Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 4 - Phyllis' POV

I slowly opened my eyes, seeing that it was dark.
"Jeez…why do I feel so nauseous?" I thought as I looked through the darkness. As soon as I attempted to sit up, my head hit something hard and I grimaced in pain, immediately putting my hand to my injured head.

"WAKE UP!" I yelled, as what seemed a curtain alongside my bed was violently thrown back and an unknown face was in mine. I blinked rapidly, noticing that my vision was so clear, I didn't need my glasses.
"C'mon, get up." The face said. I was just about to say something when I recognized who it was.
*Isaac Hanson?!* I thought, with wide eyes. My mouth immediately started moving but no words came out.
"You look like a fish, come on bro, get up." He grinned.
*Bro? What the hell…* I suddenly looked down and almost screamed.
*Where are my breasts?!*
"Dude…you all right?" Isaac said, narrowing his eyes as he looked at me.
"Why do you keep calling me that…" I immediately shut my mouth when I heard someone else's voice filtering through. I looked down then back up at Isaac.
"AGHH!" I screamed, making the eldest Hanson brother, fall on his butt in shock.
"Jeez Tay! What the heck!" He said angrily.
"I…I'm…not Taylor! I'm not! I'm Phyllis!" I yelled, jumping out of the bed, feeling totally off balance and off center, especially being almost a foot taller than what I am normally.
"Identity crisis much?" I turned around to see Zac Hanson looking at me while munching on a donut. With that, both him and Isaac started laughing.
"So Tay, whose Phyllis?" Zac smiled a devilish grin.
"I'm Phyllis you ass!" I hissed. He backed up, looking at me and stopped smiling, then rolled his eyes.
"You're cracked." He muttered. I sighed and put my hand to my head.
"You…you don't understand…" I began to say until I looked up and caught my reflection in the window. I couldn't believe it. I walked closer, jaw dropped and eyes wide as I stared at myself.
"I'm…I'm…I'm Taylor Hanson…" I whispered. I turned quickly.
"Bathroom! Where's the bathroom?!" I yelled.
"Right there!" Isaac yelled back and pointed. I bolted and went inside the bathroom, looking at my reflection in the mirror.
I'm Taylor Hanson?! I slowly made my way out of the bathroom, totally dumbfounded, only to find both his brothers sitting there, staring at me.
"Tay…you sure you're all right?" Isaac said in a concerned voice. All I could do was nod. Suddenly, Zac got up and walked over to me, eyes narrowed.
"Since when do you have green eyes? Did you get contact lenses?" Zac said, looking directly in my face. I just held my breath and stared at him.
What was I going to do? I was in a guys body…not just any guys body though…Taylor Hanson's. I slumped down in the chair and sighed as I began to shake my head. Both brothers stared at me as if I was a caged animal in a zoo, for display. I crossed my legs and put my head back. When I looked forward again, they were still staring.
"What!" I said angrily.
"Uh…why are you sittin' like that…" Isaac questioned.
"Cause it's comfortable." I grumbled.
"But…girls sit like that…" Zac began to say.
"Your point is what exactly?" I said, gritting my teeth at him. He just looked at Isaac and Isaac looked back.
"By the way, you better get ready…our photo shoot is in half an hour." Isaac suddenly said.
"HALF AN HOUR! What about my makeup…and my hair!" I yelled and jumped up again. Both sat there with wide eyes and once again began to laugh.
"Our brother the drama queen." Zac whispered and began to giggle.
"Shut the hell up!" I ground out. I ran back into the bathroom, locking myself in. I stopped and took a deep breath.
"Oh no…I just told Zac and Isaac Hanson to shut the hell up! Good going Phyllis…jeez!" I said to myself and hit my head on the wall defeatedly. I looked back at my reflection in the mirror and sighed. I looked through the cabinets and found the hair gel and brush and attempted to style his hair, which in my opinion was fine the way it was.
"This is just…just weird." I said as I finally finished primping which took the grand total of five minutes. I stepped out of the bathroom and looked all around for his brothers but saw they were sitting with someone.
"Who is that?" I thought, noticing an older man, about middle age with dark hair, playing cards with Zac while Isaac was using the laptop. I suddenly felt nervous for some unknown reason.
"Hey Tay, sit, play some cards with your old man." The man grinned as he looked up and locked eyes with me.
"Old Man? His father!" I thought in a panic.
"Uh…not thanks Mr.…I mean…dad." I stammered. He narrowed his eyes at me.
"You all right?" He asked, making both Zac turn and Isaac look up from his screen.
"Uh…yeah…" I began to say.
"Oh…he thinks he's some girl named Phyllis…that's all." Zac grinned, making Mr. Hanson look at me harder.
"You think you're a girl named Phyllis?' he asked, raising an eyebrow. I sucked in a shaky breath.
"Good one Tay." He suddenly laughed as he shook his head and looked back down at his cards.
"Gin!" He smiled at Zac.
"Dang! I never win!" Zac complained and folded his arms.
"Try again when you're older." Mr. Hanson grinned and glanced at me again.

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