Fate's Child

Chapter 6

I ran practically at full speed towards the light, gasping for air the whole time. It took everything for my friends to keep up. I turned my head to see if they were close behind me while I ran.
“PHYL!” I could hear Amanda scream and point forward. I turned fast and skidded to a halt.
“Oh…oh my god…” I whispered and gulped hard at what I saw.

Right there was the tallest and widest wall of pure flames. I swallowed hard and backed away nervously. I bumped into Holly and turned to look at her.
“I…I can’t believe…” Amanda stuttered as she looked up and down the endless wall. It seemed to go through the undefined floor in front of us.
“Have you ever seen anything like it in your life…” Holly said, looking at it with awe. I stepped forward, clenching my hands into fists nervously. I bit my lip as I began to dig my fingernails into my palms.
“Phyl…PHYL! What are you doing!” Amanda yelled.
“I have to go through it…I have to get to him….” I said, as I looked straight forward.
“Phyl…that’s a wall of fire…” She began.
“We didn’t get hurt the other times…” Holly said. Amanda turned fast and looked at Holly angrily.
“I have to go to him…” I said tearfully as I turned around and looked at her.
“You have to understand Manda…I love him so much…” She looked at me and sighed.
“I can’t stop you.” She said plainly and stepped back, crossing her arms over her chest. I nodded in response and turned back to the flames.
“Okay Phyllis…you can do this.” I said to myself as I started to psyche myself up. I walked forward and before I could even be two inches from the wall, flames began to appear around my hands and slowly ignited up my arms. I drew in a quick breath but felt no pain in which I totally expected. I could hear my friends gasp as I moved forward, allowing my full body to be engulfed in flames. I made my way fully through the wall and could see that it kept going for only a few more feet, making it the size of a small room. I took a sigh of relief, knowing that it wasn’t as far as the other obstacles we had previously come in contact with. I turned around and could see my friends emerge into the flames. Holly looked around and smiled at me. I smiled back as I watched Amanda come through.
“This is unbelievable…” Holly said, looking all around.
“I don’t like this…” Amanda growled. I ignored her and kept on, making sure to take my steps carefully just in case. I kept going and could hear Amanda keep saying that she didn’t like it and didn’t trust it.

“Phyl…Phyl…PHYL!” I turned around fast when a shriek escaped Amanda. I ran over to her as she sank to the ground, grabbing at her clothing in a fit of screams.
“IT BURNS!” She shrieked.
“MANDA!” I yelled.
“OH GOD IT BURNS!” She screamed again.
“What’s wrong with her!” Holly said nervously.
“MANDA!” I yelled desperately.
“AGHHH!” She shrieked. Holly looked at me in shock.
“MAN! Calm down! You have to calm down!” I said, grabbing her by the shoulders. I looked into her eyes and could see that she was petrified.
“Just calm down…” I said. I watched as she slowly took in a breath and closed her eyes.

“Ma…man?” Holly said nervously.
“It…it doesn’t burn anymore.” She said with wide eyes as she looked all around. She stood up and looked at me.
“Are you sure you’re all right?” I asked in a concerned voice.
“I’m…I’m fine.” She smiled.
“Let’s keep going.” She answered and put her hand on my shoulder. I nodded and turned around.

We kept on and finally walked out of the room of flames and fire. I looked all around and noticed the flames started to recede on my body as I walked further away from the wall.

I kept walking with my head low, watching my steps carefully.
“PHYL!” Holly yelled. I turned to look at her.
“What…” I stopped mid sentence when I could see she was pointing towards something ahead of me. I turned fast and looked straight ahead. I could feel myself start to go weak. I could see him. He was just a matter of a couple of yards away from me.
“T-Taylor…” I stuttered. Out of nowhere, I could feel my energy start building and I took a few steps forward. I watched as he looked up weakly. Those eyes. The eyes that I remember first seeing when I met him the first time. They were so full of pain. He was shirtless, chained so that he was on his hands and knees.
“TAYLOR!” I screamed and ran full speed towards him.
“Phyl…Phyl…” I could hear him call to me.
“TAYLOR!” I screamed.
“NO!” He yelled.
I couldn’t even stop. I had to get to him. He put up his hands to ward me away but I couldn’t do anything. I was only a few feet away when I could feel the most powerful surge of energy hit me.
“AGHHH!” I shrieked.

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