel.
"Ready?" asked Daniel.
Mr. Hanson leaned his head onto his right hand with his fingers to his temple.
Daniel picked up a card with an "8" on it and held it facing himself and away from Mr. Hanson.
"What is it?" he asked.
Mr. Hanson concentrated hard. "Eight."
"Very good," Daniel said with that evil smile of his. He held up the next card.
Mr. Hanson concentrated. "Seven."
Daniel smiled again. "Very good Mr. Hanson."
He held up another.
"Twenty-one." Mr. Hanson said. This went on for about twenty minutes. Mr. Hanson was having trouble from the drugs they had given him but he did his very best and he did it for Talyor, not these men.

After what seemed like forever, Daniel held up the final card. By now, Mr. Hanson was sweating and pale. His head was pounding and he felt he would pass out at any moment. The people were all looking at him with unreadable looks. Some seemed confused. Some concerned. It had gotten harder and harder. Mr. Hanson had no idea what the drugs had done to his Telepathy but he knew it wasn't good if it was making things this hard. As time passed, it had taken longer and longer for him to read Daniel's mind and tell them the card number. Daniel looked at him with an expectant yet angry look.. He had been holding the card for nearly a minute. Mr. Hanson finally got a blurred image.
"Eighteen." he said.
Daniel slowly put the card down. "Very good."
Mr. Hanson put his head in his hands. His head hurt so bad it was unreal.
"Mr. Hanson," Daniel said. He looked up. "You seem to be having trouble here. You never did the other times you were here. What's going on?"
"Well what do you expect Daniel? Could it perhaps be the drugs? What's the deal? You never drugged us before. Why now?"
"You and your son have escaped us too many times. We don't want to lose you again. You have no idea how important you are to us. How much you mean to us..."
"You mean how much we mean to your wallets."
Daniel gave him an angry look. He looked towards the two men who had brought him into the testing room.
"Take him back to his room. That's enough testing for tonight."
He stood up as the men approached Mr. Hanson and took off the probes.
"And remember Walker...."
Mr. Hanson glared back, hating when Daniel used his first name.
Daniel continued. "If you try to communicate with your son, he will be punished."
Mr. Hanson lowered his head. He knew Daniel wasn't joking. He could sense it. The men finished with the probes and lifted him up. The men carried him back to his room. Mr. Hanson felt more pain with every step. It felt like someone was repeatedly hitting him over the head. He was angry. He knew they were planning on drugging him again. He wanted to fight but was afraid for Taylor. He had to think of something but what could he do. The drugs had clogged his mind so much that he was having trouble concentrating.
"Dear God help us." he said quietly, fighting back the tears of anger and fear. Fear for his son, as well as himself.

The men brought him into his room and the nurse was there again. They laid him down and backed away. She approached with a smile and reached for the tray retreiving a needle. He looked at her.
"Please don't give me anymore of that. You don't know what it's doing to me."
"I'm sorry Sir, but I have my orders." She reached down and, as gently as she could, injected the fluid into his arm. When she was done she gave him a sympathetic look.
"I'll come back to check on you later. I promise." She smiled again as she picked up the tray and turned to leave, followed by the men. Mr. Hanson looked to the ceiling, feeling the drug taking over.


Taylor lay in the bed thinking of everything that had happened to them so far. His mind then slowly drifted back to the first time they had ever wanted him to do anything for them.

