The Gifted Child

Chapter 21 - The Love We Share

"So what all did you say there was to do here again?" Taylor asked Sheila, who still sat on his bed.
"Well, there are lots of things to do. We have a stables with alot of horses in it so you can go horseback riding. The trails are beautiful. You'll love it," she said with a smile. "We also have a large duck pond that has ducks, obviously," Taylor let out a small laugh, "and some fish. That's where you'll do the fishing and you throw the fish back. There are trails to walk on. They have bicycles you can take on the bike trails...."
"Sheila?" Taylor said, interrupting her.
"Yes?" she asked.
"Are they really serious about letting me see my Father?" he said, sadness as well has hopefullness in his tired blue eyes.
Sheila took his hand, "As far as I know Taylor, yes, they are. But you do have to cooperate more, as much as you hate it, if you want to see him, you have too."
Taylor looked from her to the blankets, "Do you think they'll ever let us go?"
"I hope so. Even though I hate to see you go that is," she said with a smile trying to cheer him up.
He let out a small smile before it faded again, "I miss Mom. She must be so worried about us. The last two times this happened, she was a wreck. I can't imagine how she must feel. I don't want her to suffer anymore. She has gone through so much torture and trauma and it's all our fault," he said, tears now in his eyes as his voice cracked with depressed emotion.
Sheila leaned in and hugged him as he squeezed her tight, welcoming the affection, "Taylor, I know this is hard on all of you and I'm so sorry you must endure it repeatedly but I know in my heart that someday, you'll lead a normal life. You and your family will have freedom and finally be safe. I trully believe that Taylor. You should too."
"Normal..." he said, "I'm not sure I know what that is anymore. I'm not sure I ever really did."
Sheila pulled away and looked into his saddened eyes, "Listen Taylor, I know things seem pretty bleak right now, but someday, things will get better. Trust me."
"I know that Sheila. I know that someday things will be better. The Good Lord knows what He's doing and someday, my family will be free of this torment and lead whatever is a normal life. I just hope and pray it's soon because I'm dying to know what it's like," he said, a slight laugh in his voice. "Normal, thy quest is mine and I shall triumph," he said, trying to cheer himself, as well as Sheila, up and lightened the mood somewhat.
He looked to his only freind in this gloomy prison, "Sheila?"
"Since I can't have my Mother right now, I'm glad you're here," he said with a sad, yet somewhat happy smile.

Sheila got tears in her eyes. She had never heard anything so sweet. She didn't really have any family to speak of and always dreamed for, wished for, hoped for, and prayed for a child of her own. She knew those dreams and prayers were answered at that moment while looking into his sincere eyes. She may not be this boy's Mother and she may not have him in her life forever, but what she did know what that as long as he was here, she was like a Mother to him and she would do everything she could to make him happy and comfortable, just like a real Mother would. While playing Mother to him, she would also hope and pray that he could return to his real Mother as soon as possible and regain some sanity and stabilty in his hard lived life and maybe someday, they would all be free. Free of evil people like Jacob and Daniel. Free of pain and fear and suffering. Free of tests and tubes and wires. Free of sedatives and weakness. Mostly, just free.

She looked to him and smile, "I love you Taylor. No matter what, I'm always here for you and God willing someday, you can live that normal, happy life you've dreamed about and prayed for, for so long. Your time will come, I just know it."
Taylor smiled, "Thank you Sheila. I love you too. You're like a second Mom and even when we get out of here and the Good Lord makes my dreams come true, I still want you in my life. I didn't mean what I said earlier, you know, about you not being my friend anymore. I was so angry, I didn't really mean that."
She placed her hand on his shoulder as he continued, "Right now, you're probaly my best friend and I couldn't ask for a better one. Thank God you're here or I'd have given up years ago. Thank you Sheila. Thank you for being there and helping to keep me alive, not just physically but spiritually and mentally. I don't know how to thank you enough for that."
"You just did Taylor. All that stuff you said, made me feel better than I have for as long as could remember. The Lord chose to bless me with a child, even is he's not my own and it's not permanent. I'm getting my wish and you're it."
He smiled, "Really?"
"Yes," she smiled, "You are like my child and I will always love you."
"I'll always love you, Sheila," Taylor said as he leaned in to hug her.
"Well isn't this a pretty picture?" They both jumped at the voice, both having been to wrapped up in the moment to have heard the electronic beep and realised they were not alone anymore and that this person, did not look too happy.
"Jacob!?" Sheila said with utter shock as she stood up, releasing her friend.
"Sheila, go and get the boy some clothes," Jacob said as he looked to Taylor. "It's time for the young man to go for a walk."
Sheila sighed, "Yes sir." With that, Sheila left the room as Jacob just stared hard at Taylor.
"So," he asked. "New friend?"
Taylor looked away as he said, "An old friend actually." He then looked back up to Jacob to see his reaction. It was unreadable but Taylor had a feeling that Jacob was not too happy with him or Sheila at that moment.
"Oh. Well, that's nice," Jacob said with a shrug as he turned and motioned for a rather large man to step closer. "Taylor. I'd like for you to meet Charles. We call him 'Chuck' for short and he will be taking you outside. He and Sheila will be taking you around so that you don't get into any trouble, understood?"
Taylor sighed, "Yes sir."
"Well, Taylor, it's nice to meet you," Chuck said as he reached out his hand to shake the young man's hand. Taylor looked at him for a moment and sighed as he gave in and reached for Chuck's huge hand. The two joined hands as Chuck squeezed the young man's hand with all his strength.
Taylor couldn't help but moan in pain and look into Chuck's eyes. He shivered a bit as he saw the sinister look in Chuck's eyes.
Chuck then nodded. "I can see we're going to be good friends, you and me," he said as he slowly let go.
"Yeah. Right," Taylor said, not really sure what to think of this.
Just then, Sheila walked in and Taylor said a silent, "Thank God." He was so glad that a sane individual had just entered the room.
She sat down next to Taylor and layed a pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a pair of tennis shoes in his lap, none of which were his own.
"We looked at the sizes or your clothes and got some more in your size. You can change into those and we can be on our way. Ok?" Sheila asked.
Taylor looked at her. "Sure," he said, uneasily.
"Fine," Jacob said. "See that you behave yourself Taylor. No funny business, got it?"
"Yes sir," Taylor said, still very nervous about that giant that was in there with him.
Jacob then left as Chuck looked at him, "I'll be outside. Hurry up."
Once they were alone, Taylor grabbed Sheila and pulled her close. "Um, that guy isn't an escaped mental patient on steroids, is he?" he asked, half jokingly and half seriously.
Sheila laughed, "No Taylor. Trust me, he's not as tough as he looks. It's all just a front."
"Dear God I hope so," Taylor prayed. "Guess I'll go change," he said as he got up and walked to the bathroom, still very unsure about the day's upcoming events.
"Hey Taylor." He looked towards her, "Smile, God Loves You."
Taylor did smile and thank God for such a freind like Sheila.

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