Fate's Child

Chapter 1

My vision ended and I was looking back in the eyes of my friends.
“We have to find him now!” I said desperately and stood up.
“But Phyl…”
“NOW!” I said, turning and looking at Amanda and Holly. They nodded and followed me as I made my way out of the front door of my apartment. I had to get him back. I loved him too much to let him die. We climbed in the car but instead, I grabbed the keys from Amanda and got in the driver’s seat.
“Phyl, let me drive my…”
“No.” I said abruptly and pushed her along. I slammed the door shut and stuck the key in the ignition.
“Do we even know where we’re going?” Holly asked from the back seat.
“No…but I will find him.” I stated and looked at her through the review mirror. We pulled out of the parking lot and I could tell Amanda was nervous about me driving her car. She was the only one that ever drove it.
“Phyl, could you just slow down a little…”
“No time.” I answered as I looked straight out to the road ahead of me.
“How are we going to find him?” Holly asked seriously.
“I can feel him.” I answered.
“You can feel him?” Holly questioned.
“You don’t understand. From the first time I met him, I could feel something between us. A connection of some sort. I tried ignoring it. I thought that maybe I was just going nuts. Then…when he saved me and I could feel his blood running through my veins…I knew.” I answered. I could feel myself start to choke up, just thinking about it.
“I love him.” I added as my lip began to quiver.

We sped down the road. I couldn’t even tell you where I was going, I was just going. It was like he was leading me to where he was. I could tell he was hurting. That horrible man was doing something to him and I had to get there to help him.
We drove for what seemed hours but actually was only a matter of minutes. I stopped the car suddenly and jumped out.
“Phyl…we’re in the middle of the woods…” Amanda began to say when she got out of the car and helped Holly out.
“He’s here.” I said, looking around. That feeling was getting stronger. It was pulling me.
“Are you sure?” Holly asked as she brushed out the wrinkles of her pants.
“I’m positive.” I answered as I looked at her. I threw the keys to Amanda and began walking. We were indeed on the side of the road facing a wall of trees. There were no houses or anything. Just trees. I began to walk in a fast pace. Amanda and Holly were practically running to keep up with me.
“Phyl, slow down.” Holly began to complain.
“I can’t Hol.” I said, quickening my pace.

We walked far into the woods. The light from the outside began to disappear, only the sun filtering through the trees gave us light.
“Phyl…where could he be in the woods?” Amanda asked as she ran to catch up with me.
“I don’t know Man…I just know he’s here.” I answered. I could tell that both Amanda and Holly were becoming frustrated. I myself was too. Holly began to run ahead for some strange reason.
“Phyl, I don’t think that he’s here.” Holly said, turning around to look at Amanda and I while she began to walk backwards.
“Hol, I’m telling you…I know he’s here. I can feel him.”
“Are you sur…” Holly began to ask until she seemed to hit something and fell forward.
“HOL!” Both Amanda and I yelled.
“Are you all right?” I asked as I helped her up.
“DAMN!” She said, rubbing the back of her head.
“Did you trip over something?” Amanda asked.
“No…no…I hit something.” She said, turning around.
“What did you hit?” Amanda asked.
“It felt like I just walked into a wall or something.” She said, looking out to the woods before us.
“Hol, there’s nothing there.” I said.
“Maybe I did trip on something.” She said and began to search the forest floor. Holly began to walk again when she seemed to bounce of the air and fell backwards again and landed on her butt.
“OH MY GOD!” She yelled.
“What the hell…” Amanda said, as she stepped forward and put her hands up.
“It…it…it feels solid. Like a wall…” Amanda said in amazement. I walked over and put my hands up.
“Oh my god, you’re right.” I couldn’t believe it. It was so unreal. It looked just like air. Nothing strange about it. No matter how hard you tried to go forward, it was always blocking your way.
“I…I think Taylor is past this wall…” I said. I could feel him. It was like he was calling me…telling me to keep going.
“We have to get past this wall.” I said.
“Phyl…it’s solid…” Holly said.
“I have to get to him!” I said desperately.
“But Phyl…” Amanda began to protest. I could feel myself start to well up. I had to get to him. I turned away from my friend and walked to the invisible wall. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, thinking about Taylor. I reached my hand to hit and let my energy begin to flow through my arm and to my fingers.
“What is she doing?” Holly whispered.
“I…I don’t know.” Amanda said in bewilderment. My hand and fingers began to shake and I could feel the energy pulsing through me. Amanda and Holly moved forward to either side of me and watched intently but I didn’t pay any attention. Suddenly, I let my eyes fly open and a blast of incredible energy flowed through my out stretched hand.
“AGHHHH!” I screamed. I couldn’t see. My eyes seemed to be clouded for the exception of a blinding green light emanating from them. Suddenly, I was thrown backwards were I landed in a heap on the ground. I closed my eyes and opened them suddenly to look around. Amanda and Holly stood over me with scared looks on their faces.
“Ph…Phyl?” Amanda stuttered.
“What…what happened?” I asked.
“You’re…your eyes…they’re glowing…” Holly said with wide eyes.
“What?” I said.
“They’re glowing.” Amanda said. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up. I could feel the energy finally release and I was back to normal. I looked towards the invisible wall and I could see a huge tare right before me. It was like someone had painted a cloth to look like the forest and slashed it.
“You…you ripped it?” Holly said in amazement.
“COME ON!” I yelled and grabbed them by the arms and ran to the opening.
I knew he was through that rip and no matter what…I was going to get him back!

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