Fate's Child


It was about 5:30 when Fate called me, and asked me to pick him up. I called Manda, I was eating. Fate knows not to bother me while I’m eating, but he wouldn’t have known, because he wasn’t home. So Amanda went to pick him up…that was a mistake.

Amanda drove over to Matt’s and when Fate didn’t “emerge”, she went up and rang the doorbell. When the door flew open, Matt was leaning his weight on the doorframe and laughing. Fate came tearing down the stairs and as he skid past Matt, wrapped an arm around his waist. Falling, he took Matt down with him, hands clasping firmly in the short haired boy’s lap. Amanda averted her eyes almost immediately and as soon as they were standing, regretted even walking to the door. Matt was wearing a tight white shirt and loose jeans and the way he was leaning on Fate while he attempted to stop laughing…Amanda DID NOT like that.
“Come on in.” He said, gagging a little on the laughter.
“Fate, get your stuff together, I’ve got to get you home.”
“Yeah, just let me get my shirt out of the dryer!” Amanda’s brain was in shock. She hadn’t just heard that! She walked in, so Matt could close the door, and watched him chase Fate down the hall. Amanda rolled her eyes and sighed.
“Hey Manda!” Matt called.
“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked as he stuck his head around the corner.
“No thanks. Could you just tell Fate to hurry it up a little.” Amanda said.
“Oh come on and relax. My parents aren’t coming home for another couple of hours and we could have some real fun…” Matt smiled devilishly as he walked towards her.
“Wh…what do you…you mean?” Amanda gulped.
“Matt! You’re not bugging Amanda are you?!” Fate yelled as he slid his shirt on over his bare skin. Suddenly, what seemed to be a growl escaped Matt’s lips. Amanda immediately looked at him in surprise.
“Come on, stay a little longer…” Matt pleaded.
“If I don’t get Fate home, it’ll be his ass and mine…”
“And what a nice…” Matt began to whisper.
“What?” Amanda gasped.
“I didn’t say anything.” Matt answered.
“Come on Amanda…” Fate pleaded, pursing his lips together to look sad.
“Now how can you resist that face?” Matt smiled as he wrapped his arm around Fate’s shoulder.
“Fine but you better think of a good excuse for why we’re late!” Amanda sighed.
“Hey, why don’t we play flash light tag outside?” Matt suggested happily.
“Uh…it’s cold and…” Amanda began to complain.
“Oh come on.” Both boys pleaded.
“All right.” Amanda sighed.

Matt ran into his room, rummaging through his drawers to find three flashlights, handing two of them to Amanda and Fate.
“Just in case someone gets lost.”
“Yeah, sure. Can we play please?” Amanda said a bit angrily.
“Manda…” Fate warned, catching her eyes.
“Shove it Fate.” She spat, grabbing a flashlight and walking away. Fate was a little nervous. Amanda never just broke her gaze, ever.
“What’s wrong with her?” Fate thought, watching her round thew corner.
“Fate?” Matt asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“You okay? You got this weird look on your face?”
“Just thinking, that’s all. You it or am I?”
“I’ll be it. Go hide, 40 seconds.” Fate ran off to hide, and Matt counted.

“Okay, ready or not, here I come!”
“How fucking childish…” Manda said to herself as Matt ran by.
“Dork.” Matt found Fate only didn’t play according to the rules. He snuck up behind the vampire boy, and leaned in as close as possible with out giving himself away.
“Fate…” whispered Matt.
“AH!” jumped Fate, and as he fell over the small hill he was hiding on, Matt grabbed him around the waist and tumbled down with him. When they finally stopped rolling, Matt was on top and pressed his lips to Fate’s. The vampire boy stiffened in the snow but as Matt continued to move his lips over his, he relaxed and returned the gesture.
“Okay, this is taking too long. I’ve gotta get him out of here, before I go insane!” Manda said, pushing off the tree she was leaning on. Following her sensed to Fate, Amanda found Matt’s flashlight looking down the hill, she saw the two boys wrapped up in one another and her eyes widened to about the size of saucers.
“I don’t believe this!” She thought as she watched Fate’s half closed eyes start to glow a soft turquoise.
“I…I…fuck! I can’t even think!” She couldn’t move, her brain was numb and it wasn’t from the cold. Matt moved one of his gloved hands down Fate’s chest, resting it between his legs. Fate didn’t even flinch.
“This is not good…not at all.” She thought, sitting down on the ground. When she picked up the flashlight, the beam landed on a near by tree. An inaudible screech echoed through the air as a huge coven of bats took flight. Fate broke the kiss and looked up at them, Matt kissing down his neck. He looked over his shoulder, and seeing Amanda staring at them, he gasped.
“Oh god…she’s gonna hate me!” He thought. The feeling of Matt’s lips against the soft hallow of his throat making his head spin.
“This is NOT the time to get hungry Fate! And I don’t want to drink from him. He’s my friend!” He thought as Matt pulled back.
“Fate, you okay with this?”
“I am, but I don’t think Amanda is…”
Matt looked up where Fate was looking and cursed himself for forgetting about Amanda. He had only to look at her wide-eyed expression and immediately regretted doing anything.
“Shit! She’s gonna kill me!”
“Well she seems a bit protective of you and…”
“Manda’s just a little too protective. She’s probably more mad at me than at you.”

They had left shortly after that and as soon as they were in the door, Amanda searched me out. Fate had run to his room to call Matt and Taylor was in the middle of writing a new song, so it was just Amanda, I and the big quiet house.
“So, what happened?” I asked, hinting between her and Matt, not thinking it was Fate.
“They wanted to play flashlight tag, and I found them.”
“Yeah, so? And don’t say it!”
“I found them at the bottom of a small hill behind Matt’s house.”
“Oh god, who got hurt?”
“Not hurt…actually, I think they were rather comfortable, Matt on top…”
“On top of him as in…”
“Lips locked, Matt’s hand between Fate’s legs…and your son didn’t look uncomfortable at all.”
I was speechless…my son was kissing my best friend’s crush? Did that mean Fate was gay? Tay would NOT take this well at all. I stood up and started for the stairs. Fate came tearing down and skid to a halt when he saw Amanda. She walked into the kitchen, and as he started after her, I stopped him.
“Wanna talk?” I asked.
“I have to take to Manda.” He replied, starting towards the kitchen again.
“ I think you and I need to talk first, have a seat.” Fate sat down, his hands folded in his lap, staring at the kitchen door. I sat down across from him and made him look at me. He looked so sad.
“So, what happened?”
“Bull shit. Now tell me what happened.”
“Matt and I…Manda kinda saw us kissing and…I feel really guilty! I feel as if I’m the one that crushed her.”
“Let me ask you Fate, do you feel more like you’ve hurt her than you feel ecstatic that Matt kissed you?” Fate looked shocked. I don’t think he expected me to ask that. I think he was expecting me to do what I knew Taylor would do, yell and scream. He looked at me, straight in the eye, blushed and looked away. I knew his answer.
“I’m more ecstatic about the whole kissing situation. It felt…I don’t know…it felt so right.”
“And I’m sure Amanda will understand that. Look, I know she may be pissed, but I don’t think she’s upset with you.” He smiled sadly and stood up. I nodded and he ran to the kitchen. As if that was his cue, Taylor walked out of his study. I sent a mental not to watch what he says around Tay, hinting that he should keep things quiet for awhile. I got a mental nod in reply. Looking at Taylor, I smiled, and thought of his reaction if he were to ever find out.
“Oh god…” I thought.
“Will I be able to keep the peace?”

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