The Gifted Child

Chapter 22 - The Walk of Freedom, Sort Of

Taylor, Sheila, and Chuck all exited the front of the building as Taylor squinted in the light. The sun was behind the clouds but after being inside so much, the natural light still hurt his eyes.
After walking silently for a few minutes, the complex was a good distance away. Taylor noticed that they appeared to be in the middle of nowhere.
Suddenly, Chuck grabbed him into a headlock as Taylor gasped, "Hey kid, smile will ya?" he said as he let go.
"Huh?" Taylor said, confused.
Chuck motioned for Taylor to sit down, which he did but wasn't too sure about this as he looked to Sheila and back to Chuck.
"Listen kid, all that tough guy stuff in there, it was all just a front," Chuck said.
Taylor's mouth dropped slowly as he looked to Sheila who just smiled and said, "Told ya."
Chuck then sat next to Taylor and patted his back, "Listen kiddo. I'm not mean, at least, I don't try to be. It's just that those bozos like everyone to be strict, mean, and harsh." He shrugged, "I'm not like that. I don't think anyone deserves to be treated mean unless they are mean first, ya know?"
Taylor nodded, "Um, yeah."
"So look," Chuck added. "You tell me what you want to do and I'll see that you get to do it, ok?"
"I wanna see my Father and go home to my Mother and family," Taylor said, desperately.
Chuck sighed, "Except that kiddo. I can't do that. I'm sorry."
Taylor sighed. "It's ok. I didn't think you could. It was just worth a try, ya know?" he said, his voice shaking as tears filled his eyes.
Chuck squeezed Taylor's shoulder as Sheila knelt to him. "Don't cry Taylor. It'll be ok. I promise. Somehow, someday, you will go home. I know it. God is going to make it all better Taylor. Just have faith."
"I do. But I just wish it could be now. I miss them," he said, a tear rolling down his cheek. "Please God. Help us. I just want to go home. Please. Amen," he said as Chuck pulled him close, Taylor resting his head on his shoulder as Sheila stroked his cheek and hugged him as well.
"Thank God I at least have them," Taylor thought." And thank God Chuck isn't as crazy as I thought. This may actually be kinda...nice," Taylor thought. "God please," he continued. "I wanna go home. Please. In Jesus' Name, Amen."


"Ugh, why is that kid being so stubborn!?" Jacob said in frustration.
"Well," Daniel said with a smirk. "What plan do you have for him now, oh wise one?"
Jacob glared at him, "Nothing."
"Beg pardon?" Daniel asked, thinking he had heard his accomplice wrong.
"Not a thing," Jacob said as he sat upright and placed Taylor's file on the desk.
"We let him be and when he's rested we begin testing again." He shrugged, "Simple as that."
"You're losing your edge Jake, you know that don't you," Daniel said. "I mean, after all this time you are going to just sit back and wait? May I ask why?"
"Because, Daniel, I'm sick of him fighting us. Maybe, just maybe, if we back off a bit he'll cooperate."
"No chance," Daniel said.
"He will if he ever wants to see his father alive again," Jake said, his face emotionless.
"Well, now, that's sounds more like you," Daniel said sarcastically as Jacob just smiled coyly.


Taylor stood on a small bridge with his arms crossed as he leaned on the railing and stared out over the small lake. Sheila came up to him and placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, "Taylor?"
"I want to go home. I miss them so much. What do they want from me?" Taylor asked as he once again thought of his Mother and siblings back home as well as his Father who was God only knows where in that huge place.
"Taylor, sweetie, listen to me. These people want to learn about your power and they think they can use it to their advantage in more ways than one... ways I'm not even clear on, and I highly doubt that they'll even think about letting you go until they've gotten exactly what they want of you but if you do what they wish, you may get out of here sooner..."
"They want me to do bad things! I've seen what they want me for! I don't want to do that! Don't you understand that Sheila?" Taylor asked.
"I know that, Taylor, but if you can go home, wouldn't that at least kind of make up for it? I know this sounds awful but I know how badly you miss your family and I'm only trying to help," Sheila said, feeling terrible for suggesting such a thing but not having any other way in mind at the time. She prayed for another answer.
"Sheila," Taylor said with a thoughtful expression, "Is there any way you can contact my Mother for me? Let her know we're ok, well, so to speak?"
"Taylor, I don't know. If anybody found out where this place is it would cause some serious problems, you or your Father may even get hurt...or even your Mom, brothers and sisters."
Taylor sighed, "Please, just try and think of some way without anyone knowing. She must be so scared and I can't do anything about it. It's all my fault."
"Taylor..." They both heard a beeping noise and turned to look at Chuck.
Chuck looked at his watch and pressed a button. He then looked to Taylor and stood up, "Sorry, kiddo. It's time to go back."
Taylor looked to Sheila, "Please. Help me." He then walked passed her towards Chuck.
Chuck gave Sheila a sympathetic look as he placed his hand on Taylor's back and the two began walking back towards the complex.
Sheila looked up, "Please God. Help me. Help me to help him. I don't know what to do, please. Amen."
"Sheila!" She looked and saw her two companions looking at her. "You comin'?" Chuck yelled.
Sheila nodded as she joined the two, all the while praying God would give her the answer she so desperately needed.


Later that night, Sheila stood by Taylor's door, peeking in at him as he slept somewhat peacefully.
She sighed, "Thank God he's resting." She then shut the door and when to her own room.


Sheila sat at her desk trying desperately to think of some way to contact the boy's Mother. "Dear God, help me. What do I do?"
She thought about writing an anonymous letter but if it got traced people would find the place and someone, someone who didn't deserve it, could get seriously hurt. She thought about an anonymous phone call but that was a worse idea than the first one. Her last idea was to try and get a leave of absence and try to find Mrs. Hanson but she knew they would never let her go.
"Dear God help me. Please," she pleaded as she leaned on her hands and slowly fell into a dream filled sleep.

About an hour later, Sheila jumped straight up in her chair with a rather large, frightened gasp. She had just had the most bazaar, yet, helpful dream she had ever had in her entire life. In the dream, Taylor and his Dad stood together screaming for help. Suddenly, an Angel straight from God in Heaven came down and looked at her. The Angel then spoke..."Use your heart. Reach out to her. You have the power inside you. God gave it to you at birth, just like the men before you. It's in you. Speak to her."
Sheila thought for a moment before stood up and went over to her mirror. Her room, not having cameras, was the only place where she had total privacy. She looked at herself and prayed this dream meant what she thought.
Sheila then closed her eyes and tried to test her theory...see if her dream meant what she thought.
"Taylor?" She thought as she pictured Taylor asleep. Suddenly, it was as if she was dreaming again as she saw him sleeping in front of her before suddenly jerking awake.
"Sheila?" Taylor asked, confusion evident on his face and in his eyes.
Sheila gasped as she saw him disappear and felt herself in her own mind. She opened her eyes and looked into the mirror.
"Oh Dear God." She said. "I'm telepathic."

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