Fate's Child

Chapter 8

I let my eyes close but I didn’t let myself go to sleep…even if I tried. I was in control…I had to be. I could feel his clothes brush against me as he moved to my friends. I could hear his voice resound in my head again but this time is was meant for Holly and Amanda. I opened my eyes slightly and could see out of the corner, both my friends being put into hypnotic trances. I had to play along. I quickly shut my eyes again when I could feel he was getting nearer to me again.
“You…walk forward.” He commanded me. I did as he said, making sure to look believable.
“Walk towards Taylor.” I did as he said and stopped about a foot away from him. Taylor looked up at me with the saddest eyes. They were threatening to cry and I myself felt I was going to do the same. He actually believed that I was under Leviathan’s control and was going to destroy him. He lowered his eyes and directed them to the floor.

“KILL HIM!” I could hear his voice bellowing. My eyes flew open and I looked down at Taylor. He looked up with wide eyes at me.
“Phyllis…Phyllis…I love you…” I could hear his voice pleading with me. He didn’t even have to open his mouth. His eyes said it all. I let a tear fall and he looked at me with a startled look.
“I love you too.” I answered and gave him a slight smile. He slowly reached his hand to mine and touched it slightly.

Suddenly, a surge of energy flowed from his fingertips to mine, making me feel unbelievable. My eyes flashed and I almost thought I was going to fall from the intense sensation. I swung around fast and stared at Leviathan with my eyes blazing green.

“WHAT!” He yelled angrily.
“I WON’T!” I screamed.
“KILL HER!” I could hear him yell and turn to my friends. Immediately Amanda and Holly looked up. Amanda’s eyes flashed purple and Holly’s flashed dark blue.
“NOW!” He screamed.

With one unbelievable blast, I fell to my knees. I looked up and found that it had come from my own friend, Amanda. She moved forward with her hands outstretched, expressionless.
“AMANDA!” I yelled.
“I SAID KILL HER!” He screamed at Holly. I glanced over at her and could see that she stood their motionless.
“KILL HER!” he screamed louder. Nothing, she still stood there. Amanda on the other hand kept moving forward. Once again she let go of her energy but I had managed to avoid getting hit.
“AMANDA! YOU CAN’T DO THIS! I’M YOUR FRIEND!” I yelled at her, hoping she would realize what she was doing. She shook her head slightly, but kept going, moving closer and closer, blasting at me every so often.
“PLEASE…Manda…” I said as I was struck once in the stomach, sending me to double over in pain. Any power I thought I had still in me felt as if it had totally escaped my being. She stopped suddenly and twisted her head and looked at me, allowing her eyes to go normal for what seemed a second.
“Ph-Phyl?” She stammered.
“MAN!” I yelled.
“KILL HER!” Leviathan’s voice bellowed once again. I looked and could see a smiled cross his lips, still allowing me to see his gleaming white fangs.
“I will make you one of my own if you destroy her…” I heard him say through her mind.
“No he won’t. Man, you have to listen to me…don’t do this!” I looked at her and noticed she seemed to be battling with in herself.
“Please man…please…” I pleaded.
“Amanda, she’s your friend, Holly’s your friend…I’m-I’m your friend…” Taylor voice suddenly came out and echoed through our heads.

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