The Gifted Child

Chapter 13 - Will He Trust Her?

Daniel sat in Jacob's office with a discusted look on his face. Ever since they had left Taylor's room Jacob had not stopped talking about the occurance in the lab.
"I can't believe it! Did you see what that boy did!? He has NEVER been able to move anything without looking at it. Those straps, he made them come undone without even looking at them! And that machine! It's destroyed! It malfunctioned because it couldn't handle those massive brain waves! Do you know what this means!" Jacob said looking at Daniel.
"No," Daniel said annoyed, "Enlighten me, oh great one," he said in a sarcastic tone that Jacob didn't even notice.
"It means that his power has grown so much more than we could have ever imagined! We have to start testing him right away! I have to know the extent of this new discovery! The extent of his power and of it's growth!" Jacob said as he started to look frantically through some papers trying to recover old noted on the boy's ablility.
Daniel stood up and came over to Jacob, "Jake, do you really think that boy is going to be willing to share this new discovery with you? Do you actually believe that he will be willing to show us the extent of his power? He never has before. Why would he now?"
Jacob looked at him, "Because if he ever wants to see his father again, he will do as we say." He then walked over to the monitors to check on Mr. Hanson and Taylor. He looked to Mr. Hanson and saw him sitting on the couch with an angered look on his face.
"Now what are you thinking about? Huh? Your son?" he laughed, "Well, keep on thinking WALKER, because it's gonna be a LONG time before you see your son again," he said using Mr. Hanson's first name because he knew how much he hated them to call him that.
He looked at Mr. Hanson's face again, "Especially with that attitude."
Daniel then came up next to him and leaned on the table with the monitors.
"Do you really think that is gonna work Jake? Telling the boy he can't see his father? He knows we don't plan to let them see each other anyways. That boy can see right through us. When are you gonna realize that Jake? The kid is a pain. He's a stubborn little pain. Why don't you just give up and get rid of the kid.....permanently?"
Jacob looked at Daniel with a horrified look, "What did you just say? Daniel if you EVER say anything like that again, YOU will be the one I get rid of.... permanently," he said mocking Daniel "We need that kid. We need his power. But first we must test it. When did you start to give up on me Daniel?" Jacob asked, not understanding why Daniel would want to give up this easily.
He sighed, "But, you are right. He is stubborn and does seem to know what we really think. We need some way to get that kid to cooperate no questions asked. But he doesn't trust any of us."
Daniel then looked at the monitor, "Oh really?"
Jacob looked at the monitor of Taylor's room. He got and evil grin on his face, "Oh, and what's this?"
Sheila was sitting next to Taylor's bed stroking his forehead and holding his hand. He was squirming slightly and it was obvious he was having another nightmare. However, when she stoked his forehead, he seemed to calm.
Jacob looked to Daniel, "You thinking what I'm thinking."
"I think so. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't she the one that he ALWAYS wanted to be with the last two times he was here? When he was five he wanted her in the room with him while we tested him? When he was ten she was the only one he'd talk to? Am I right?" Daniel said smiling.
"You are very right. But the question is, will he still trust her?"
Just then they heard a scream and looked at the monitor. They saw Taylor sit sraight up in his bed with a terrifed look on his face. They the saw Sheila put her hands on his shoulders and try to calm him. They saw Taylor looking at her as if to see is he could trust her. Sheila asked him if he was ok. The next thing they saw made them nearly jump for joy. Taylor started to cry uncontrollably as he leaned into her and she put her arms around him telling him it was ok.
Jacob looked to Daniel smiling evilly, "I think we've found our answer."
Daniel smiled back evilly. This was working out nicely.


Sheila sat by Taylor's bed holding his hand. She felt so sorry for him. He didn't deserve all the pain and fear he'd suffered.
Then she realized something awful, "Dear God forgive me, I've been helping them. Even when I try to help Taylor I'm still helping them. Those cruel, heartless beasts!"
She has tears in her eyes now. She wanted to help him. She really did. But How? Suddenly, she heard Taylor moan and saw him start to shift a little. She reached over and began stroking his forehead.
"Shhh, it's ok. You're safe," she sighed, "For now anyways."
He then bagan to moan louder and shift more. She knew he was having a nightmare. Sweat formed on his forehead as she continued to stroke it.
"Shhh, Taylor it's ok."
Before she knew what happened, he screamed and sat straight up in bed, trying desperately to catch his breath. She put her arms around is shoulders, "Taylor it's ok. It was a dream. It's over now. Please calm down."
Taylor, who was shaking like a leaf, looked at her with tears in his eyes. She knew he was studying her. He looked so scared.
"Are you ok?" She asked him. Before she knew it, he leaned into her and began to cry hysterically. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug, forgetting about the monitors.
"Shhh, it's ok." She gently rocked him in her arms as she tried to comfort him. "It's ok Taylor. Everything's ok."
She had completely forgotten about everything except the trembling, terrfied boy in her arms. Right now, the only thing she cared about was getting him to calm down and feel safe.
"Shhh, Taylor, sweetie it's ok. Please try to relax." But nothing she said seems to get through to the poor boy. He was way to shaken up.
"Dear God please help him," she thought. "What do I do?"
She was so desperate to help the poor boy. She too had begun to cry. Now, she wasn't just trying to comfort Taylor, but herself as well.
"It'll be alright. It's ok. Shhh" But what she didn't know, what she didn't realize, was that it was not ok. And pretty soon, she'd find out why.


Mr. Hanson sat on the couch in his room with his head in his hands. He had been trying for what seemed like forever to contact his son but to no avail. He sighed as he rubbed his now aching head. The drugs were really messing up his power. He was beginning to think they were intentionally making his power usless. But that didn't stop him. He sighed as he once more tried to contact his son.
"Please God," he whispered. He went into his mind and tried desperatelyto reach his son.
Suddenly, his mind filled with horrible images of the men who held them here. He immediately recognized it.
"Taylor's nightmare!" he said. Then everything went to black and a rush of pain and fear came over him. Mr. Hanson began to get tears in his eyes.
"Oh God, he's hurting. He's so scared!" He then saw a blurry image of Taylor crying into a women's arms.
"Taylor!" A sharp stabbing pain then rushed through his mind and he lost the connection. A few seconds later, the pain subsided and Mr. Hanson regained his composer. He took his head from his hands and looked around the room, tears in his eyes.
"Oh Dear God," he said in a whisper, "What are they doing to him? What are they doing to my son? Why is he hurting? Why God? Why?"
Mr. Hanson couldn't stand it. He broke down and cried. He was so worried about his son. He felt so helpless. Like he was letting his son down. Like he'd given up to easily. He did the only thing he knew he could do at that moment to help his son, he prayed.
"Lord, give me strength. Help me to overcome this. And please God, help my son. Make him feel safe. Please God. Please."
Suddenly, he felt a strange sensation come over him. He felt a strong wave of determination overpower him. His tears suddenly stopped.
"As God as my witness, I won't let them do this to us. I won't let them tear us apart. I have to be strong. Hang in their Tay, just hang in there. We'll get out of here. Somehow. Just hang in there. Have faith son. Just have faith."

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