The Gifted Child

Chapter 6 - The Capture

Mrs. Hanson sat on her bed crying. She couldn't take it any more. She had been holding this inside for too long. She was terrified. She was afraid she would lose her husband and child again. She couldn't bear that hurt anymore. And she knew in her heart that Taylor would not be able to handle it either. The poor kid had been through so much. And her husband. He was so tough. But that was beginning to fade. He wasn't so strong anymore. Those men had slowly worn him down. And their other kids. How would she explain it to them? Isaac and Zac would take it the worst. She heard a knock at the door. She quickly wiped her eyes and stopped her crying, "Come in."
Mr. Hanson opened the door and came in. He took one look at his wife and knew something was wrong. It wasn't his power that told him this. Just the look on her face said it all. He quickly knelt down in front of her.
"Honey what's wrong?"
She looked into her husband's loving eyes, "Oh Walker I'm so scared. I don't want to lose the two of you again."
"You heard the conversation too. Didn't you?" She nodded. "Oh Diana I'm so sorry you had to see that."
"Walker I want the truth. Are you and Taylor safe?"
Mr. Hanson sighed, "I honestly don't know. I wish I did, but I don't."
Mrs. Hanson hugged her husband, "Just be careful. Please. I love you too much to see anything else happen to you."
He hugged her back lovingly.
"I promise you honey, Tay and I will be careful."
They then released and looked at each other. He leaned in and gently kissed her lips.
"I promise, I'll do whatever it takes to keep us together."
Mrs. Hanson smiled.
"You ok now?" he asked her. She nodded. "Good. Listen, um, the rain is starting to cause the yard to flood. I need to get some more sandbags."
"Are you sure it can't wait?"
"If I don't get them, the water will reach the house and we'll be flooded. I had a talk with Ike and he went to lay down because he had a headache. I was gonna ask him if he was up to going but he had already fallen asleep. So, I'm gonna take Tay and Zac to help me."
"Honey no please! This can wait!"
"Diana, sweetheart, we can't take a chance of the house flooding. We'll be fine."
"I don't feel right about this Walker, I really don't."
He kissed her cheek, "I promise, we'll be careful. Ok?"
She nodded, not liking the idea at all. Mr. Hanson smiled and got up, kissing her cheek one last time. He opened the door and looked back at her.
"We'll be back in about an hour." She nodded again and he walked out.

Zac knocked on the door and heard Taylor tell him to come in. He opened the door, "Hey Tay what's up?"
"Nothin' much. What about you?"
"I'm bored outta my mind," he said as he dramatically fell onto Taylor's bed.
Taylor laughed, "Zac, you need help!"
"Yeah, so? What's your point?" They both laughed. There was another knock at the door.
"Come in!" Taylor yelled.
"Geez Tay can you be any louder?"
"Shut up!" Taylor said and hit Zac with his pillow. They both laughed. Mr. Hanson walked in and was so happy to see them laughing, especially Taylor.
Taylor looked up, "Hey dad! What's up?"
Zac then looked up, "Hey daddy-o!"
Mr. Hanson gave him a strange look, "Well hello there Zac-my-man!"
They all laughed. Taylor shook his head.
"You both need help!" Zac then got revenge and hit Taylor with the pillow.
Mr. Hanson then spoke through his laughter, "Hey guys calm down a sec."
Taylor and Zac both suppressed their laughter. Mr. Hanson too stopped laughing.
"Listen guys, Ike's asleep and I need some help getting some more sandbags. What do you say?"
"Great! I can get outta the house!" Zac said. "I'm in."
"Tay?" Mr. Hanson said.
Taylor's smile had now dropped to a frown, "Dad, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, is it safe?"
Mr. Hanson walked over to Taylor, "Listen kiddo, we can't keep living in fear. I am not gonna let these men get the best of me and neither are you."
"But dad..."
"Listen Tay, I admit, I'm nervous too, but this has to be done. They ruined a lot of things, I won't let them ruin anything else. Will you help? You know you don't have to."
Taylor thought about it and sighed, "I'll help."
"You sure?"
Taylor nodded, "Yeah."
"Ok then. Go get your jacket. You too Zac." With that, they all headed down the stairs.


Daniel stood at the pay phone outside the store. It was pouring rain still and his cell phone had quit working shortly after he finished talking to Jacob the last time.
"Listen Mr. Grant, we're trying but things aren't looking to good. We may have to think of another way to find them." He heard a car pull into the parking lot behind him but ignored it.
"Listen to me Daniel, you get them to me or I terminate you! Do you understand?"
"Yeah I understand."

The Hansons pulled into the parking lot and pulled in front of the store. Zac made a run for it and went inside to avoid being soaked. Taylor and Mr. Hanson weren't far behind. Mr. Hanson stopped Taylor just outside the door so Zac wouldn't hear. They didn't want to scare him.
"Now remember Tay, stay close. Ok?"
Taylor nodded, "Dad. That feeling is awful strong. I'm scared."
"That is why you are going to stay close. Understand?" Taylor nodded.

