Fate's Child

Chapter 17

By the next week, we had already gotten Fate all his supplies. It would be the first time in his life that he would even meet other kids and go to school.

That morning, the first day of his school career, you could definitely tell he was excited. Taylor kept drilling it in his head that we were his older sister and brother and that my name was Felicia and Taylor’s was Jordan.

“I know dad…jeez.” Fate said, rolling his eyes.
“And don’t forget, we’re exchange students from…”
“Paris…I know.” Fate answered. He grabbed his back pack and started putting his paper and notebooks inside.
“Fate, come here…” I said, coming out of the bathroom, brush in hand. I had converted to my other form and as soon as Fate saw me, he gasped.
“M…mom?” He stuttered.
“Yeah?” I said, non-challantly.
“You…you…” He stammered.
“Oh…sorry I didn’t warn you. Now come here so I can brush out your hair.” I answered. He nodded and walked over to me. He turned around and I began brushing his hair.
“Phyl?” Taylor called.
“Are you sure this is going to…”
“Taylor!” I said sternly.
“All right…all right.” He said, shaking his head. Just as he walked passed us, he converted himself right in front of Fate.
“Oh my god…” Fate stammered.
“Hon, hold still.” I said as I started braiding his long dark locks.

We pulled up to the parking lot of the school to see Amanda and Holly get out of Amanda’s car. We pulled in and parked next to them.
“Hey guys.” Holly smiled as I opened the door.
“Hey Hol.” I answered.
“So today’s the day.” Amanda said as Fate got out of the car.
“Yeah.” Fate smiled awkwardly.
“You’re not nervous are you?” Holly asked.
“Uh…I…” Fate began to stammer.
“Nothing to be nervous about.” I smiled and wrapped my arm around him.
“Now…let’s go.” I added. He smiled at me and I winked.

Fate’s first class happened to be art class wit our infamous art teacher, Mr. Spross. None of us had that art class so I was a little nervous for him. My first instinct was to link with him so I could see what was happening.

Fate walked in surprisingly very confident. He found an empty table and put his things down. He pulled his slip of paper showing he was a new student and walked over to Mr. Spross. Spross looked up and smiled.
“Hello…you must be Fate, Felicia and Jordan’s brother.” Spross smiled and shook his hand.
“Yes.” Fate answered in his French accent.
“Well, today we’re working on ideas for linoleum block printing.”
“All right.” Fate smiled.
“Let me just get you some pencils and some paper.” Spross got up and walked to the storage cabinet. Fate sat down at his seat and watched as people began coming in the room. No one sat near him.

Fate was working on his idea when the door opened and in walked a guy, his age, a little shorter than himself, with gelled dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He almost had a feminine quality to him.
“Mr. Parrello!” Spross yelled, making Fate jump in his seat.
“Sorry Spross, I have a pass.” He walked to the teachers’ desk and handed it to him.
“Go sit Matt and work on your idea.” Spross said sternly. Matt turned and walked over towards Fate’s table.
“Hello, would you mind if I sat here?” Matt asked, leaning over the table, propping himself by his elbows.
“Go ahead.” Fate smiled. Matt sat down and suddenly turned to Fate, putting his hand forward.
“Nice to meet you…”
“Fate.” Fate answered and shook Matt’s hand.
“Fate? Strange name…I’m Matt.” Matt smiled.
“Nice to meet you Matt.” Fate answered.
“So…where ya from Fate?”
“Thought so, accent sort of gives it away.” Matt laughed.
“So…how long have you been in the states?”
“Oh…uh…just a couple weeks. I stayed in Paris while sister and brother came here last year.” Fate answered.
“Are you related to Felicia and Jordan Hanson?” Matt asked.
“Yes, that’s my older sister and brother.”
“I used to be in study hall with Felicia, she seemed nice.” Matt said.
“MATT!” Spross yelled.
“Did I not ask you to work on your idea?! You’ve just been sitting there chatting!” Spross said angrily.
“Sorry Spross.” Matt said. He turned his attention to Fate and rolled his eyes. Fate laughed.
“What’s Paris like?” Matt asked.
“Uh…very French?” Fate laughed. Matt smiled and began to chuckle.
“Good one.”
“How do you like living in the U.S.?”
“It’s nice. Not as many tourists as in Paris.” Fate answered and looked back down at his paper.
“I’d really like to visit Paris. That would be cool.” Matt smiled.
Suddenly, the bell rang and Fate almost jumped out of his skin.
“You all right?” Matt asked, concerned and put his hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah…just frightened me. I’m not used to hearing bells at the end of a class. I was always home schooled.” Fate answered as he got up and grabbed his bag.
“What do you have next period?” Matt asked.
“Oh…uh…let me look…I have gym.” Fate said, pulling his schedule out of his pocket.
“What teacher?”
“Uh…Fischer?” Fate answered.
“You have gym with me.” Matt smiled.
“I think we’re playing matball.”
“Matball? What’s matball?” Fate questioned as him and Matt walked down the hallway.
“Well…you kick a ball and you run around the bases but you can keep going around after you get a home run.”

They got into the gym and as soon as Fate looked up, he saw Amanda standing across the gym with her hands on her hips. He smiled and waved.
“You know Amanda?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, she’s Felicia’s friend.” Fate answered.
“Well, I gotta go get changed.” Matt said and ran to the boys’ locker room.
Fate walked over to Amanda.
“Hey.” He smiled.
“Hey Fate.” Amanda grinned.

“So…who’s the new kid…” Amanda didn’t even turn around. A guy, about 15 or 16 walked up. He had died blonde hair, gelled and had a stupid grin on his face.
“Bill…” Amanda closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.
“Hi, I’m Fate.” Fate said, and put out his hand. Bill chuckled and walked around behind Fate. He grabbed the back of Fate’s braid and yanked.
“What’s up with the hair? You a fruit or something?”
“Pull my hair again…” Fate growled, and Amanda’s maternal fear kicked in.
She grabbed Fate’s arm and turned him to look at the guys locker room.
“Here comes Matt, why don’t the two of you go get to your class?” She instructed, pushing him towards Matt and away from Bill.
“Good idea. See you later Man.”
Amanda turned to Bill and put an arm around his shoulders, ushering him away from Matt and Fate. He looked confused, and Amanda spoke again.
“Keep your distance from Fate for awhile. I don’t want to see you, or anyone else get hurt.”
“Like he could do anything. He and Matt are a good match.”
“Bill, don’t go there. Fate will not back away from a fight.”
“Yeah right.”
As Bill turned to grab a hockey stick, Amanda watched Matt and Fate pull out the mats for matball.
“Stay away Bill, Fate’s blood lust is a little too strong for even him to understand.”
“What about blood lust?”
“Nothing Bill.”
Amanda walked to the girls locker room and once she was changed, came out to see another boy and Bill passing a hockey puck back and forth.
She ran as fast as she could to push Matt out of the way as the puck lifted and flew towards his head. It hit her in between the shoulder blades and Fate looked at her in shock.
“Not now Fate, I’ll explain later. Matt, you okay?”
“Fine. How’d you see that?”
“I had expected something to happen it does every day.” Matt looked over at Bill, who was sitting on the bleachers, hands folded in his lap. Amanda put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and spoke again.
“I’ll deal with it. Fate, don’t do anything! Your SISTER would kill…
“Jordan too…” Fate added, glaring angrily at the blonde boy.
“I’ll take care of it. See you on the court.”

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