The Gifted Child

Chapter 5 - The Danger Rises

Author's note: I lost part of the original so this isn't as good as it once was. I hope you like it anyways.
Thank you and God BLess You! Cindy

Isaac looked at his clock. Four-thirty. An hour had passed since Taylor's nightmare. He still held Zac in his arms who had fallen asleep about thirty minutes before. Isaac realized that he needed to used the restroom so he gently lay Zac on his bed and covered him up. Isaac didn't mind letting Zac use his bed, especially considering he wouldn't be using it tonight. There was no way he would even come close to sleeping after what had happened. He looked at Zac for a moment who looked so peaceful, then sighed and quietly left the room. He walked past Taylor's room and peered in. Taylor appeared to be sleeping peacefully. It had taken their parents about forty five minutes to calm him down. Isaac shook his head. He felt so sorry for his brother. He made his way to the bathroom thinking and praying for a way to help his little brother.

Isaac came out of the bathroom still thinking about what he could do. As he passed Taylor's room he heard a slight moan. He crinkled his brow and quietly peered in again. Taylor was squirming in his bed.
Isaac sighed, "Poor kid," he said to himself.
He walked in and closed the door quietly. He made his way over to Taylor's bed and gently sat down. He could see sweat on his brother's forehead and knew he was having another nightmare. Isaac suddenly remembered something their Grandmother had once told them.
"A gentle kiss and loving touch are all you need to have a peaceful rest."
He thought about it. She always did seem to help Taylor sleep better, as well as the other kids. He gently placed his hand on Taylor's forehead, careful not to wake him. The poor boy needed sleep. As he placed his hand on Taylor, he noticed he seemed to calm a bit. Isaac gently began to stroke his brother's hair. He saw Taylor relax even more but was still letting out tiny moans. Isaac decided to finish the "cure."
"Oh God let this work," he said.
He leaned in and gently kissed Taylor's forehead. He sat up and noticed Taylor looked calm now. But to be on the safe side, he still stroked his hair.

After a couple of minutes, he was sure that Taylor would be ok. Isaac stopped stroking his hair and just looked at him. Isaac then pulled the covers around his brother and smiled slightly.
"Sleep well Taylor."
He began to get up and go back to his room. However, he just couldn't leave. He felt that he needed to be in here. That he needed to be close to his brother. To protect him. He sat on the floor and rested against the bed. He looked up at Taylor and was thankful that for once he looked peaceful when he slept, rather then frightened. What Isaac didn't know was that he was being watched.


Issac woke up and realized that he was still in Taylor's room. He figured he must have fallen asleep not long after calming his brother. He looked up and smiled. Taylor was still sleeping peacfully. He carefully and quietly got up and left the room heading downstairs.

Mr. Hanson stood at the counter pouring a glass of orange juice. He looked up and saw Isaac walk in. "Good morning!"
Isaac looked up, "Morning."
"No thanks."
Mr. Hanson then put the juice back in the refrigerator as Isaac sat down. He then came back to the counter and looked at his half awake son and smiled.
"You know Taylor's lucky to have a brother like you."
Isaac looked up at him with utter confusion, "Huh? What do you mean?"
"I saw you last night. I got up to check on him and I saw you. What you did for him was the kindest thing that I have ever seen you do."
"But all I did was calm him down. How is that the kindest thing?"
"Ike, for your brother, it's the best thing anyone can do for him. Give him a peaceful night's rest and chase away his nightmares."
Isaac thought about it for a moment. He then looked to his father, "His nightmares must be pretty bad if that is the best thing for him."
"Ike you have no idea what his nightmares are like. I've seen them. They're not pretty."
"I wish I could see. Just so I could see what my brother is going through."
"You can. I can show you, but trust me you won't like it. I actually would not recommend this."
"Please dad! I want to know! He's my brother! I want to help! I have to know this!" Isaac said desperately. Mr. Hanson saw the pleading look in his son's eyes.
He sighed, "Give me your hand." Isaac did so.
"Now close your eyes, and brace yourself."

