The Gifted Child

Chapter 20 - Progress

Jacob, Daniel, and Sheila sat in Mr. Hanson's room talking to him about the possibility of seeing his son.
"Mr. Hanson, we seem to have hit a small snag in our testing. You are having trouble with your telepathy and your son has had a rather bad accident..." Jacob said.
"I thought you said he was fine!" Mr. Hanson said as he jumped up and looked at Sheila.
"He is Mr. Hanson. I promise you that," Sheila said, hoping and praying with all her heart that he believed her. Mr. Hanson looked at her for a few moments and then nodded as he sat back against the soft couch, obviously choosing to believe her.
"As I was saying," Jacob continued, "We have had some problems and we think it may be our fault."
"Ya think?" Mr. Hanson said sarcastically.
"Mr. Hanson would you like to hear me out or would you rather not see your son?" Jacob said, not in a rude manner but still it was very firm.
"Fine," Mr. Hanson said, "Go on. I'm listening."
"Thank you," Jacob said, that time with a hint of sarcasm, "Now, we have decided that we are going to lay off of you two a bit. We are cutting your dosage severely and your son will not be tested anymore for at least a week, maybe more if needed. We are also granting your son grounds privileges. He will be escorted around the premises by Sheila and a guard named Charles or 'Chuck' for short. You will get to meet this man before he takes your son out. If you do not approve of him just let us know. We'll find someone else. But, he is very friendly as well as he is strict so your son can have fun but will still have to follow the rules."
"My son have fun in this place? You really are expecting a lot from him," Mr. Hanson said.
"Mr. Hanson, please," Jacob said, "We are not trying to be the villains here. We just want to learn more about you."
"Yeah, I'll bet," Mr. Hanson said, anger welling in the pit of his stomach.
"Mr. Hanson," Jacob said, getting angry but keeping his cool, "Do you want your son to get well?" Mr. Hanson just looked at him, "Then you had better listen to us. He needs to get out and he needs fresh air. If he does well, things will be better for the two of you."
"You mean us possibly seeing each other?" Mr. Hanson said, still not really believing but praying his intuition was wrong.
"Yes, Mr. Hanson, you possibly seeing each other. But for that to happen, we need the both of you to cooperate more. A lot more," Jacob said, truly sincere.
"Just what is going to happen if my son does by some strange chance cooperate and he has another accident only worse, God forbid. What then? You just let him rest and do it again? And again, and again and again!" He yelled. He was so angry with these people. He just wanted to get his son and take him home. He had promised his son they would be safe and now, because he had no control over the matter, that promise was shattered to pieces and this was the price they had to pay. His son was now bed ridden for God only knew how long and he was stuck here being pumped up on sedatives.
"Dear God, what have I done?" Mr. Hanson said in his mind and heart. He was starting to believe it was his fault. His fault. He'd broken a promise and now they were both paying. If only he could get his son out of this mess he'd gladly take all the pain and terror they would dish out. If only...
"Mr. Hanson? Mr. Hanson!?" Jacob said. Mr. Hanson looked up and realized he must have let his mind wander. "Are you ok?" Jacob asked.
"Does it matter?" Mr. Hanson answered, his voice dripping with angry sarcasm. Jacob just raised his eyebrow as if to say, "What do you think?" Mr. Hanson sighed, "I'm fine. Look Jacob, I'll cooperate with you. But if I don't see my son soon, you can forget it. Understand me?"
"I don't think you are in any position to be making threats, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. That's a deal Mr. Hanson. It's a deal," he said, sticking out his hand. Mr. Hanson gave it a hateful look and then shook it, squeezing it until he saw Jacob's eyes filled with pain, and then let go, and smug smile on his face to match the one Daniel had given him numerous times and as if to show that, he looked to Daniel and gave the same look, only more sinister. Daniel just looked away.
"Well, Mr. Hanson, we'll see you in the lab in a few hours. Take it easy."
With that, they all left, Sheila looking to Mr. Hanson with a smile and a small thumbs up for reassurance.


