Fate's Child

Chapter 7 -

I flew backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thud. I felt like every bone in my body was broken.
“OH GOD! PHYL!” I could hear Amanda and Holly yell as they ran to me. I felt like I couldn’t move, like I was paralyzed. I opened my eyes and could feel a shock of pain run up my spine with every breath I took. I looked up and could see my friends looking down at me.
“Phyl…are you all right?” Amanda said as she attempted to lift my head.
“AGHHH!” I screamed, feeling the pain take over my body as she attempted to help me.
“I…I can’t move.” I cried, letting tears run down my face.
“Get…get…” I began to stammer through tears.
“Phyl…what do you want?” Holly asked, searching my face with her eyes.
“Taylor. Save him…” I said, letting my voice crack. I couldn’t even lift my head to see him. I watched and could see Amanda stand up and look straight ahead.
“Please Man…help him…” I pleaded. She looked back down at me sympathetically.
Suddenly, I could feel my head snap back from the pain as I writhed on the floor.
“AGHHHH!” I screeched.
“Phyl…” I could hear Taylor’s voice from only feet away. I arched up, practically doing a bridge with my body as I could feel myself start to heal.
“Phy…Phyl…” Holly said with wide eyes as green light shot from my eyes, making them glow iridescently. I could see my body start to levitate and it felt so natural as I could feel a gently warm feeling permeate through my body, mending wherever there was damage. I growled almost like a wild animal as my teeth elongated and I was lifted into a floating standing position. My friends looked at me with astonishment as I stood above them, on air. I looked around and could feel my arms lift almost on their own.
“Phyl…” I could still hear his painful voice calling for me. I could finally see him, staring up at me, crying.
“Taylor…” I whispered.

“So…you seem to think that you can get him out of this…” I could hear a commanding voice bellow from the right side of me. I could feel my body give out and I landed on the floor on my hands and knees. I looked over and could see the same dark figure staring at me.
“WHO ARE YOU!” I screamed as I threw my hair back, out of my face.
“None of your business.” He smiled maniacally.
“TELL ME!” I growled, attempting to hide my teeth as best as possible.
“All right…I’ll tell you…it’s not like your going to know it for very long. I am Leviathan, the father of all the dark children including your love over there.” He smiled and with one movement of his hand, I could see him send a blast at Taylor, causing him to scream out in agony.
“STOP!” I yelled, as I looked over at Taylor and could feel myself start to cry.
“Sorry…He must be destroyed. You see…he is what is known as Fate’s child. The destruction of our race.”
“NO HE’S NOT! He doesn’t know anything about this!” I yelled.
“Apparently you don’t know as much as you thought about him now do you.” He smiled as he walked slowly over to Taylor. He took his face in his hand and looked back at me.
“What a shame. She is very pretty Taylor. I’ll just have to make her one of my own. Maybe I should let you see as she goes under my control.” He smiled and with one swift move, hit Taylor with such a force that he was sent backwards. He didn’t have far to go before the chains that held him pulled him back. I watched as he gritted his teeth in pain.
“I don’t think so!” I said angrily. He turned to look at me and smiled again. I knew the girls were behind me but were far enough away that they would be shadowed and hard to see.
“Oh and you two might as well show yourselves.” He said confidently. I caught my breath as he brought his hand forward and beckoned them forward. I turned fast and could see both of my friends moving involuntarily towards us.
“STOP IT!” I yelled.
“Leave them alone.” I said angrily as I clenched my fists.
“QUIET!” He said as he turned and looked at me.
“They have nothing…”
"They’re here aren’t they. They certainly have something to do with this. Let’s see…you have a deep seated hatred now don’t you…” He said, turning and looking at Amanda as he pulled her forward.
“Your hatred stems from jealousy and fear.” I looked at my friend and watched as her mouth dropped open and her eyes went wide.
“Wha-what?” She stuttered.
“You heard me. Your hatred is directed towards him isn’t it? You are afraid that he’ll take your best friend away from you and you’ll never see her again…like before…” He smiled.
“How…how did you know that?” She stammered.
“ I can read your thoughts. You don’t even attempt to hide them…witch!” He smiled, allowing us full view of his canines, gleaming. I stared at Amanda in confusion. She didn’t even look at me. She couldn’t. It was like she was ashamed.
“Man…is that true?” I asked with questioning eyes.

“And you…I know you’re hiding something but I can’t tell what. It has something definitely involving Taylor now doesn’t it?” Leviathan smiled as he brought Holly forward.
“But you…you hide your thoughts well, keep them hidden by the darkness in your mind. You know more than what you let on.” He said, bringing her closer.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Holly said defiantly.
“Oh…but I do. You’re a secret within yourself.”
“ENOUGH!” I yelled. He looked at me and suddenly his eyes flashed red.
“And you…you the faithful yet ignorant lover…he leads you around and you allow yourself to fall in love with a murderer…” He laughed.
“HE IS NOT!” I screamed. I looked down at Taylor and he let his head drop so that his hair covered his face.
“See, he’s even ashamed of himself…of what he is.”
“He didn’t choose to be a vampire…he was made to be one.” I said, gritting my teeth.
“Enough talking…” He smiled as he moved closer and closer to me. He stared into my eyes. They flashed red again and I could tell he was going to do something.
“Maybe I should allow you to be the one to get rid of him.” He smiled.
“I would never hurt him!” I said angrily as he reached a hand and slid it along my face.
“But you have…remember. The night in the cemetery…” he smiled as he moved his face closer to mine.
“That…that…that was different…” I stuttered, wide eyed.
“How much different?” He smiled. I slowly could feel my eyelids grow heavy as if I wanted to fall asleep.
“Sleep…sleep…” I could hear his voice in my head.
“NO!” I screamed and tried to get myself to wake up.

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