The Gifted Child

Chapter 17 - A New Friend?

"Jacob you have to give that boy a break. If you keep pushing him like you did today you will kill him and I personally don't want to see that happen to him," Sheila said in a firm, convincing tone, while picking up the probes which she had removed from Taylor's forehead, hoping that Jacob would listen to her.
"But he has to be tested Sheila. We can not just let this power of his run wild. You know what he is capable of Sheila."
She stood up, "Yes Jacob I know what he is capable of. But what you don't understand is that if he doesn't use it wisely it could be very dangerous for him."
"For him!?" Daniel said in a disgusted tone, "What about for the people around him. You've seen the things he's done before. He even hurt his own Aunt, he told us so when he was five. I'm telling you that boy ain't nothing but trouble. Jake, why don't you do us all a favor and put the little brat out of his misery."
He then looked at Sheila and said in a sarcastic tone, "At least then his power wouldn't hurt him anymore."
Sheila was horrified beyond belief but didn't have a chance to respond.
Jacob took care of that, "Daniel for that last time I am so sick of hearing you say things like that! That boy is of very much importance to us! The next time I hear you say we should get rid of him, I'll get rid of you! Now why don't you try doing something worth while around here! Go get Mel to clean the boy and his father's rooms!"
Daniel just stood there, ignoring Jacob.
Jacob got furious, "Now Daniel!"
Daniel sighed, "Yes Master," he said in a sarcastic, annoyed tone. With that, Daniel walked out of the room in search for the custodial worker known as Mel.

Jacob sighed and rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of a headache that was beginning to form. He felt a hand gently grab his arm.
He looked up in the worried eyes of Sheila, "Yes Sheila what is it?"
"Jacob, I am telling you the truth. If you don't give that kid a break it is going to cause some serious damage to him physically as well as mentally. He may have grown and his power may have matured, but he still is not ready for things like this. He hasn't learned how to use his power properly in situations like this. He's afraid of it. He's afraid of hurting someone so he doesn't use it unless he has to. The last time he was here and he was having trouble doing the tests, I asked him why. He said it wasn't his fault he just didn't know how. Jake you need to start him off small and work your way up. Find out his limitations. And rather than forcing him to use his power so you can see what he's capable of, why not teach him. Help him with this power if it means that much to you." She now had tears in her eyes, "Please Jacob, I don't want to see that boy get hurt. He is very sick and weak right now and I don't think that one day will be enough time for him. He needs rest and lots of it. If you give him the time he needs I promise you I will let you know the minute he is able to start testing again. Please Jacob. He needs this."
Jacob sighed and looked at the floor, thinking about what she has just said to him. A few moments later he looked up at her.
"You're not lying to me are you?"
She shook her head, "No sir, I am not lying to you. Please give him a break."
Jacob sighed again, "Ok Sheila, if it's that important that he rests, I'll give him as much time as he needs. But only if you agree to come and tell me the minute he is up to it."
Sheila nodded and smiled, "Yes sir, the minute he is ready I'll let you know. You have my word."
Jacob nodded, "Ok then see that you do." And with that he walked away to go back to his office.
Sheila sighed, "Thank God." She never stopped smiling the whole time she was cleaning up the testing lab.


Mr. Hanson lay awake in his bed facing the wall away from the camera. He had the blankets pulled up to his head so that they wouldn't be able to tell he was still awake. There's no telling what these people would do to him if they found out that he hadn't taken the sedatives. But that wasn't the most important thing on Mr. Hanson's mind right now. He still couldn't get a response from Taylor no matter how hard he tried. He was so worried about his son that he was ready to tear the door off it hinges and go looking for him. Unfortunately he knew that was a very bad idea so he just kept trying to reach his son and ignore the throbbing pain that filled his skull.
"Taylor can you hear me? Please son answer me! Taylor!" Another stab of pain shot through his head causing tears to spring into his eyes. The pain subsided and Mr. Hanson let out a long sorrowful sigh.
"Oh God what am I gonna do? Just let my son be ok. Please." And with that, Mr. Hanson let his thoughts take over as he fell into a light sleep, exhausted from the mental torment he'd gone through the past few hours.


