Fate's Child

Chapter 5

We kept walking and saw nothing. We just walked in total darkness. It was kind of misleading, not really being able to see where we were going but I was sure that we would get where we needed to be.

“PHYL…” I could hear his voice echo through my head, pleading for me to come to him.
“Tay.” I whispered.
“I need you…” I bit my lip and tired to hold back my tears.
“Please…I need you…” I could hear him again. I began to choke as the tears fell down my face.
“I’m coming…”
“Please…” He sobbed.
“You have to hold on…just keep holding on…” I whispered.

“Phyl?” I could hear Amanda say my name as she walked up next to me.
“Uh…uh…yeah.” I said, wiping my face. She reached out blindly and put her hand on my shoulder.
“Are you all right?”
“Yeah.” I said, as I took a shaking breath and tried to control myself.
“No you’re not.” She said in a very motherly tone.
“I can hear him again. He’s pleading…he’s pleading for me to come to him.” I said, as I took another shaking breath.
“I know.” She said patted me slightly.
“I wish…I wish I could just see him.’ I said and let fresh tears spring to my eyes.
“You will Phyl. I promise you will.” She said and even though it was pitch black, I could tell she was smiling for me.
“Thanks Man.”

I could see it again. That light. The light that would lead me to him. It was faint and in the distance like it always had been before. I really wondered why it was there. Was it from him. Was it Taylor’s light. I shook my head and continued, noticing that the passageway was getting smaller and smaller. I could feel myself start to panic. It was almost this feeling of being locked in a coffin. I could feel myself start to hyperventilate as the passageway closed off.
“Oh…oh my god! OH MYGOD!” I screamed as I ran and began to claw at the dirt wildly.
“COME ON! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” I screamed, letting my voice become hoarse. Amanda ran up with Holly soon to follow.
“What the…why…why isn’t there a hole?” Holly said nervously.
“PLEASE GOD! PLEASE!” I screamed.
“Phyllis, calm down!” Amanda said, pulling me away.
“I HAVE…I have…” I couldn’t breathe. I fought to catch my breath as the panic began to build. Holly grabbed me and turned me around.
“Come on Phyl, you have to breathe…we’ll get through this!” She said, putting her hands on my shoulders.
“But…but…” I said, as I began to tremor.
“Listen to me!” She said in a commanding voice. I stopped and began to feel the tightness around my throat start to subside. I turned around and could see Amanda inspecting the passageway. She put her hand on the dirt that would be the exit and looked at the wall. He closed her eyes tight and suddenly, as if by magic once again, the dirt moved away from her hand in a swirl and pushed through to reveal a gaping hole.
“Come on.” She smiled. I ran full speed before both of them and began to once again follow the same light.
I would soon see my Taylor once again even if I had to die to do it.

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