The Gifted Child

Chapter 19 - Please Trust Me

Mr. Hanson, having woke up from a bad dream, was now sitting on the couch staring angrily at the TV screen. He wasn't even really sure what he was watching. His mind was too busy elsewhere. He was thinking about Taylor. He still couldn't get a response from him. The pain he got from using his telepathy had also subsided a bit. It still took his breath away but it didn't last as long.
"Thank God for that," Mr. Hanson thought.

Just then he heard the electronic beep of the door and turned his attention to whomever it was and felt a little twinge of happiness when he saw that it was Sheila. She was trying to help, he knew it. He could tell. But he worried about her. He knew she was relatively powerless against these people and could really get hurt if she defied them.
Mr. Hanson saw her walk up to him and place a tray on the coffee table, "Breakfast," she said with a smile.
"Thanks Sheila, but I'm not very hungry," he said sadly, "I'm too worried about my son."
"Well," she said as she sat on the couch next to him, "that's something we need to talk about."
Mr. Hanson sat up straight, "What do you mean? Is my son alright!?" he said, obviously worried.
"Relax, Mr. Hanson, your son is fine..."
"Something tells me you aren't telling me the truth," he said as he saw Sheila get a worried look on her face. "Come on Sheila, I'm starting to trust you. Don't blow it. Don't give me a reason to lose that trust," he said, pleadingly.
"Look, I can't discuss that now. Please just listen to me, ok?" He nodded as she continued, "I had a long talk with Jacob this morning," she said as Mr. Hanson gritted his teeth at that name, "He is going to be coming to see you later on today. He wants to talk to you about possibly seeing your son."
Mr. Hanson's eyes grew wide, "You're kidding me. Look if this has something to do with me cooperating with them so I can see him then forget it. I know they don't mean to let us see each other."
"No. No, Mr. Hanson. This time he's sincere. Look, Taylor had a little accident last night with his powers. He was pushed too far and got sick..."
"What do you mean he's sick? What kind of an accident?" Mr. Hanson said, getting furious.
"Like I said, he was pushed too far and it took a lot out of him. He is resting now and he is doing fine. Jacob agreed to give him some time to himself. A few days to recuperate. But today I had a long talk with him and he decided that he may grant Taylor some ground privileges so that he can regain his strength. Look, I can't really talk about this much. Just listen to Jacob. I'll be there too so you know he's not lying. Please Mr. Hanson, for Taylor's sake, don't fight them this time," she said in a pleading tone.
Mr. Hanson thought for a moment. He then sighed, "Alright Sheila. I'll give you this one. But if they screw up, I'll never again even think of listening to them and you can forget having my trust."
"That's understandable. Now I have to go so you should eat." With that she got up and headed for Taylor's room, leaving Mr. Hanson to think about what he had just heard.


Sheila opened the door to Taylor's room and smiled. He was lying on his back and looked so sweet and peaceful. She was glad that he was doing better. He'd had a rough night after all. She closed the door and walked over to the nightstand to set the tray down and smiled again as he shifted a little letting out a tiny moan. Sheila really did love that boy and it hurt her so much to see him in pain. That is why she was so happy so see him doing better.

Taylor slowly opened his tired eyes and looked up at the person next to him. He smiled. It was Sheila, his freind. He didn't say anything, however; he just watched her as she set his tray down.

After setting the tray down, Sheila looked at Taylor again and jumped when she saw him looking at her, "Geez Taylor don't do that. Make some noise, any indication that you're awake," she said with a smile and a slight laugh.
Taylor smiled back at her as she sat down, "How are you feeling?"
His smile faded, "It doesn't matter."
"Yes it does Taylor. Look, I know you're depressed and you have every right to be. But I have some good news for you."
She saw Taylor look at her as he asked "Oh? What's that?"
She smiled, "You may get the chance to see your Father."
He looked away from her, "When did you start lying to me Sheila. I thought you were my friend."
"Taylor, sweetie, I am not lying to you. I talked to Jacob this morning and I already spoke to your Father. Jacob is thinking about letting you have grounds privileges, which means you'll get to go outside. And it's so wonderful here. There are stables and a pond. So many things to do outside."
"What's the catch to this?" Taylor asked, knowing there was more to it.
"You will have to be more cooperative Taylor. Jacob is doing this now mainly so you can get well, but you need to be more cooperative. He really doesn't want to hurt you. Please Taylor, just think about it."
"You know, I'm really starting to think you're one of them. How could you even ask me that? There is no way I'll help them! Ever!" he said with tears starting to run down his cheeks as his body shook. "I don't trust you anymore! I can't believe you're asking me this! Just leave me alone Sheila! You're not my friend anymore! You never were! You're a liar! Just go away! Just go away..." He yelled, his voice being cut off with emotions.