Mel ran his card key through he slot and opened the door to Taylor's room. After putting his key in his pocket, he wheeled in his cart containing all the necessary cleaning equipment. After that was done, he closed the door and then turned around, seeing for the first time a sleeping boy. He looked at him for a second wondering why he was so pale. He shook his head.
"Just do your job Mel. Don't get involved."
And with that he took a few things off of the cart and headed to the living room section.

About five minutes later he came back into the bedroom to get the vacuum cleaner. He stopped once again to look at the sleeping boy. He shook his head and put away the previous supplies and getting the vacuum cleaner. He looked once more at the boy before heading back into the living room.

Taylor awoke to the sounds of a very loud humming noise. He lay there for a few minutes just staring at the wall, trying to get his vision to clear. When his vision cleared he realized that the humming sound was a vacuum cleaner. This made him confused.
"Why do I hear a vacuum cleaner?" He thought.
A few seconds later the sound stopped and he heard movement. As much as he regretted it, he slowly pulled himself into a sitting position.

Mel walked back into the bedroom and jumped when he saw the sleeping boy begin to sit up and look at him.
"Oh hi. Um, I'm sorry if I woke you up but I have to do this or I'll get fired." He saw the boy nod.
"S'ok," he said weakly. Taylor was now sitting completely upright except for his head, which was resting in his hands. It hurt so bad he thought he would pass out. Mel became concerned for the boy.
"Hey, you ok kid? You don't look so good."
Taylor nodded, "I'm fine." Mel nodded, deciding not to pry. Taylor then looked at him.
"Who are you?" He asked weakly.
"My name's Mel, I'm the custodian for this place. What's your name kid?"
"Taylor. Where's Sheila?"
Mel shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Probably still in the lab. Why?"
"No reason," Taylor said with a shrug. Mel nodded, wondering why he wanted to know where Sheila was. He shook it off and he then took an unsure breath.
"Um, if you think you can get out of bed for a few minutes I can change the sheets for you. If not I can just come back later."
Taylor then pulled the blankets down and put his feet on the floor. He just sat there for a minute, his head hung low.
Mel walked up to him, "Hey, you sure you're alright? I can come back later you know. It really isn't a big deal."
Taylor shook his head and, with all his strength, which wasn't much, he stood up and headed to the bathroom.
"Please hurry," he said in a pleading voice and closed the door behind him. Mel shook his head, confused beyond belief. Even so, he went about his business knowing that if he didn't he'd be fired.

A few minutes passed and Mel was nearly done making the bed. He heard the bathroom door open and saw a weak Taylor looking at him.
"Can you do me a favor Mel?" He asked.
Mel stood up straight and shrugged his shoulders, "I can try. What's up kid?"
"Can you please tell me what time it is and the day and how long we've been here?"
Mel thought for a second and looked at his watch, "It's about 11:30pm and it's Wednesday. But I'm afraid I really don't know how long you've been here. Sorry."
Taylor nodded his head, "Thank you." He almost whispered and shut the door again.
Mel finished the bed and Taylor still hadn't returned. He knocked on the door.
"Hey the bed's made. You ok?"
Rather than getting an answer, the door opened revealing a pale, sweating teenager.
"Geez are you ok?"
Taylor nodded and began to walk to the bed. He didn't get far however. His legs gave out and Mel caught him just before he hit the floor.
"Whoa! Take it easy kid. Here," Mel said as he helped the weak boy to his bed. He laid him down and threw the covers over him. "I think you should stay in bed. I don't know what's wrong but you really look bad."
Taylor nodded, "Thank you Mel."
Mel nodded, "Anytime kiddo." And with that, Mel walked to his cart and pulled it out of the room, giving one last look to the now sleeping boy.

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