Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 3 - Taylor's POV

As the light cracked through the window, I began to wake up. I stopped mid stretch with my eyes still closed, noticing that the bus must have stopped moving. As I opened my eyes, my vision was so incredibly blurred that I thought sure I was going blind until I realized something, I wasn’t on the bus. I squinted my eyes, trying to scan the obvious bedroom I was in instead of the bus or a hotel room. I glanced down at the floor, almost ready to have heart failure when I noticed a bra lying there.
* OH GOD!…* I thought.
*Did I? No…no…when I went to sleep, I was on the bus…what the HELL?!*
I put my hand to my head to try and settle my rattled brain.
*It’s got to be a joke…Ike and Zac…* I thought but stopped when I glanced at my arm.
“Woah.” I muttered, noticing how thin it was. Suddenly, I looked down.
“I HAVE BREASTS!” I yelled, then gasped, hearing my voice come out only…it wasn’t my voice, it was girls’ voice.
“AGHH!” I screamed and jumped out of the bed as fast as I could, tripping over shoes and various other items.
“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” I yelled but was interrupted as I skidded to a halt in front of a woman in what seemed the kitchen of a house.
“Phyl! What are you screaming all about?” She asked sternly.
“I…I…who ARE YOU! PHYL? WHOSE PHYL?!” I said in a panic. She just narrowed her eyes at me and shook her head.
“Funny, now would you go and get ready.” She said.
“What?” I said, wide eyed, my heart racing.
‘For work. Your shirt it hanging on the door.” She answered and turned her back on my to walk out of the room.
“I…I can’t believe this…this…this is not happening to me.” I said, pivoting all around.

“Okay Taylor, calm yourself down, it’s…it’s just a dream…yeah…that’s it. It’s a dream. I just have to pinch myself and everything with be fine.” I held my hand up noticing how small it was and the long fingernails. I shook my head and finally pinched myself hard in the arm.
“OW!” But to my lack of luck, nothing had changed. I walked back to the bedroom, suddenly feeling totally off balance being that I was almost a foot shorter than my normal height.
“C’mon! You can’t be late!” The woman yelled from the other room, making me jump where I stood. I turned to see an open door in front of me, which obviously was the door to the bathroom. As I entered, I noticed the mirror above the sink. I took a deep breath and finally looked at my reflection…only to have my jaw drop practically to my knees.
“I’m…I’m that girl…at the meet and greet.” I muttered with a wide eyed look of surprise plastered on my now female face. I moved in closer, to get a clearer view of myself and stopped. I pulled my bottom eyelid down and looked at my eye.
“Blue eyes? But…she had green eyes…” I said to myself. I shook my head, feeling exasperated. What the hell was going on…
“Are you gong to take a shower and get ready or do I have to drag you out of the house in your pajamas?” The woman, I suspected to be her mother, said as she looked at me with her hands on her hips.
“I…I…I will…uh…mom.” I said, feeling nervous.
“Good.” She said and exhaled as she left the hallway. I closed the door, locking it and looked all around.
“Oh god…a shower!” I said, closing my eyes and grimacing.

I shed the clothes I had on and let them fall to the floor. I kept my eyes shut, not looking at myself at all as I stepped into the shower.
“I can’t believe this is happening to me.” I whispered to myself as I let my new body relax under the warmth of the water. I stopped suddenly, opening my eyes.
“Where exactly does she work?” I thought, narrowing my eyes. I shook my head as I finished up in the shower, avoiding looking at myself at all costs. I stepped out and looked in the mirror again, at my face.
“Now what?” I said, quickly looking all around the counter tops.
“Oh no…” I said, scowling as I focused my attention on the supply of makeup sitting in the corner. How the hell was I going to do this?

I grabbed what seemed to be some powder and opened it up, looking at its contents.
“If I were a girl…how would I do this?” I said to myself.
“HELL! I am a girl!” I thought miserably. I took out the applicator and swiped it along a neutral color and brushed it on my eyelids.
“Okay…that looks…uh…I don’t know.” I said, scrunching my eyebrows. I looked over and grabbed some sort of black pencil and read the side.
“Eyeliner?” I shook my head and went to work, poking myself several times.
“GOD! This is just torture!” I said angrily and threw the thing.
“Okay…this is all that I can take.” I said and walked out of the bathroom.

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