Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 2 - Phyllis' POV

I was just so rigid as he approached me. I must have been expecting him to walk passed but like all ‘stars’ he had to greet each and every fan. When I did look up, he had his hands stuffed in his pockets, almost like a child, but his face showed confidence. If only I could be some else. To have that confidence would be…well…normal. As soon as I responded, he did something that I never thought someone of his fame would do…he stammered. I had the undying urge to say something to the effect of…’Oh my god…you ARE human’ but was cut off when one of the little teeny freaks walked up behind him, prepared to bombard him with stupid requests and fake compliments. As soon as he turned to ‘do his duty’, so to speak, I had that feeling of fleeing but knew I had to stay put. When he asked my name, I of course had to be an ass and ask why. You know…test the waters. He startled me into saying he was interested. Interested? Interested in what I wanted to as. Interested in knowing if I was a potential stalker? Interested in knowing if I had a route of escape? At this point it seemed my insides were burning until I actually told him my name. Really, what was the harm, he was never going to see or hear from me ever again right?

If startling me by saying he was interested in knowing my name wasn’t enough, extending his hand just shocked me into total bewilderment. ‘But why?’ I thought. Why would HE want to shake MY hand? DUH! It’s part of the gig. Pretend to be interested in the nobodies that make you a somebody. Might as well grin and bear it, knowing that within a few seconds, I and all the rest of these ‘no-name faces’, would be forgotten about as soon as the door opened.

So I shook his hand, but the after effect was almost surreal. If this doesn’t sound cheesy, than I don’t know what does but it seemed like an electric charge had passed through us all in that one handshake. I knew that I had to stay calm so as to not act like a dumbass but I knew he had felt something too but the look on his face. Those blue eyes were incredibly large as if someone had just scared him half to death but he quickly composed himself, slapped a smile on his pretty face and went to another topic…group photo.

So all was forgotten about as I passed through the realm of ‘God-dom’ known as meeting Hanson to my every day world of being Phyllis, as I walked out the door. Suddenly, I felt dizzy, feeling like the room was spinning and I was too.

“Phyl?” I looked up to see Manda, my friend, looking at me with a confused and worried expression.
“What?” I said, putting my hand to my head.
“You all right?” She answered.
“Just…just tired. I just need some sleep…you know…long day.” I said, grinning like an ass.
“All right.” She said and turned to walk away. Suddenly, I took off my glasses, noticing my vision seemed clearer. I shook my head and replaced my glasses but only felt queasy with them on. I opted to go without them.
“C’mon, let’s get you home…you really look tired, plus I gotta work tomorrow morning.” Amanda said, glancing at me.
“Yeah…sleep sounds good.” I smiled.
Sleep…sleep was all I needed and everything would be fine…

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