Fate's Child

Chapter 3

We finally seemed to reach the light. It was more than a light though. We stopped when it finally came into full focus. Before us was this massive wall made of pure water.
“What the hell is this?” Amanda said, looking at it in amazement.
“This…this is awesome.” Holly said with her mouth hung low. I couldn’t believe it. It flowed but didn’t seem like it was going to come crashing down. It almost felt like we were like walking on a wall and was supposed to be looking down at the crystal blue pool. Holly walked up to it in amazement and held out her hand.
“Be careful.” Amanda warned. Holly turned and looked at her and smiled. She gently touched the wall with her fingertips. A slight ripple began where her fingers touched.
“This is unbelievable.” She said, looking at it wide eyed. Amanda and I walked over towards her and watched. She finally pushed her hand straight through it.
“Oh my god…this is…unreal.” She said with her jaw hanging open. She quickly pulled her hand out to assess any damage. Instead, her hand was dry.
“That’s amazing.” I said, taking her hand and looking at it.
“Guys, you have to try this.” She smiled.
“I don’t know…” Amanda began to protest.
“Come on Man, just try it.” She smiled. I looked at Amanda and smiled. I reached out with my hand and touched the wall. It felt just like normal water. I pulled my hand back and looked at my fingertips. No water, they were as dry as before I touched the wall. Amanda did the same. Suddenly, with almost a burst of energy…I decided to take the plunge. I looked at my friends and walked right into it.
“Phy…” Was all I could hear as I made my way through. I looked back and they had already gone through. I instinctively held my breath.
“Phyl! What the!” Holly yelled. We were in fact under water but we could hear each other plain as day. No distortions at all. I opened my mouth, expecting fully to have water rush into my mouth and me, not being able to breathe but it wasn’t so. It was unbelievable.
“Is incredible!” Holly yelled joyfully as she swam up towards me. Amanda swam fast towards us with a look of pure panic on her face.
“Guys…I don’t like this…” She said, narrowing her eyes.
“MAN! THIS IS GREAT!” I said, smiling as I floated under the water on my back and looked at her.
“I think we should get out of here soon. I don’t trust…”
“Come on…enjoy this while you can. When are you ever going to be able to experience something like this again in your life!” Holly said with a wide grin.
“Phyllis…” I stopped smiling, hearing his voice beckon me.
“Come on!” I said sternly and swam faster. Amanda nodded and so did Holly as we sped through the water as fast as we could.

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