Fate's Child

Chapter 2

We ran through at top speed. Suddenly, an unbelievable chill hit me in the face as soon as I was in the so-called void. It was pitch black. It was so cold that anyone would have said they could have felt it to their bones. I shivered as I looked all around through the blackness.
“What the hell is this?” Holly said, gulping hard.
“I…I don’t know.” I answered nervously.
“I don’t like this…I think we should…” Amanda began to say as she began to back away towards the exit.
“NO! We can’t Manda! We have to find him.” I yelled, turning around fast and catching her by the arm.
“Phyl…” I could feel my eyes start to well up as I looked into my friends face.
“Manda…please…” I pleaded. She glanced over at Holly and back at me.
“All right.” She said and sighed.
“Thank you.” I smiled.
“My question is how to we get to where we’re supposed to be?” Holly said, breaking the silence.
“I have no idea…” Amanda began to say. I stopped suddenly when I could see something flash in the distance. I squinted to see what it was.
“Guys…I think I see a light…” I said, as I moved a couple steps forward.
“Phyl…I think we should be a little bit more careful about this…” Amanda began to protest.
“Come on.” I said as I walked further. Holly threw her hands in the air and sighed loudly. I could feel my heart beating wildly in my chest with every step I took. Each step I took was a step closer towards getting my Taylor back.

We kept walking on for what seemed forever through the darkness. It seemed endless. If a person was alone, the silence could have driven them insane. Just leaving yourself with your thoughts could make you go crazy. Thankfully, Holly kept joking and singing to keep us from thinking destructive thoughts. I led faster then my friends. I was not just on a journey, I knew what I was searching for. I stopped suddenly when I could see an image of Taylor’s face come before me. I gasped to myself and put my hand to my mouth. All I could see was his face, especially his eyes. He was looking out towards me with tears trailing down his face.
“Taylor…”I whispered, as I attempted to reach out to the vision.
“Phyl…Phyllis…” He said between sobs. Suddenly, he threw his head back and screamed. The most horrific sound came out of him.
“TAYLOR!” I screamed as I began to run.
“PHYLLIS!” He screeched. Then the vision seemed to back away, allowing me to view his whole body. He was kneeling on the ground, no shirt, and just a pair of ripped pants. He had his hands clasped together, firmly held by his shackles. I could see that dark figure looming over him, wielding what looked like a whip, but this whip’s tail was pure fire. The figure smiled and raised its arm high in the air. Taylor looked out towards me in a look of pain as the whip came down across his back once more.
“TAYLOR!” I screamed again. Suddenly…it was over. I collapsed on the ground, horrified at what I had seen. I sobbed, thinking about what was happening to him.

“PHYL!” Amanda and Holly yelled as they ran over to me.
“Phyl…what happened?” Amanda said in a concerned voice. I couldn’t speak, my voice just wouldn’t come out.
“Another vision…” Holly said. I looked at her, clutching onto her shoulder.
“Please…please…” I pleaded with my mouth quivering and my voice coming out in rasps. They helped me to my feet.
“Come on Phyl, we’ve gone this far…” Amanda said softly.
“I know.” I said. I took a deep breath and attempted to contain myself. We continued forward, towards the light.

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