The Gifted Child

Chapter 18 - Don't Give Up

"Hey Sheila," Sheila looked up, it was Mel. She smiled, "Hey Mel how's it going?"
He nodded and closed the door behind him, "Can I talk to you? It's about the Hanson's."
She nodded, "Sure. What about the Hanson's?" She asked, motioning towards a chair that was a across the table she was sitting at.
Mel sat down, "Are they ok? I mean, why are they here?"
Sheila gave him a shocked look, "You mean you don't know?"
Mel smiled, "Sheila I'm a janitor. I don't know anything about anyone except that Jacob and Daniel are probably the two most irritating human beings on the planet Earth."
Sheila let out a small laugh, "Can't argue with you there."
She then got serious, "You really want to know why they are here?"
Mel nodded, "Well don't tell anyone I told you, but they are here because they each have a power that Jacob thinks can help him become someone great."
"What kind of powers?" Mel said getting extremely interested.
"Well, Mr. Hanson has Telepathy, the power to read minds. And his son, Taylor has Telekinesis, the power to move objects with the mind."
Mel was stunned, "Wow. Is that why they look the way they do?"
"What do you mean Mel?"
"Well, Mr. Hanson didn't look all that bad but Taylor looked pretty bad. And he got up so I could change the sheets and nearly collapsed."
"Mel you could have done that later, he needs his rest."
"I know and I told him that but he got up anyways. I feel pretty bad about it. You don't think I made him worse do you?"
She shook her head, "No Mel, he'll be ok. He just had a little accident today involving one of his tests. He pushed his power too far and it made him sick. He just needs rest. He'll be ok. Don't worry."
Mel nodded, "Good, I'm glad." He then looked at Sheila, "Is that why he looked so paled and sweaty?"
Sheila looked up, "Probably," she thought for a moment, "You said he nearly collapsed right?"
"Yes he was pretty bad looking."
She stood up, "I'd better go check on him, thanks Mel."
He nodded, "No problem."


She opened the door to Taylor's room and cast a long look at the sleeping boy. After closing the door behind her she made her way over the bed and looked down at him. He was so pale and covered in a layer of sweat. Although he was pale his cheeks were a bright crimson color. She gently laid her hand on his forehead noticing he was burning with fever. She began to shake his shoulder.
"Taylor? Taylor wake up! Come on sweetie wake up!"
Taylor let out a pitiful moan and slowly turned his head towards her. She saw him slowly open his eyes as if his eyes lids weighed twenty pounds each. He looked up at her with bloodshot eyes.
"Taylor are you ok?"
Taylor looked at her with his tired eyes and let out a string of incoherent mumbles.
"What Taylor? Sweetie... please try to focus. Are you ok?"
He looked at her again, "I... don't.... know," He said very slowly and with much effort. He then took a deep breath.
"It..." another deep breath, "Hurts." He said as tears filled his pained eyes.
Sheila was now even more concerned, "Taylor what hurts? You have to talk to me. Please try to concentrate. Tell me how you feel."
He shook his head gently, "Doesn't matter.... Nothing matters.... Just give up.... Do what… what they want.... Easier," Taylor said with a daze, trying to make her understand what his clouded mind was thinking.
"Taylor what are you saying? You want to give up?"
He took another deep breath, "No.... Have to.... No choice."
"Taylor don't you dare give up! You hang in there and you keep fighting. You will overcome this. Do you understand me?"
"No Sheila. Have to.... it hurts.... no more.... just do it.... they won."
He then got tears in his eyes again as he kept saying over and over, "They won," while gently moving his head back and forth.
Sheila put her hand over her mouth and she got tears in her own eyes. She knew what he meant. He was giving up. It was all just too much for him. She reached over to the table where the medication was and picked up a mild sedative. She filled the syringe and set the bottle back on the table while looking at the distraught young man before her. She shook her head and gave him the sedative. She felt a tug at her heart when he let out a small yelp when the needle entered his arm. He then gave her a look that felt like a dagger in her heart.
"Why Sheila? Why?"
At the words, Sheila felt her stomach knot up and her heart rip in two. Why? It was a good question. Why must they go through this? Why can't Daniel and Jacob just leave them alone. Why must they live their lives in fear? Why?