Taylor was led down a long hallway. He was only five years old. A huge man held his hand as they walked. He curiously looked around, fascinated, yet frightened. Suddenly, they stopped in front of a big door. The man in front, Daniel, knelt down to the little boy and looked into his innocent, confused blue eyes.
"Now Taylor, do you remember our deal? You be a good boy and do what we say and you can see your daddy again ok?" Taylor nodded.
"Are you gonna be a good little boy?"
"Yes." Taylor answered, wanting to see his daddy.
"Good." Daniel said with a smile as he stood up. Taylor watched him with curious eyes as he pushed some buttons and the huge door opened. Taylor was then led to a stool. Daniel lifted him up so he could stand on it.
"Now be a good boy and let this nurse do what she has to do okay?"
Taylor nodded. Daniel then walked away as the young nurse approached.
"Hi there."
"Now I don't want you to be afraid okay. You see these?" she said holding up a small, round probe.
"Yes. What are they?" he asked curiously.
"They are so we can see what going on inside your head."
"Really?" he asked with wide-eyed wonderment.
She smiled.
"Yup. Now I'm gonna stick them on your forehead okay? They won't hurt at all. They are just a little sticky and that might not feel very good, but I promise it won't hurt. Okay?"
"OKAY," Taylor said smiling. He liked this lady. He felt safe with her. She smiled at him as she began to stick on the probes.
"So, are you the little boy I've been hearing so much about?"
He shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno."
She smiled again. "What's your name sweetie?"
"Yup. That's you."
"What's your name?"
"That's pretty," Taylor said smiling. "They were talking about me?"
She nodded.
"What did they say? Did they say anything about my daddy?" he asked hoping she would tell him he could see his daddy. She looked at him sadly. She felt sorry for the child.
"Sheila are done yet?" Daniel asked roughly,
"Yes sir." she said.
"Then please leave." He said sternly.
Taylor didn't understand why he was being so mean to her. Daniel then knelt to him and placed his hands on his small shoulders and looked into his blue eyes.
"Now Taylor, you see that vase over there?" he said pointing to a vase that was sitting on a table about ten feet in front of Taylor.
"Yes." Taylor answered.
"Good. Can you make it float?"
Taylor looked down sadly. "Yes."
"Good! If you do that, then you can see your daddy."
Taylor him gave a huge smile. "Really!? That's it!?"
Daniel nodded. "That's it."
"Wow!" Taylor's smile then faded as he looked down again. "I'm not very good at it yet though. Daddy says I need practice. "
"Well," Daniel said. "This can be your practice. Okay?"
"Okay." Taylor said unsurely.
"Alright. I am going to go into the next room and watch you through that window okay?" Daniel said pointing towards a window at Taylor's right.
"Okay." Taylor said, still feeling a little scared.
With that, everyone that was in the testing area went into the next room and left Taylor with the vase. Taylor stared nervously at the vase. He was scared. He just wanted to go home. He decided to say a prayer.
"Dear God, please let me do this right so I can see my daddy and go home because I really miss my mommy and brothers. Amen."
He still stood staring fearfully at the vase when he heard Daniel's voice over a speaker.
"Okay Taylor, go ahead. Show us what you can do."
Taylor sighed. He looked at the vase.
"Please God."
He then stared hard at the vase, remembering what his daddy had taught him. He focused everything he had into the vase and imagined it rising into the air. He could feel his body get hot as sweat formed on his forehead. He began to breath quickly due to the strength of his power. He balled up his fists until his knuckles turned white and focused the power into the vase.

The people in the next room stood in pure awe and wonderment. They studied his vital signs. His body temperature had risen to one-hundred degrees. His heart rate too had risen.

Taylor still focused on the vase as it slowly began to rise. It rose higher and higher until it was about ten feet above the table. Taylor could not make it go any higher so he tried to bring it down. He panicked. He couldn't get the vase to move anymore. He still hadn't learned how to make his power subside slowly. They had been captured before his father could help him learn. He began to panic and let out a small whimper. Suddenly, the vase burst into little pieces, causing Taylor and the people in the next room to jump and Daniel stood in with a shocked look on his face. Taylor slowly released the grip with his fists and his breathing began to slow to a normal rate. Those monitoring his vital signs noticed that everythig was slowly going back to normal. Taylor stood in the room looking at the shattered vase. He lowered his head. He felt bad that he broke it and feared he had not done it right and would not get to see his daddy. He wanted to cry, but wanted to be brave so he didn't.

