Fate's Child

Chapter 19

“Mr. Mabeline is hitting on Fate!”
“Matt Parrello is hitting on your son.”
“Manda, Matt’s…”
“GAY! Fruitier than a fucking fruitcake! Why do you think he pays no attention to me, and why he shows no affection to girls? Because he’s gay!” She whirled around and slammed her fist into the wall. I heard something crack and when I looked, I saw the full length mirror with a spider web of cracks through it, and hardly a cut on her fist.
“Manda! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
“Matt knows! He knows I like him, and he’s making it painfully obvious that he’s going after Fate!”

When we returned to the table, Matt and Fate were locked in conversation with one another, and Amanda made her way up to the ala carte line. Jordan looked at me, then at Fate, who watched Amanda buy herself a Snapple and down it. He stood up and put a hand on Matt’s shoulder.
“Be right back.” He said, walking over to her.
“Man, you okay?”
“No Fate, I’m not. Do I look okay?!”
“What’s wrong? Did I do something…”
“No, it’s not you Fate, it’s me. I’m gonna g sit with Stephanie for a little while, tell Felicia will you?”
He walked back to the table and told me what Amanda had said. I nodded, and turned to Jordan. I told him everything she had said and looked at Matt.
“I don’t think so…” He whispered to me.
“Manda would be able to tell, don’t you thing? If she an sense our blood hunger, why couldn’t she tell Mat’s lust for Fate?”
“Well, it’s the truth!” The bell rang and Matt and Fate bolted. Amanda walked out, Stephanie’s arm around her and laughing at something.

8th period came and went and Matt and Fate met Amanda at her locker. She slammed her locker shut and turned to look at them.
“Ready to go gentlemen?” She demanded, shouldering her bag.
“Yeah.” Matt replied, heading for the door.
“Yep. Wanna stop and get an ice cream on our way out?”
Amanda pulled out her keys and stormed out of the school. Amanda walked about ten feet ahead of them, keys swinging.
“Fate, what’s wrong with Amanda? She seems really angry about something?”
“Uh…I don’t know exactly…but…uh…I kinda know something else that could be bothering her.” Fate whispered.
“What?” Matt asked.
“Promise you won’t get freaked out or tell Manda I said anything?” Fate asked.
“She likes you…a lot.”
“I already know that.” Matt said seriously.
“You…you do?” Fate stammered.
“Uh huh.”

“Whose sitting in front?” Amanda asked, pursing her lips together.
“Go ahead Matt.” Fate offered.
“We have a choice, Joan Baez, Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks?” Amanda asked.
“Fleetwood Mac.” Fate said as he made himself more comfortable in the back seat. Amanda popped in the cd and cranked up the volume. Matt grinned back at Fate as the music played.

They got to Matt’s road and Amanda turned down the music.
“Which house?” Amanda asked.
“That one.” Matt pointed. Amanda stopped and Matt got out, walking towards the door.
“Fate.” Amanda said as he pushed the seat forward to get out.
“Be careful.”
“Why?” Fate questioned.
“I’m…I’m just warning you…I mean…”
“I’m not going to attack him Manda.” Fate said, rolling his eyes.
“It’s not you I’m afraid is going to do the attacking…” Amanda said under her breath.
“What?” He asked.
“N-Nothing. Have a good time.”
“Bye.” Fate shut the door and ran to catch up with Matt.

Matt unlocked the door o his house and let Fate in before he himself entered, and threw his bag in the corner of the stairs. Fate put his bag down and followed Matt to the kitchen.
“You want a drink or something?” He asked, pulling a Dr. Pepper from the fridge.
“Uh, no thanks. I’m not really thirsty.”
“Okay. Come on, I’ll show you my room.”
Mat raced up the stairs, Fate not far behind, and into his room. The carpet was beige, the walls white and he had a large television on his dresser. Fate saw the play station and Matt pulled out a game.
“Wanna play Tekken?”
“Sure.” Matt set up the game and the two played for a good hour or so, yelling and screaming when one or the other won a battle.

“Why don’t you just let me win one?” Matt laughed as Fate won another battle.
“Try harder, you might win.” Fate replied.
Matt tackled Fate, and they rolled on the bed, laughing. Fate twisted, attempting to push Matt off the bed, but Matt had other plans.
As Fate flipped him, Matt let his hand wander, and “innocently” grabbed him and as the dark haired boy froze, Matt flipped him onto his back, head in the crook of his neck. Just as quickly as he had grabbed him, Matt let himself kiss the soft skin there, and then let Fate up, hoping it was subtle enough for him to just barely notice.
Unfortunately, being that he’s a vampire, Fate felt everything, but he didn’t know any better than to ignore it. This was his first day around other humans…

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