Daniel finished his conversation with Jacob, "Yes Sir, We'll do our best."
With that he hung up the phone. He pulled the hood of his raincoat back over his head and turned around. He saw two people standing outside the store.
"Why on earth are they just standing there in the rain?" he thought. He then shook his head thinking were nuts. He then gasped as he got a closer look at the man. An evil smile formed on his face as he realised who it was.
"Walker Hanson." He then looked to the boy, "Oh you better be who I think you are."
The boy then looked out towards the parking lot like he was looking for something. Daniel's smile grew even more wicked.
"Taylor!" he said.
He watched Mr. Hanson pat Taylor's shoulder as they went inside. He then ran to the car which was still parked out back by the garden section of the store. He got in the car with a huge smile on his face.
Mike looked at him, "What's up? Why do you look so happy?"
"They're here!"
"What!?" All the men said.
"They're here! Get the ether and let's go!" Mike grabbed the ether and a cloth and he and Daniel got out. The garden area was open to the outside and only had plastic surrounding it. They moved through the plastic and crouched down behind the wall seperating the garden from the rest of the store.
"Ain't that a pretty sight?" Daniel said with an evil grin.
"I don't believe it. It is them!"
They could see Taylor and his father standing at counter talking to Leroy. They could hear Mr. Hanson asking about sandbags. Zac had wandered off and they didn't see him. They saw Taylor look towards the plants.
"Dad, I'm gonna go look over here ok?"
"Just stay close," his father said sternly.
"I will." With that, Taylor headed towards a plant that had a little dolphin carved into the pot. Daniel saw this and remembered when Taylor was five how he had tricked him into telling him some things about himself. He knew Taylor loved dolphins.
"This is just too easy," he said to himself.
But Taylor was still too close to his father. Mr. Hanson would see them and it would spoil everything. Daniel looked to his side. On the ground were some tiny pebbles used for planting.
"Too easy," he said again.
He picked one up and threw it into the next isle. He knew Taylor's curiosity wouldn't let him ignore it.

Sure enough, Taylor looked towards the sound. He looked towards his dad and noticed that he didn't seem to have heard it. He looked back and figured that Zac was playing a trick on him. He moved towards the sound, not liking the feeling he was getting. Something wasn't right.
"Zac?" he said a little quietly, "Is that you?"
He cautiously moved into the next isle. He realized he was out of his father's view and didn't see anyone in the isle where the noise came from. Fear engulfed him as the feeling got stronger.
"Zac?" he said, his voice trembling.
He heard a noise behind him and began to turn around but before he knew what was happening, a cloth was placed over his nose and mouth and an arm went around his waist. He tried to scream but nothing came out but muffled yells. He tried to figure out who it was but his mind was to scared. He couldn't figure out why his power was kicking in and throwing these guys off of him. Suddenly, his head began to spin. He felt extremely dizzy. Suddenly, his world went black as he went limp in Daniel's arms.
"Come on let's get him into the car!" Daniel whispered frantically. He wrapped his arms around Taylor's torso and and Mike grabbed his legs. They carried him to the car, knocking over a vase on the way.

Mr. Hanson and Leroy looked up when they heard the crash. Mr. Hanson panicked.
"Where are my sons?" he thought. He ran into the garden area.
"Taylor! Where are you!? Answer me! Zachary! This isn't funny!"
Zac heard his father calling so he headed in that direction.

Mr. Hanson looked around frantically.
"Taylor!" He turned around and a cloth was placed over his face as well. Another man grabbed him from the back. He struggled to get loose but it was no use. Suddenly, his world too went black. He collapsed into Mike's arms.

When Zac reached his father, he saw the men carrying him to a car. He quickly hid behind the plants. He gasped when he saw Taylor already in the car. Both his father and brother were unconscious. He knew he needed to do something but he couldn't face these men alone. He did the only thing he could think of. He ran. He took off out the front of the store and into the storm. He began to head for home.

Not long after he ran past the phone booth Daniel was running towards it. The men hadn't seen Zac so they did not know he had seen them. Daniel picked up the reciever and called Jacob.
"Hello?" Jacob answered.
"Hey Jake ol' buddy guess who!"
"Daniel this better be good!"
"Oh it is believe me." Daniel said with a grin.
"Well what is it," Jacob asked disgustedly.
"We've got them."
Jacob sat up in his chair, "You what?"
"We've got them. They are now unconscious in the back seat."
"Well what the heck are you waiting for Daniel? Get them back here now!" Jacob yelled slamming the phone down. He jumped up and began to dance around the room, laughing like a mad man.

Daniel hung up and ran back to the car. Leroy ran up to him.
"What the heck do you think you're doing? You didn't say anything about this! You can't do that!"
"Watch us," Daniel said as he pulled out a tranquilizer gun and shot Leroy. Leroy collapsed into Mike's arms.
"What do we do with him?" Mike asked.
"We take him with us. We can't have any witnesses or evidence." With that Mike put Leroy in the back and got in. Daniel stepped on the gas and they sped off.

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