Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 1 - Taylor's POV

I swallowed and took a deep breath as the door opened. Although I always smiled through it, I always was nervous during our meet and greet sessions. I had the undying urge to just flee and never turn back but I knew that this was what came along with fame, the actual fans that made you famous. I know many thought that by appearing last, I was trying to go for affect, but really, I was just scared out of my mind and with just cause. Think about it, you just walk down the street and your bombarded with ‘I love you’s’, ‘marry me’, ‘can I have an autograph’. You can’t really breathe.

I watched as the room swelled with young female bodies, almost all scantily clad with their ‘backstage pass sticker’ worn proudly on their chests. I internally rolled my eyes as I plastered on one of my fake ‘I’m so incredibly happy’ smiled and went about shaking hands, saying hello and taking unwanted pictures of myself with these totally over exuberant fans. If only I could just be someone else. I stopped suddenly when I saw a body in the corner of the room, waiting very quietly as everyone got their chance. She wasn’t looking at me, but at the floor, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I couldn’t help but stare. Surprisingly, she was dressed conservatively with a pair of jeans, holes at the knees and a black turtleneck that was about a size or two too big for her small frame. She lazily brushed a strand of dirty blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear. She was just so casual about it, like she was just waiting for a bus instead of meeting her ‘idol’. I immediately began to walk towards her, ignoring the others. I knew my brothers could handle them without my help.

“Ahem.” I said, clearing my throat as I stood in front of her, putting my hands in my jeans pockets. She looked up then narrowed her green eyes, which sort of scared me. I suddenly had the thought cross my mind…
*Maybe she’s that silent stalker type…*
“Uh…hi.” I said, immediately scratching the last idea.
“Hey.” She said and looked at the floor again.
“Uh…I…” I stammered feeling like a total idiot. Normally when their quiet like that, it’s because their excited but she just seemed a normal quiet.
“I think someone wants your autograph.” She suddenly said and looked up, catching me in her green eyed gaze, then glanced over my right shoulder.
“Oh…uh…yeah.” I grimaced and turned around for only a minute to sign some ten-year old girls’ poster. When I turned back around, she was looking at the floor again.
“Uh…what’s your name?” I asked, quite surprised that I actually said it aloud.
“Why?” She said, looking up and narrowing her eyes again but I noticed the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned.
“I’m interested.” I smiled. Suddenly she grinned which startled me.
“Phyllis.” She answered with a quiet laugh.
“It’s nice to meet you Phyllis.” I said, extending my hand. Her grin faded and she stared at my hand for a few seconds.
“It’s nice meeting you too.” She said and looked up again, staring directly into my eyes. She put out her hand. I glanced down at it as I grabbed it. I stopped when I could feel a tingling sensation go right through my fingers, up my hand and my arm.
“Well…uh…time to take a group photo.” I grinned despite the obvious weird sensation now pulsating through my body. I stared at her, unable to move.
“You all right?” She asked, putting her hand on my shoulder, sending more impulses to run through me.
“F…Fine.” I grinned, then took her by the hand and dragged her to the group of fans and stood her nest to me, putting my hand on her hop as the photographer took our picture. I suddenly felt dizzy and light headed as the group was ushered out and I was left to stand there with Ike and Zac.
“Well, that over, let’s get back to the bus so we can head on out.” Ike said, but I kept standing there, staring off into space.
“Tay? Did you hear me? You all right?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said with a smile as I lied through my teeth. I certainly wasn’t all right. My vision was blurring and that dizzy feeling was getting worse. We walked out into the chilly night air and ran to the awaiting bus, which of course was surrounded by fans. I just couldn’t bring myself to wave at them. I just wanted to go to sleep.
“Are you sure you’re all right?” Ike whispered as we finally got on the bus safely and I sat down.
“Just tired…I…I need some sleep, that’s all.” I answered and put my hand to my head.
“Sure…okay.” My older, over protective brother said apparently not believing me. I narrowed my eyes at him and climbed into my bunk, not even bothering to change my jeans and t-shirt.
Sleep…sleep was all I needed and everything would be fine…

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