The Gifted Child

Chapter 15 - This Is Insane!

Mr. Hanson was beginning to panic as he paced back and forth in his room.
"Dear God what are they doing to my son?"
He had tried numerous times to reach his son but with no luck. Mr. Hanson knew that the drugs that he'd been given were having a serious effect on his telepathy and it angered him.
"Why are they doing this to us?" He said angrily.
Suddenly he heard a very faint, "Dad, where ARE you?"
He gasped, "Taylor?"
Mr. Hanson tried one more time to reach his son. A blurred image came to him. He saw cold, shiny steel.
"What in the world?" he thought. Suddenly, the cold steel surface slide to the side revealing a blurry image of a lab. Mr. Hanson then realised he was seeing through his sons eyes. They were taking him to a testing lab. They were going to test him again. He then saw a large object located at the far end of the room and he immediately knew what it was for.
"Dear God No!"
He felt he was losing the connection but had to let his son know he was there. Just before he lost the connection with a stabbing pain to the head, he called out to his son...


"Taylor!" Taylor jumped as he heard the voice.
"Dad?" he thought. No response.
"Dad, where are you? Dad!" He was brought back to reality as a hand firmly gripped his shoulder. He looked up into the angry eyes of Daniel.
"Problem Taylor?"
Taylor shook his head.
"N-no sir."
Daniel gave him a skeptical look. He then motion to the now opened door revealing a rather large room. He put his hand on Taylor's back and gave him a slight push indicating that he was to move forward into the room. Taylor was a bit hesitant but obeyed.

As Taylor entered the room his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. This had to be the biggest room he had ever seen. There were mirrors all around the top of the room just below the ceiling and padding over the walls and floor. There were so many different types of machines with flashing lights. He also saw many inatimate objects which he figured would be used for his testing.
"Whoa," he said just above a whisper. Daniel came up next to him.
"Impressed?" he asked in a sarcastic manner.
Without taking his eyes off his surroundings Taylor replied with, "Why is it so big? What could you possibly need such a huge room for?" Daniel motioned him forward.
"Let me show you." With that, he led Taylor to a place where there was no padding.
"Stand right here," Daniel said, putting his hands on Taylor's shoulders indicating him to stop.
"There you are," Daniel said, pointing towards a large object. Taylor's eyes widened.
"What is that!?" He asked, having a bad feeling he knew what it was for.
"This," Daniel said walking towards the object, "is a one ton steel block. You will be lifting this as one of your test. And it will be done today."
"One ton!? Are you crazy!? I can't lift that!" Taylor yelled, not believing what he was hearing. Daniel nodded.
"Oh, you WILL lift this today. Believe me you will. But don't worry, you'll be lifting some smaller objects to get warmed up. You don't really think we'd make you do something like this without warming up now do you?" he asked in a sarcastic, eerie tone. Taylor swallowed hard.
"This is not happening to me," he thought. "This isn't happening. This can't be happening. Oh God what am I gonna do?" His thoughts were then interrupted by a loud voice.
"Sheila! Get the probes on him and then get back to the computer. No small talk got it!?"
"Yes sir," she replied as she walked over towards Taylor. She pulled a table close that had a machine on it which the probes were connected to. She gave him a sympathetic look as she reached for the first one. When she looked up she looked into his eyes. The pain and fear she saw almost made her sick. He looked away quickly making her snap back to reality. She noticed he was breathing heavily and felt sorry for him as she began placing the "sticky probes" on him. A smile crept across her face as the memory of the first time she saw him once again entered her mind. So young. So innocent. So unaware of the nightmare that was about to consume his life.
"Dear God why didn't I stop it then?"
But how could she have? How could she now? Would she be able to? All these thoughts ran amok in her mind as she placed the probes on the gently trembling boy. As she finished, she sent a quick prayer to the Heavens asking that he stay in control. Turning on these men at this point only would lead to trouble.

"Sheila! Are you done yet?" Daniel yelled, frustrated.
"Yes sir," she replied meekly.
"Then get back to the computer! Now!" Daniel yelled. She looked back to Taylor to see him quickly look away. He looked ashamed. Embarrassed.
"Why does he look that way?" she thought.
"I'm sorry sir." With that she returned to the computer and sat down. She watched as Daniel walked over and pick up a small box and place it on top of the steel box.

Jacob approached Taylor.
"Now Taylor, I want you to lift that little box. It weighs fifty pounds. We'll start there and work our way up... okay?"
"What's all this we stuff? I'm the one doing all the work," Taylor said in a shaky, nervous voice.
"Just do it Taylor," Jacob said as he walked over to the computer next to Sheila. He got on a microphone and his voice was heard over a speaker.
"All personnel report to the viewing room unless otherwise instructed." Taylor got confused.
"Viewing room? They never did this before." Or so he thought. Little did he know that those mirrors were two way mirrors. To him they were mirrors. To people on the other side they were windows. Now that all those people had left, the only people still in the room with him were Shiela.
"Thank God," he thought, Daniel, Jacob, and the same five men who had come into his room earlier. He saw Jacob look at him.
"Whenever you're ready Taylor." Taylor looked to the objects in front of him.
"Oh God, help me." Slowly, the testing began.


Mr. Hanson, who was still pacing, sat down on his bed and put his head in his hands. He was still trying to fight off the effects of the drugs he'd been given.
"Come on Walker you can beat this! Fight! Do it for your son! Do it for taylor! Do it for your family so you can go home!"
He stopped. His family. His heart ached for them more than he ever thought possible.
"Oh God. What now? What's next? What are they doing to my son? Please show me! What are they doing to him?" He said, tears of anger and pain flowing down his cheeks. Suddenly, an image flashed before his eyes. The steal box. Then everything went black.
"Oh God no! Taylor!"

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