Sheila's heart broke in two but she knew he was saying it because of what he'd gone through. His mind was a jumble and he really didn't know what he was saying. She leaned in and tried to comfort the hysterical young man.
Suddenly, as she got closer, his eyes became wide and he yelled out, "No! Let me go! Please! Don't hurt me anymore! No! Mom! Dad! Somebody help!" He started to kick and scream wildly. Sheila tried to grab him and calm him but he just fought all the harder. His mental state was very unstable and she knew this.

Finally, she manage to grab him in her arms and she held tight as she whispered into his ear, "Please Taylor, just calm down. It'll be ok. I promise. I won't let these people hurt you anymore. But you have to calm down. You have to understand Taylor. The more you fight these people the harder they will be on you. And this time Jacob is sincere. Please sweetie try to understand, he doesn't want to hurt you this time. Please Taylor, please," she said as she kissed the top of his head. He was shaking so bad she could hardly hold him anymore but even so, she did not let go fearing he'd fall even further into his pain.
Finally, the shaking young man looked up at her with pain filled eyes and tear stained cheeks, "You...you really mean this? You're not lying to me?"
Sheila gently pushed him down so that he was laying and she took his hand in hers, "Taylor, I have never in my life lied, and I don't intend to start now. Right now I want you to just relax so you can get well. Once you're strong enough, you are getting grounds privileges. Ok?" Taylor nodded his head, "Ok. Now, I want you to eat your breakfast and I'll come back to see you soon ok?" He nodded again.
Sheila stood up and and handed him his tray as he sat up a little. She then stroked his wet cheek, "You calm down now, ok?" He nodded. She then smiled as she walked towards the door. "
Sheila?" she heard him say.
She looked at him, "Yes?"
"I love you," he said, as a few more tears rolled down his now red cheeks.
Sheila wasn't really sure if he said it because of his mental state or if he really meant it. But she replied with how she felt, "I love you too, sweetie. Now try to eat something, ok?" He nodded again as he picked up his fork. Sheila noticed that his hands were shaking terribly and shook her head sadly as she walked out, shutting the door behind her.


About an hour later, Mr. Hanson was sitting on the couch thinking hard about what Shelia said. Just then, he heard the electronic beep again and saw Sheila enter. He smiled as she smiled back.

"And how are you doing?" she asked. "Have you thought about what I told you?"
He sighed heavily, "Yes. Yes I have. I have thought about it until my head hurts more than usual. I think... I'm going to trust you this time and do what they ask of me. And I better see my son."
She smiled, "Good. I'm glad to hear that," she said as she picked up the tray from his breakfast, the food only half eaten. "Jacob is going to be coming in here in just a few minutes. He has alot to talk about so he wants to do it as soon as possible."
"Let's just hope he feels the same about letting me see my son," Mr. Hanson said as he looked up at her.
"I hope so too. I'll be back soon." With that, Sheila walked out of Mr. Hanson's room, heading for Taylor's room again.

As she entered his room, she saw that he was sleeping again, his tray sitting on the table by his bed. She smiled seeing that he'd eaten a decent amount, "Thank God," she whispered. She new he was weak and need every bit of strength he could get.
She sat down on the bed and stroked his cheek, noticing he has a light fever.
"Come on Taylor. You have to fight. Don't give up Taylor. DON'T give up," she said, in a whisper as she leaning in and kissed his warm forehead, wishing she could take his pain away.
Taylor jumped slightly, "Mom?" he moaned. She reached in a stroked his hair and his eyes opened slightly, "Mom?" he said again.
"Taylor? Are you ok?" she said worried.
"Mom. I miss you. Help me please. Make it stop. Make the pain stop. I can't take it anymore," he said, his eyes bloodshot and tear filled.
"Taylor?" Sheila asked, getting worried.
He then closed his eyes again as he whispered, "I love you Mom. Don't forget me."
Sheila put her hand to her mouth. He was obviously dreaming about home and must have had a mild hallucination causing him to think that Sheila was his Mother.
"Oh God, help him please," she said and she got up and got a cool washcloth and returned, wiping Taylor's face and neck so that his fever would be reduced.
"You can do this Taylor. Just hang in there, and fight. Please, Taylor. Please." She was very worried about him and would have another talk with Jacob. This boy needed help because mind was very messed up and she wanted to run some tests to find out just how messed up. Was this all from fear and depression? In here heart, she hoped and prayed it was because if it was physical, this poor boy's life could take an even worse turn.

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