Fate's Child

Chapter 4

We kept swimming for what seemed forever but it was nice. I didn’t feel tired like I had expected to. I looked back towards my friends and could tell they wanted to get out of this as soon as possible. They were getting tired. I stopped quickly when I could see a wavering light appear in the distance. It was the same light that I had seen in the beginning.
“GUYS!” I yelled as I swam quickly towards it.
“I think it’s the end!” I yelled happily.
“Are you sure?” Amanda asked as she swam up to the right of me.
“I…I think so.” I smiled. We kept going and finally, we reached the edge. I pressed my palm to the edge of the water. It slid out easily and I jumped through, as dry as when I first broke through the water wall. I looked behind me and could see the girls follow.
“Now, you have to admit Man, that was unbelievable.” Holly smiled, checking her clothes to see if they were wet at all.
“Yes Hol.” Amanda smiled and rolled her eyes.
“Okay, we have to keep going towards that light!” I said in a commanding voice and began again. There was no time to stand there and chat. We had to get to him.

We kept walking forward through the blackness. I was becoming increasingly tired. The stress of everything was getting to me. I had tried so hard to keep strong but it was impossible considering the situation. I missed him so much. I didn’t want to think that someone was hurting him.

“Man, do you really think we can get to him in time?” Holly whispered to Amanda.
“What?” Amanda asked. I turned around fast and stared at her coldly.
“Ph-Phyl…I…I…” She stammered wide-eyed.
“We’re going to get to him!” I said angrily.
“Phyl…she didn’t mean anything by it…” Amanda began. I didn’t want to even think about it. I bit my lip and looked at them.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you again.” Holly apologized. I sighed. I couldn’t be angry with her. None of this was her fault. As soon as I found the person that was responsible was when I was truly going to blow up.
“It’s all right. It’s not your fault.” I said and sighed again. Holly smiled and put her hand on my shoulder. I smiled back and turned back around and started walking again.

After walking for the longest time, we came to another wall. All we could see was this massive mound of dirt that seemed to go on forever.
“What the hell is this?” Amanda asked, looking at the mound with a funny look.
“I have know idea.” Holly said as she walked towards it and began to inspect it.
“Could it be another wall?” I asked.
“Who knows.” Amanda said and sighed as she folded her arms over her chest.
“Hey Hol, touch it would you.” I said.
“All right.” She said. She walked up to it and held out her hand. She pressed her palm to the mound but nothing happened.
“It seems solid.” She said as she turned to look at us.
“Are you sure!” I said in a panic.
“Pretty sure.” She said. I ran over to it and slammed my fist against it.
“DAMN IT!” I yelled angrily. I could feel myself start to tense up. I had gone all this way…it couldn’t have been over. I couldn’t lose him. Amanda came over to me as I could feel myself start to shake uncontrollably.
“Phyl…calm down…” She said, putting her hand on my shoulder.
“You don’t understand Man, we’ve gone so far. I can’t lose him like this!” I said, letting the first tears start to roll down my face. Amanda looked up and put her hand on the mound. She was getting extremely frustrated.

Suddenly, the dirt began to move in the area her hand was resting.
“MAN!” I yelled. Out of nowhere, her hand sank right through. She looked at it in shock. We both looked at each other and back at the mound. She pushed her hand further in and the dirt around it began to move away, revealing her whole arm.
“Oh my god….” She said, as she bit her lip. She moved forward again and the dirt moved away, allowing a sort of tunnel to appear in front of us.
“Let’s go!” I yelled happily and began to run ahead. I stopped and looked back. Amanda was standing there, looking at her hand in amazement and Holly was standing next to her.
“What are you two waiting for!” I yelled angrily.
“No-nothing.” Amanda stuttered and put her hand down fast. They both looked at each other and ran to catch up with me.

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