Fate's Child

Chapter 15

Holly looked up and straight into Taylor’s face.
“It all started a very long time ago…before any of you were born….”
“What do you mean?” Taylor questioned.
“I…I…well…” Holly began to stammer and looked back down at the floor.
“Hol…” I began to say.
“I am immortal.” She said simply and looked up at us. I covered my mouth in shock.
“Wh-what?” Taylor stammered.
“I am immortal. I have been around for over a thousand years. I am basically your guardian Taylor…” She said seriously.
“Good joke Hol.” Amanda laughed.
“I’m not joking Amanda.” Holly said, and looked at her squarely in the face.
“My real name is not Holly. I am what you call a watcher. I was supposed to…in so many words…watch and then eventually destroy any blood drinkers that I found. I had this one particular case where…”
“YOU’RE A WATCHER!” Taylor yelled and stood up from his seat on the bed.
“Taylor!” I pleaded as the baby began to look up at him and fidget. I grabbed him by the hand and squeezed it slightly. Taylor looked down at me with a harsh look but it soon faded.
“Please…let me explain Taylor.” Holly asked. Taylor nodded slightly and sat down on the bed again.
“As I was saying. I had this one particular case in which I was to watch and eventually hunt down this one particular vampire by the name of Kane. He was turning people into his own race of blood drinkers in which he would create a legion…” Suddenly I could feel my vision go fuzzy as I was connecting and watching a scene taking place.

I watched as a young woman stood up from a crouching position behind a stone wall in which she was watching a man walking away from a house. He had short, white hair and dressed in all black. He was pale and you could barely see his face. I looked closely until I could see the woman’s face. It was Holly! She had the same look for the exception of extremely long black hair that reached below her butt and was kept in a loose braid. The man, I presumed to be Kane, walked away, leaving Holly to stand there, watching carefully. The scene changed and both Holly and Kane were in front of an old farmhouse, Holly was well hidden from Kane’s sight. I gasped to myself when I sa3w a young man out in the field nearest the house, plowing in the hot sun. He looked exactly like Taylor except he had long hair to the middle of his back. It was braided but from all the work, it was becoming loose from the leather strap that held it. He had no shirt on but a pair of brown, worn out pants. Kane walked up confidently to him. The young man stopped his plowing and looked up.
“Hello.” The young man said and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his arm. Kane didn’t answer, he just nodded.
“Excuse me but I’ve been traveling all day and night. I’m extremely tired, might you have a place for me to rest?” Kane finally spoke, letting out a thick European accent.
“Of course.” The young man said, revealing his own accent. The young man stopped his plowing and began to walk to the house with Kane following.
“May I ask your name stranger?” The young man asked as he turned his head to look at Kane.
“My name is Kane, and yours?”
“Taylor.” They both walked into the house silently. Taylor brought him around the house to his bedroom.
“You can rest in here awhile.”
“Thank you.” Kane answered back.
Suddenly, outside the bedroom window, you could see a face, watching everything that was going on. As soon as Taylor was out of sight, Kane seemed to be on the prowl. He looked around suspiciously and then crept out of the room silently. He walked in slowly to the kitchen area where Taylor was sitting, folding clothes. He had his back turned so he couldn’t see Kane walk in. Kane made his way quickly behind Taylor. He suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders and before Taylor could even do anything, Kane sank his teeth directly into Taylor’s neck.

“NO!” Holly ran in and grabbed Kane and pulled him back. Kane swung around, blood dripping precariously out of his mouth. He growled and then let his hand fly, grabbing Holly by the throat. He threw her with so much force, that she hit the wall behind her, causing it to crack under the pressure. Kane proceeded in grabbing Taylor by the neck. He bit his own wrist and opened Taylor’s mouth wide, allowing the crimson liquid to pour down his throat. Taylor began choking violently. The blood began to drip out of the sides of his mouth. His eyes opened wide and they began to glow an eerie blue. He jerked his body, throwing his head back. Slowly his body began to levitate in the air, totally rigged.
“AGHH!” He screamed allowing his voice to crack and then quiet to a slight growl. He fell suddenly, landing on the floor in a heap. He eventually passed out. Holly got up and staggered forward. Kane watched her with fixed eyes.
“Look what you have done!” She yelled as she put her hand to her head.
“I don’t need to explain myself to you!” He yelled and then began to laugh maniacally.
“AGH!” She yelled and jumped in the air, wielding a brightly polished sword. She swung for his head but missed and stumbled forward as he flew up in the air. He turned his head over his shoulder and looked at her as she took stance again, eyes narrowed and chest heaving for lack of breath.
“Goodbye for now. I have you know watcher, he is already turned and I have transferred my power to him. You want to kill out race, you’ll have to kill the one you couldn’t protect!” He smiled and before Holly could do anything, he disappeared from sight. Holly quickly looked down at Taylor and dropped her sword on the floor. She knelt down to him and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and slowly, you could see the color receding from hi face. She shook her head sadly and picked him up. Surprisingly, she was extremely strong and had no problem carrying him to his room and laying him down on his bed. Just as she was putting the blanket over him, he began to stir and slowly his eyes were opening. Out of desperation, Holly ran out of the room before he could find out what was going on.
“…I didn’t know what to do. I felt guilty for letting it happen. To this day I feel guilty. I watched Taylor every step of the way even when the council of watchers demanded me to kill you…I didn’t. I couldn’t. It was my fault.” Suddenly, Holly began to cry, burying her face in her hands. I looked over at Taylor and scrunched my brow. The look on his face was of total confusion and shock.
“I...I…I can’t believe…” He began to stammer.
“Taylor…I’m sorry.” Holly suddenly said as she looked up, tears running down her face. Taylor suddenly got up from his seat on the bed next to the baby and me. He walked over to Holly and looked down at her.
“You don’t have to apologize Holly. I understand. I just have one question…”
“Yes…it was my voice that spoke to the three of you during out fight with Leviathan.” She already answered before Taylor could ask the question.
“None of the other watchers knew I was immortal or that I could communicate through telepathy.” She added.
“Holly?” I spoke up.
“Yes?” She answered and looked at me.
“When…when I first met Taylor…did you know he was…”
“A blood drinker? Yes. I knew. Why do you think I let it happen? I knew everything including you being fate’s child. I knew you were also going to get pregnant.” She answered and wiped her face.
“How?” Taylor asked.
“I just did.”
“Why didn’t you say something?” I asked.
“Things wouldn’t have worked out they way they did. I couldn’t get involved.” She answered. She finally got up and walked passed Taylor, to the bed in which I was laying. She put out her hands and I handed her the baby. She cradled my son in her arms.
“Have you chosen a name?” She asked seriously.
“Uh…well…uh…no.” I stammered.
“May I make a suggestion?” She smiled and looked back down at the baby.
“Sure.” Taylor said and walked back over towards us.
“Go ahead Hol.” Amanda spoke up.
“Fate.” Holly simply said.
“Fate?” Amanda questioned.
“I think it’s quite appropriate.” Taylor answered and smiled.
“Fate it is.” I smiled.

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