Isaac closed his eyes and waited. Before he knew what was happening, images flashed in front of him. He saw Danny laughing, yelling, and slapping Taylor. He saw men grabbing his brother and father. He saw them both get shot with tranquilizers and stuck with needles holding some kind of medication. He saw Taylor being pushed. Forced to do things he didn't want to do. He saw his brother crying out in fear. He saw Taylor lose control and the damage he caused. He saw the fear and hurt in his brother's face. The confusion and fear in his father's. The most horrible thing though was the feeling. He felt pain and fear beyond anything he had ever felt before. He wanted to yell out and run. Fear and confusion engulfed him. He saw Taylor yelled out in utter fear as a flash of light nearly blinded him. He opened his eyes and saw his father looking at him. His father let go of his hand Isaac took a moment to catch his breath. He was trembling extremely bad.
He shakily spoke, "I...Is that wha....what he dreams....every night?" Mr. Hanson nodded.
"Oh my gosh!" Isaac said. He could not believe what his brother had gone through. No wonder the poor kid never got any sleep.


"Daniel I want them in here today!" Jacob Grant yelled into the phone. It was eight-thirty the next morning and there was still no sign of the Hansons.
"Mr. Grant we don't even know their exact location and you want us to capture them and bring them to you this soon? We need time to devise a fool proof plan! We don't even have anything to capture them with!"
"Then I suggest you find something Daniel! I want them in here before midnight! If they aren't here by then, you will be terminated!" With that, Jacob slammed the phone down, making Daniel jump. Daniel slowly hung up the cell phone and sat quietly. His partner, Mike, spoke up.
"What heppened Danny? What did he say?" Danny looked to his accomplices. They all gave him expectant yet questioning looks. He thought for a moment and then let out a sigh. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills.
"Mike. Do you remember that drug store we passed on the way here?"
"Yeah," Mike answered unsurly. "Why do you ask? You sick?"
"No," Daniel answered. "I want you to walk there and buy some ether."
"Why on earth do you want ether?"
"Because Jacob says to get them and get them today! We'll wait for them to show up, grab them, and use the ether!"
"Uh, Danny, I hate to criticize, but that is not a very good plan."
"Don't you think I know that Michael! If we had the time we would have a better plan! But we only have until midnight tonight or we are terminated! So go buy the ether or I'll terminate you right now!" He said pulling out his gun. Mike's eyes widened as he quickly grabbed the money and headed out into the storm. Daniel shakily put the gun back in his holster and wiped the sweat off his forehead.
His other partner, Jerry, now spoke up, "You ok man?"
"I hate that kid! I'm gonna get that little brat! I don't care what powers he posseses! If he tries anything on me, HE will be the one that gets terminated if it's the last thing I ever do!" Daniel yelled, angrily hitting the dashboard.


Taylor felt a shiver go up his spine as he sat looking through an old photo album. He rubbed his arm trying rid himself of the horrible feeling. He just couldn't ignore the feeling deep within him. Something wasn't right. The men were getting closer, he could feel it. The fear inside him grew and grew with each passing moment. He sighed and shook his head looking at the photos once again. They were photos from his childhood. There were pictures of him and his brothers in matching outfits, singing and dancing to oldies music. He smiled at the memory. There was a picture of him on his first bicycle. He remembered how he had once fallen off his bike and broke his arm when they had first moved up here. He had been eleven. It was about one year after he and his father had escaped the second time. There was also a picture of him and his family outside of their old house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Man, how he missed that place. He jumped as a memory suddenly hit him.

