Fate's Child

Chapter 18

During that whole period, Amanda slammed Bill into the wall about seven or eight ties to basically give him warning. At one point he was going to yell something at Matt but soon shut his mouth as Amanda hit him there with the ball. The first half of the day, Fate had every class with Matt except third period, in which he had earth science with Bill. He managed to ignore him totally.

The bell for lunch rang and Matt and Fate walked out of Spanish together.
“So…I’m surprised Bill didn’t say anything to you during earth science.” Matt said, looking down the hall.
“Why would he?” Fate asked.
“Since you’ve sort of been hanging out with me.” Matt answered and looked straight into Fate’s face.
“Bill can kiss my ass.” Fate said sternly then began to laugh.
“Hey, there goes your brother.” Matt grabbed Fate by the arm and pointed as Taylor was turning towards the stairs.
“I’ll see him during lunch.” Fate answered.
“Hey…uh…do you want to sit with me during lunch?” Matt stammered.
“Uh…actually I was going to sit with Jordan, Felicia and Amanda…why don’t you sit with me.” Fate smiled.
“Do you think they’ll mind?” Matt asked hesitantly.
“Amanda definitely won’t mind.” Fate whispered under his breath.
“Huh?” Matt asked.
“Nothing…nothing…” Fate smiled again.

They reached the cafeteria and found Taylor, I and another girl sitting at a table. Amanda was on the lunch line already.
“Hey guys.” Fate said and sat down. Matt looked down hesitantly.
“Hey Fate…” Taylor looked up.
“Hello.” He said to Matt.
“Oh…hey.” Matt answered.
“Have a seat.” Taylor offered, pushing a chair over for Matt to sit down.

“Hey Fate…Matt!” Amanda almost choked on the piece of pretzel in her mouth.
“Hello Amanda.” Matt smiled and took a chunk of her pretzel and shoved it in his mouth. Amanda sat down and immediately looked at me. I in turn grinned at her evilly.

“AMANDA!” I looked up just in time to see Bill, lean over Matt and get into Amanda’s face.
“What the hell was your problem during gym!” He yelled.
“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said, trying to seem innocent.
“You intentionally slammed me into the wall and hit me with the ball!” He yelled.
“Calm down…I think…”
“SHUT UP!” He yelled.
“Who do you think you’re talking to! You’re girlfriend or something! Leave her alone you asshole!” Fate stood up, hands clenched and I could tell at any moment, his teeth would begin to elongate and his eyes would start to glow.
“Shut up fruit!” Bill yelled. He looked up at Fate and then slowly stepped back. That was Taylor and my cue.
“Fate…can we talk to you?” I said, grabbing Fate’s hand.
“NO!” He said, shaking mine loose.
“NOW!” Taylor said, gritting his teeth. Fate automatically looked at him and nodded. The three of us got up and walked out to the hallway.
“Fate, you have to calm down. You can’t fight Amanda’s battles for her.” I said calmly.
“Plus, Bill might just try and beat the crap out of you…” Taylor began to say.
“I could take him.” Fate said confidently.
“Fate you could kill him if you can’t keep your cool.” I said seriously.
“Now can we resume a bit of normalcy now?” I asked.
“All right.”

When we got back in the cafeteria, Bill was gone and Amanda was sitting there, practically drooling all over herself while Matt was talking to her. As soon as Fate sat down, Matt took his attention away from Amanda and back to Fate. I sat down, satisfied in knowing Fate had found a friend.

“By the way, would you like to come over my house this afternoon, I have some video games you might like.” Matt said, looking at Fate.
“Uh…I…Uh…” Fate began to stammer as he looked at Taylor and I.
“Go ahead.” I said.
“You sure?”
“Yeah.” I smiled.
“Great.” Matt smiled and put his hand on Fate’s back. I watched as Amanda’s eyes widened and I knew something was wrong. She backed up and started towards the door when Matt turned to look at her and called her name.
“What?” She asked, turning to him.
“Could you drive Fate and I to my house? He kinda can’t go on the bus with out a note from his parents.”
“Yeah, sure, whatever.” She bolted out of the cafeteria and I felt something pull. I excused myself and followed her to the bathroom. She was standing with her hands on one of the three sinks, resting her weight on it and face cast down. I put my hand on her shoulder and what I saw when she looked up at me, was not at all what I expected. She was crying.
“Man? What’s wrong?”

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