Fate's Child

Chapter 9

I glanced over at Holly and I could see she was slowly starting to come out of her trance. Amanda still didn’t quite know what to do. Leviathan stared at us coldly and clenched his fists.
“I SAID KILL HER!” He bellowed. Suddenly, Amanda collapsed to the floor, holding her head in pain. She couldn’t handle it, having all these people talking at her at once, commanding her to do the opposite things. I glanced over at Holly and could see she was walking slowly behind Leviathan. She looked at me with a quick look and then back at Amanda sympathetically. I looked back down at Amanda and could see she was crying silently to herself. With the quick motion of a stage magician, Holly had struck the back of Leviathan’s skull causing a momentary diversion to the current situation. Leviathan turned around fast and stared at Holly with his eyes wide in shock.
“WHAT THE HELL…” He yelled. I quickly looked down at Amanda and she looked up at me.

“Amanda…Amanda…go towards Taylor…” A voice suddenly came out of nowhere, making us both jump in our spots.
“Who, who was that?’ I whispered.
“I don’t know…” Amanda said, choking almost.

“Amanda…you must make the link…you must…go to Taylor…” The voice sounded again. I looked back down at her and she nodded slightly. I looked back over at Holly and could see she wasn’t having very good luck with Leviathan at the moment. He had her pinned up in the air by her throat with her legs dangling.
“He-help…” She choked.
“Hol…” I whispered. I blinked hard as a tear escaped down my cheek, looking at my friend who desperately needed my help. I turned my head once more and looked to see Amanda and Taylor sitting next to each other. They glanced back up at me.
“JOIN HANDS!” The voice screamed. Amanda and Taylor did just that.

Suddenly, I could feel a surge of energy flow throughout my body that I never had felt before. I threw my head back as slowly my body began to levitate. I opened my mouth and could feel my canines beginning to extend. Light shot from my eyes and I rose my head up to meet Holly’s terrified gaze. Leviathan placed his hand to her cheek as he let his thumb slide over her mouth. He appeared to be amused by her struggle and oblivious to what was going on in my general direction. I looked down at my clothes and noticed they were no longer there but instead was a flowing, flame red garment enveloped around my body. Amanda and Taylor began to illuminate with their own brilliant elemental auras. Amanda glowed a soft purple and Taylor was surrounded in a light blue essence. I in turn, glowed a lucent green color. Both Taylor and Amanda had their hands clasped together and their eyes shut tight.
“LEVIATHAN!” I said emphatically. He turned around rapidly, dropping Holly to the floor. Holly fell limp as she lay there in a heap.
“How dare you do this!” I said in a commanding voice. His eyes became huge as he looked up at me from my elevated stance.
“You…you…you’re…” He stuttered.
“Fate’s child…and you’re screwed…” Holly’s weak voice came from the opposite side of us.
“YOU CAN’T BE!” He yelled and unexpectedly blasted at me with full force. I put my hand forward and I absorbed the blast with ease.
“Is that all you have?” I said non-challantly.
“NO!” He screamed.
“YOU CAN’T BE FATE’S CHILD! HE’S FATE’S CHILD!” Leviathan yelled. He looked over at Taylor and noticed that Amanda and him were in what seemed deep trance like states.
“Fate’s child is a being of all worlds. This entity is both vampire and witch, equal in all parts. It is the destroyer of all that is unjust and prejudiced. You are such a person. You will be destroyed.” The voice sounded.

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