Taylor had just barely opened his heavy eyes when he thought that he heard the electronic beep of the door. It was so far away though that he thought he had imagined it.
Sheila walked in followed by Jacob and Daniel. She saw Taylor laying on his side with his eyes open only a sleepy little crack and smiled a sympathetic smile knowing he probably felt miserable after his little episode during her previous visit but she hoped and prayed with all her heart and soul that what she was about to tell him would make him relax somewhat and start to feel better.
She sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook his shoulder, "Taylor?" she said gently as she touched his shoulder.
At her touch, Taylor jumped up in a dazed state and started looking around, obviously very confused.
"Taylor, honey?" Taylor looked at her with heavy, bloodshot eyes that were accented by large, black circles. The young man looked awful and apparently felt worse than he looked.
"Hmmm?" he said, sleepily.
"Taylor can you hear me?" Sheila asked, concerned. Taylor took a deep breath and nodded his head as he rubbed his tired, heavy eyes having finally collected himself enough to realize what was going on around him.
"Taylor," she said as he looked at her, "We've decided that it will be good for you to get out..."
"You're letting me go?" Taylor asked, shocked. "Well, what about Dad? Can he go too?"
"Not a chance," Daniel said cruelly. Taylor jumped at the sound of the voice and looked to the face of the awful man, this having been the first time he had noticed Daniel and Jacob were in there.
Sheila gently squeezed his shoulder, "Taylor?" he swallowed hard and looked at her, "Taylor, honey, we're not letting you go, but we are giving you grounds privileges. What that means, Taylor, is that you will be able to go anywhere on the grounds as long as myself and a security guard accompany you," Sheila said, hoping he would cheer up a little.
"I can go anywhere?" Taylor asked, seeming to be very interested.
"You bet," Sheila said, smiling, "There is a beautiful pond, stables, you can swim, you can fish, you can horse back ride..."
"Can I see my Father?" Taylor interrupted. Sheila's smile faded as she looked to Jacob. He too, sat on the bed.
"Um, no Taylor. We can't allow that just yet."
"Then I don't want to do anything," Taylor said, looking down.
"Taylor...?" Sheila said.
"No!" Taylor stated as he laid with his back to them.
"Now Taylor..." Jacob started.
"Jake," Sheila said, as she grabbed Jacob's hand before he could place it on Taylor's shoulder. "Jake, let me talk to him. Alone." Jacob started to protest but she stopped him, "Please, Jacob. Please, let me try."
Jacob sighed and nodded as he got up and grabbed Daniel's arm, pulling him along.
Sheila leaned in and placed her hands on Taylor's right arm and shoulder, while leaning over, trying to see his face.
"Sheila, please go away," he said bluntly. Sheila felt hurt but understood why he said it.
"Taylor, honey, please listen to me."
"Why should I? You work for them," he said harshly.
"Yes, but I'm not like them," she said in her defense. He ignored her. "Taylor, please..."
Taylor looked at her suddenly, making her jump slightly. He then looked away again, "Fine. What do you want?"
"Taylor, you need to go outside. You need some fresh air. It's the only way you'll get well."
"Well, maybe I shouldn't get well."
"What? Taylor..."
"Maybe I should just let myself stay sick, get weak, and..."
"Don't you say it Taylor. Don't you dare."
"Why not Sheila? It's what they want. They want to push me until I'm gone. I know it," Taylor said, his eyes tearing slightly.
Sheila turned him over slightly and he looked at her, "Listen Taylor, I know you're not too happy with me right now and I know you obviously loathe Jake and Danny," Taylor nodded in an "obvious" tone, "But Taylor, you need to trust me. I have never hurt you, at least I have never tried and I never will. You're the closest thing I've ever had to a son and I love you. I love you like my own." Taylor looked deep into her eyes so he could discover the truth. This was it. She wasn't lying. "Please Taylor, don't fight. You've got to get well. I promise you'll have a good time, ok?"
He looked towards the wall and after a long moment, he sighed deep and looked back to her, "Ok Sheila, but don't count to much on me having a good time, ok?"
She smiled, "Deal!" She shook his hand and smiled at him as he let out a very tiny smile. It was a start and, God willing, he would get well.


"Are you insane!?" Daniel yelled to Jacob, "Telling that man that if he doesn't see his son he could stop cooperating? What is wrong with you? Are you actually going to let them see each other?"
"Of coarse not! But they don't need to know that," Jacob said, wishing Daniel would get of his case. "Besides, I told you he isn't that important to us, but Taylor is."
"Uh, hello! We are dealing with a psychic here. He's gonna find out," Daniel stated in a "duh" tone.
"Not if I don't let him Danny," Jacob said, an evil grin on his once sweet looking face.
"Just how do you propose to do that?" Daniel asked, in a rude tone.
"Simple. The drugs we gave him have weakened him. Now, that's not to say he won't get his strength back but in the mean time, we can work with his weakened state. I have been studying telepathy for years. There are ways to keep one from reading your thoughts. That, my friend, is how I intend to keep our little secret a secret," Jacob said.
"What about Sheila? Is she going to know about this?"
"No way! She is way too chummy with our little cellmates and would figure out a way of telling them. No, Sheila must never know."
"But what if she does, by some strange coincidence, find out? What then Jake?" Daniel asked, wondering how this man can go from so sweet and nice to so low down and conniving the next. He admired it and wish he were the same, even though it frightened him.
"Well, Daniel, if Sheila finds out about our little plan, the solution is simple..." Jacob said as he looked to Daniel. Daniel raised as eyebrow wanting to know the rest. Jacob let out a large smile, "We terminate her."
Daniel's mouth hung open, "You are insane."
"I know."

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