In the next room, everyone was cheering. Daniel was ecstatic.
"Wow! Did you all see that? He did that! That little boy actually did that! Do any of you realize what this means?"
No one answered. They were all too shocked.
"Think about it people! That little boy is only five years old! Think of what he can do when he is ten or even fifteen! He could lift an entire army tank! This is great! That little boy is a goldmine and he's all ours!"
One of the other men in the room spoke up.
"What do you mean by 'He's all ours?' You told that little boy he could go back to his father if he did this. What exactly do you plan on telling him?"
Daniel leaned on the table the man was sitting at.
"Listen Jake, this was your idea. I am willing to do what ever it takes to keep this child here. Besides he is five years old. What can do to fight us?"
"Did you get a look at that vase?" Daniel rolled his eyes.
"I don't get you Jacob. I really don't." And with that he went to see Taylor.

Taylor still stood on the stool trying so hard not to cry. He had to be brave. He just had to. Daniel approached him and smiled down at him. Taylor looked up to him with innocent yet frightened eyes.
"Did I do it right Danny?"
Daniel kneeled down so he was closer to Taylor's height.
"You did great kiddo." Taylor smiled.
"Great! Does this mean I can see my Daddy now?"
"Ummm, not yet Taylor. I want you to do a little more for us okay?" Daniel said sweetly.
Taylor frowned, confused. "But, you said that was all I had to do. You lied!"
"Taylor, I know you are very young and probably don't understand this but what you have here is something really great! Do you have any idea what you have here?"
Daniel smiled at his innocence.
"Yes Taylor. Telekinesis. But do you know what that is?"
"Yes I do," Taylor said confidently. "It's a special gift that God gave me when I was born for a special reason, like my daddy can read minds. I don't know what the reason is yet but daddy says we'll know when it happens."
Daniel smiled. "Yes Taylor. You're right! It IS a special gift. Do you know what that makes you?"
Taylor shook his head.
"It makes you a Gifted Child. You can do things no one else can. So that means you have to use it and work with it so that you can make it even better. And then you can do more things with it. Taylor someday, you may even rule the world with this power of yours!"
"But daddy says that God wants us to use it for good things. That's why we have it!"
"And you will Taylor!" Daniel said enthusiastically. "You see Taylor, someday, you will have great powers and do you knw why?"
Taylor frowned. He knew this man was bad and wanted him to do bad things. Daniel smiled at him.
"You will be great because you are gifted." He pointed at Taylor, "You are the Gifted Child."

Gifted Child. Taylor no longer liked being called that. In fact, he never really did because Daniel was the only one to ever call him that. If it had been anyone else it may not have been that bad. But coming from Daniel it was the worst thing in the world. He laid on his side thinking of what they would do to him. What they would want him to do now. He knew they would probably skip the vase and go to bigger things. Sure it was hard on him the first time but he was only five. He had learned to control it much more since then. He was seventeen. He knew, and he knew that they knew, that his power was much stronger. He thought about his father. Why hadn't he tried to contact him? What were they doing to him? He thought about his mother and the other kids. Oh how he missed them already. His poor mother must be so scared. All the pain, fear, and anger rose to the surface. Taylor couldn't hold it in any longer. He cried. Softly at first but soon he was crying miserably. He just wanted it all to end.


Mr. Hanson layed in his bed. He wanted so desperately to speak to his son. Taylor must think he had abondoned him or he may think they did something to him. That wasn't too far from the truth though. He wanted to hold him. To tell him not to panic. That he would think of something. He wanted to tell him that everything would be okay. However, he wasn't so sure himself. Things were a lot different now. It's like these men had anticipated their every move and had created a way to prevent them. His thoughts drifted to his wife. She had begged him not to go. Why didn't he listen. He had to be stubborn.
"Oh Diana, I'm so sorry. I should've listened. Please don't be afraid for us. We'll be okay.... I hope. Just keep us in your prayers. I love you." He said.
By now he was crying as well. If only they hadn't given him those drugs he may have been able to reach her. He felt so tired. The effect of the drug was overwhelming.
Mr. Hanson cried until the drug finally took over. He had lost his second battle. He knew it would get harder if they kept giving him the drugs. But what could he do? Taylor's safety was at hand if he fought it.

Taylor too cried until he could cry no more. Eventually, he cried himself to sleep. However, his sleep would not be peaceful. He and his father both had a long night ahead of them.

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