The Gifted Child

Chapter 14 - The Plan

Taylor was still crying in Sheila's arms when a warm sensation came over him. It was like a presence had come and taken his fear away. He began to feel less afraid as the seconds passed. After a few moments, he realized he was still being held. Taylor sat up and looked into some of the most gentle, friendly eyes he'd ever seen. Somehow, those eyes seems vaguely familar. He noticed she had concerned look on her face.

Sheila was relieved when she felt Taylor start to relax. He sat up and looked into her eyes. He was no longer shaking and his tears had stopped flowing.
"Are you ok?" She asked, trully concerned. He licked his lips and nodded, looking slightly worn out after his cry. Sheila smiled, "Good, I'm glad to hear that." She reach up and stoked his hair.
He looked at her with a slightly confused look, "Why are you being so nice to me?"
"Because I don't like being mean," she said as she smiled again and felt good when he gave a slight smile in return.
He looked at her for a moment.
"You're different from them. I don't know why but you are. I'm not afraid of you," he said in a low whisper.
"You never were Taylor. I'm glad you still aren't afraid of me. After all that you've been put through."
He looked at her with confusion, "What?"
She took her hand from his face which she'd been stoking.
"You really don't remember me, do you?" she said with a sincere smile.
He shook his head.
"No. Am I supposed to?" he asked, genuinly confused.
"Well, no. But I'm a little surprised you don't. When you were five, you always wanted me around. And when you were ten, you told me everything. Everyone was so mad at me because you would only speak to me, and me alone," she smiled, "Made me feel pretty good to tell you the truth." She let out a small laugh.
"You were so cute the first time I saw you. Looking at me with those big blue eyes while I stuck those icky sticky probes on your forehead. You had so much trust in those eyes. I can still see it now when I look at them."