He was ten years old. He had been out rollerblading for the past hour. He kept having the bad feeling but didn't see anything. He was finally on his street when the feeling got stronger then ever. He was about five feet from his driveway when he heard the screetch of tires. He turned around and saw a large, white van coming towards. He recognised the van. He turned to leave but fell instead due to his panick. The van stopped and two men jumped out. One put his hand over his mouth and pulled him into the van. He watched as the other man pulled out a gun. His parents came out and the man held up a gun ordering Mrs. Hanson to go back inside with the other children and for Mr. Hanson to come with them. Mr. Hanson told his wife to do so. She was reluctant. She refused to leave her husband and son. The man holding Taylor then put a gun to his head and said if she didn't do what she was told they would both die. If she went back inside, they both would live and be returned unharmed. Mrs. Hanson did not know what to do. She looked to her husband and felt an odd sensation overcome her.
"Go back inside," she heard a familiar voice say. She then turned and went inside, not really knowing why. The man then threw Mr. Hanson in the van and took off. Taylor was so very confused and frightened that he began to cry. Mr. Hanson knew this and convinced the men to let him hold his son.
Taylor sat in his father's arms, shaking and scared. He knew why his mother went inside so suddenly. His father too posessed a power unknown to these men. He had the ablilty of mind control. But his father hated to use it so he rarely did. And since he didn't use it very often, it hurt him to do so, giving him bad headaches.
Mr. Hanson kissed his frightened son's head and began to whipser, "Don't be frightened. It'll be ok Taylor."

Taylor jumped as he was snapped back to reality. He looked up and saw his father standing in the doorway with a worried and concerned expression on his face.
"You ok Tay?"
Taylor took a deep breath and nodded, "Yeah. I'm.... I'm ok." he said as he ran his hand through his hair, noticing it was covered in sweat.
"Some memory," he thought.
Mr. Hanson sat down next to Taylor on the couch.
"What are looking at?"
"Oh just some old pictures."
Mr. Hanson looked at his son. He could tell something was bothering him.

"Taylor?" Taylor looked up at him, "What's bothering you? And don't you dare say 'nothing.' I know something is bothering you."
Taylor looked down. He didn't want to tell his father because he was afraid he would worry him and he was afraid his father would tell him that his feeling was right. But if he didn't tell then his father would just read his thoughts and figure it out. Taylor looked into his father's eyes. He saw love yet fear. He had to tell him. "Dad? You know that feeling I get when those men are around?"
Mr. Hanson nodded, waiting for Taylor to continue.
"Well, I've been having it. And it keeps getting stronger. Ever since yesterday. What are we gonna do? We can't let them get us again! I don't wanna go with them! We can't let them get us! What are we gonna do?!" Taylor yelled.
Mr. Hanson wrapped his arms around his frantic son. He wanted so much to say something comforting but no words came. He forced out the only thing he could, "It'll be ok."
Taylor looked into his father's eyes, "Dad. I'm scared."
Mr. Hanson couldn't lie, "Me too. But I promise you that I won't let anything happen to you. Ever! Do you understand?"
Taylor nodded. Mr. Hanson then wrapped his arms around his son again. He held him there trying to comfort him, gently rocking him.

Mrs. Hanson, Isaac, and Zac were all standing in the doorway. Mrs. Hanson quickly turned and went up the stairs. Isaac then quietly pulled Zac to the back door.
"This doesn't sound good," Isaac said.
"Ike? What's gonna happen if those men get them? I don't want them to go away anymore."
Isaac grabbed Zac's shoulders, "Don't you think like that! Ever! Nothing is gonna happen! No one is gonna take them away from us!"
Zac was scared now, "Geez Ike calm down. What's wrong with you?"
"Isaac!" Isaac and Zac both jumped. They looked towards the sound. It was their father. They had no idea he had been standing there.
"Dad." Isaac said.
"Zac go upstairs." Zac obeyed his father and went up stairs. Mr. Hanson motioned for Isaac to come closer. Isaac came over.
"So what's up?" Mr. Hanson said.
"You heard our conversation didn't you?"
"Dang!" Isaac said. "It ain't easy having you as a father. I can't hide anything from you."
"Got that right," Mr. Hanson said with a slight laugh. Isaac then looked away. Mr. Hanson could sense his fear.
"Ike? Everything is gonna be just fine. Ok? Nothing is going to happen. I promise."
Isaac looked at him, "I wish I could believe you dad, but I can't. My guy says otherwise."
Mr. Hanson sighed. How could he make his family believe this when he didn't really believe it.

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