After a few moments she saw Taylor's heavy eyelids slowly close as he lost the battle of consciousness. Sheila then got up, went to the bathroom, wet a washcloth with cold water and came back to his bedside. She wiped his face and neck with the cool cloth and then placed it on his forehead.
She sighed, "Oh God what have we done to him? I'm so sorry." She said in a whisper. Sheila didn't leave his side. She stayed with him all night.


The next morning, Sheila opened her eyes and realized that she had fallen asleep at Taylor's side. She groaned trying to move her stiff neck for she had fallen asleep while sitting up. When her neck was loosened and she was fully alert, she looked at the young man lying in the bed. He was still resting peacefully, or so she hoped. He didn't appear to be having any bad dreams. She reached over and removed the now dry washcloth and felt his forehead, thanking the Good Lord that his fever had finally gone down.
She let out a sigh as she got up to go see about what was going on that day and give Jacob a report on Taylor's condition.


Jacob sighed and looked up at Sheila, who had just told him about Taylor's recent condition, "How is he doing now?"
"He is doing much better. His fever has come down and he's gotten a little of his color back. But Jacob I am very worried about him. Not just physically but mentally as well," she said, her voice full of emotion.
He looked up at her, "Why do you say that?"
"Because he is giving up. Have you looked at him? Look into his eyes. They are so full of pain and confusion. He looks so hurt and so lost. The things we do to him, I'm afraid they are breaking his spirit. He's quitting. Giving up. And I think it's serious this time."
Jacob rubbed his forehead and sighed a long sigh, "Sheila, I want you to keep a close watch on him. And when he is well enough, things are going to change around here."
"What do you mean sir? Change how?" Sheila asked, worried that Jacob might become even harder on the boy.
"We are going to start treating him with a little more respect. Maybe if we respect him, he will respect us and cooperate with our tests. Also, I think I may grant him grounds privileges. Maybe some fresh air will do him good. Make him feel less trapped."
Sheila's eyes grew wide, along with her smile, "Oh sir, do you really mean that?"
"Yes I do. The last thing I want is for that boy to get sick. He's too important."
"Does this mean Mr. Hanson will be able to get grounds privileges too?" Sheila asked.
"Now that I don't know about. He is a very angry man and if we let him out he may be able to over power us and I don't want to take that chance. But, I'll have a talk with him."
"How about letting Mr. Hanson and Taylor see each other?" Sheila asked timidly.
"Absolutely not. If the two of them get together God only knows what could happen."
He saw Sheila get a sad, sorrowful look on her face, "Now Sheila, you know what has happened in the past when they got together. We lost them. We can't lose them this time. They are too important. Maybe somewhere down the line once they've become more cooperative, maybe then we will figure out something so that they can talk to each other. But right now it's out of the question. They are scared. They are angry. It would only cause problems."
"I know that Jake, but let me tell you, if you don't let that boy see his Dad soon, he is going to turn on you and it won't be good," Sheila said matter-of-factly as she saw a slight twinge of fear in Jacob's eyes.
Jacob sat up straight, feeling fear in his stomach, "Sheila I know this. That is why I want to talk to them, try and make them understand. Maybe then they will be calm enough and we can work out some kind of visitations. But not yet, ok?"
Sheila nodded, "Yes sir."
"Good," Jacob said, putting on his glasses, "Now I want you to take Mr. Hanson his breakfast and check him over. Also I would like you to tell him that I will be having a talk with him about maybe seeing his son. Then go to Taylor and do the same. Understand?"
"Yes Sir, right away." With that she was out of his office and on her way to take care of her orders.

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