Taylor was hit with a sudden realization as a memory flooded his mind. He remembered when they first tested him. He remembered a kind, gentle women speaking sweetly to him as she stuck cold, sticky probes on him. He didn't fear her. He felt so safe. He remembered she had such a pretty name.
"Sheila!" he said with a smile.
"I knew there was something familiar about you! Oh my gosh, " He said flinging his arms around her.
Shiela just smiled and hugged him right back, feeling much love at the moment. She heard the boy in her arms say, "I can't believe you're still here Shiela. I'm so glad you're here. You're the only sane person around this place. The only one who doesn't want anything from me, or to hurt me."
"Oh sweetheart," she said as she slowly pulled him to look into his eyes, which now had tears in them again. She stroked his cheek.
"Taylor, you are a very sweet young man, and I have never wanted to hurt you or your father. But, I have to do what I'm told," she said sadly.
"Why?" Taylor asked as she stoked his cheek.
"Because sweetie, this is my job. I have no where else to go. I have to do it or they'll get rid of me. And I'm afraid to know how."
"That's not right Sheila. You deserve to be treated desent."
"I know. But hey, I've still got you. We've got each other. We can just lean on each other, like last time. Ok?" She said smiling. He smiled back.
Just then the door opened and in walked Daniel and Jacob with five really big men, "Well, gee, ain't this a pretty picture."
Taylor and Sheila just looked at them, fear growing in their hearts. Daniel looked to Sheila with a smug look.
"Sheila, get to the lab. We'll be needing you shortly."
Sheila looked to Taylor briefly giving him a sympathetic look.
"Now Sheila!" Sheila then got up and left. Daniel looked to Taylor.
"And as for you young man, it's time for some more tests and this time you WILL cooperate. Understand?"
Taylor didn't answer. He only looked at Daniel with a stubborn look. Daniel got angry as he leaned in and grabbed Taylor's left arm and squeezed it hard.
"I am sick and tired of all this defiance. You will help us or you will be sorry do you understnad me!?" He yelled into Taylor's face.
Taylor struggled to get away from Daniel's iron grip.
"Please, you're hurting me! Let go!" Taylor continued to fight but Daniel was much to strong. He felt like his arm was about to break in two. He felt his power growing. He just wanted to get these men away from him and fast.
Daniel smiled at the struggling boy. But then, his smile faded as he grabbed Taylor's other arm and shook him.
"Why do you fight me Taylor!? You can't win! Just give it up! You are OURS now and you will do whatever we say... got it?!" Daniel saw tears in Taylor's eyes with such a look of fear and hatred. Daniel's smug look disappeared when he saw something else in the boy's eyes. Something he'd seen before. Something that he knew wasn't good news.
"Taylor?" The look got stonger and Taylor's eyes widened a bit.
"Taylor no!" And with that, Daniel flew back and hit the wall, hard.
Taylor saw two of the big men coming towards him. However, they didn't get too close. Before they knew what hit them, they too flew back and into two of the other men. Taylor stood up on the bed and looked down and the other man, Daniel, and Jacob. He then looked back to the last man standing.
The man's eyes grew wide as he saw Taylor's fists ball up and he eyes squeeze into a glare. He let out a yell as he ran from the room, afraid of what the boy might do to him.
Taylor then shifted his gaze to Daniel who sat looking up at him, slightly dazed.
Daniel let out a yell as Taylor pick him up and lifted him against the wall almost to the ceiling, "Put me down you little brat! Put me down now! Do you hear me?! Put me down now!
"Taylor!" Taylor turned his head to the voice, dropping Daniel to the floor below.
Taylor focused his gaze on Jacob.
"Taylor, please calm down. No one wants to hurt you. We only want to talk."
"You're a liar! All you want to do is test me! You don't care about anything else! I'll never help you! Do you hear me!? I'll never help you! Ever!"
Jacob sighed, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that Taylor." He then reached into his lab coat and pulled out a small gun and pointed it atTaylor. Taylor gasped as Jacob felt a pulling on the gun.
Taylor tried to use his power to knocked the gun from Jacob's grasp but Jacob held tight.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you Taylor."
Taylor panicked when he saw the four remaining men and Daniel pull guns out as well. He held back his power and forced it to subside as he slowly backed up against the wall behind the bed and slid down, tears running down his cheeks.
"Now what?" He thought.
"You will do what we say, or suffer the consiquences, understand?" Jacob said, calmly, yes eerily, "And there will be no more or that. Ok? You use your powers against us again and you will be sorry."
Taylor only cried.
"Thought they didn't want to hurt me," he thought sarcastically. He was so scared, "Oh God, help me."


Mr. Hanson had been able to make another connection with Taylor and what he saw terrified him. He saw Daniel, Jacob, and four men whom he didn't know pointing guns in his son's direction.
"Oh my gosh! What are they doing?! Oh God help him! Don't let him get hurt! Please! Ow!" Another pain ripped through him as he lost the connection.
"Dear God, what are they doing to him?" He was panicking now. He felt such fear and anger coming from his son.
"That's it! We have to get out of here! Somehow I am going to get my son and get him out of this fancy prison!" He said as he hit the wall with all his might.
"Please God!"


Taylor sat on the bed shaking as Daniel approached him. Daniel turned and motioned for the men to put away there weapons and he too did the same.
"Now Taylor, I am only going to ask this once. And know this. Should you give us the wrong answer, not only will you be punished, but so will your Father, Sheila, and that nice man that we captured along with you... understand?"
Taylor nodded, still shaking.
"Good. Now, here's the question, think before you answer. Will you cooperate with us and do as we ask of you?"
Taylor looked from Daniel to Jacob and then to each man. He looked back at Daniel. Taylor took a deep breath and nodded. What choice did he have? He couldn't let all those people get hurt because of him. Plus he was too tired to argue. Daniel smiled.
"Good boy!" With that he placed his hand on the back of Taylor's neck and taylor stood up and was led out of the room. As he was led to the lab, he said a quick prayer.
"God don't let me lose control... please. Amen." He then thought of his dad.
"Dad, where ARE you?"

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