Fate's Child

Chapter 14

The girls arrived shortly after with what looked like a month’s worth of supplies not including their clothes. Taylor and I were both beside ourselves wondering what was happening to me and the baby. I couldn’t understand why it was developing so fast. It seemed as though Holly took charge of the whole situation. I was eating constantly therefore both Amanda and Holly had to try and steer clear of me and my violent outbursts. Taylor had to try and control me as best as he could.

It had been about four days and I, at first sight on the fourth day, looked like had gone through a full nine-month term. I couldn’t control myself and had to be locked in my room away from the girls.

“Phyl…you have to calm down…” Taylor said nervously as he looked down at me while I was lying on the bed.
“You…you don’t…you don’t understand! I’m…I’m…I’m so hungry…” I said frantically. I searched his face for any signs of sympathy and of course they were there.
“Taylor…I don’t know what to do…I feel like I’m going insane…” I said, putting my hands to the sides of my head.
“You have to just try and relax…killing Amanda and Holly will not help the situation.” He said seriously then chuckled. I laughed and took a deep breath. At that point, he sat down on the bed next to me and took my hand. He tenderly raised my hand to his face and kissed it. I smiled up at him and slowly began to close my eyes.
“Just relax…” He smiled and proceeded to caress my forehead with his fingertips softly. I nodded with my eyes still closed. He let go of my hand and walked to the door, making sure to close it tightly behind himself. I was just about to fall asleep when I could feel a sharp pain invade my body. My eyes flew open and a let out a shriek of agony. Within seconds, all three of them were in my room, looking down at me.
“PHYL!” Taylor yelled and ran over to me, grabbing my hand.
“AGHHH!” I screamed in pure pain.
“What’s wrong….” He muttered with a shocked expression.
“Oh god! She’s going into labor!” Amanda yelled and ran out of the room in a rush. Holly soon followed after. I looked at Taylor straight in the eyes and I let myself start to cry in pain.
“Hold on…hold on Phyl…” He pleaded. I gripped his hand with every agonizing wave of pain.
“AGHHH!” I screamed again. Soon Holly and Amanda were in the room with towels.
“MAKE IT STOP!” I screamed. I closed my eyes and bit my lip hard.
“Phyl…Phyl…don’t do that…come on…you gotta…you gotta concentrate…” Taylor said, brushing the hair out of my face.
“Please…please…make it stop…please…” I cried to him with my lip trembling. I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out. I started to rack with sobs from the pain.
“Phyllis…” Taylor actually started crying with me. He pressed his cheek to my head and closed his eyes as he kept holding my hand.
“Please…please…” I said weakly.

“Phyl…you have to start pushing…do you hear me…” I could hear Holly say as she looked up at me.
“NO! I…I…I can’t…” I pleaded with wide eyes. I couldn’t handle the pain. It was all just too much for me.
“PHYL! YOU HAVE TO!” She commanded.
“Come on Phyl…” Taylor whispered.
“You have to push…” He whispered again.
“Taylor…I…I can’t…I just can’t…” I pleaded, trembling all over.
“Come on…” He said and smiled. He leaned in and kissed me briefly on the mouth. I nodded and took a deep breath as he looked into my eyes. I turned my attention to Holly who was standing in front of me. Amanda immediately came around the other side of me and took my other hand.
“Okay Phyl…start…” Before Holly could even finish what she was saying, I began pushing and in the grand total of two minutes, I had a baby in my arms.

I looked down at my child weakly and smiled. Taylor looked and I could see him start to cry, letting the tears fall down his face freely.
“Phyl…you have a boy.” Holly smiled. I smiled up at her and began crying.
“I have a son…” Taylor said softly and blinked away his rapidly forming tears. I stopped suddenly when I looked down at my son. I narrowed my eyes and looked at him carefully. He had jet black hair which seemed extremely unusual considering neither Taylor nor I had that color hair. We both had dirty blonde to brown hair. Unexpectedly, the baby opened his eyes wide. I gasped to myself at what I saw. My baby had glowing blue green eyes that were so eerie it took my breath away.
“Ta-Taylor…” I stammered in shock.
“Oh my god…” He stuttered. Amanda and Holly immediately got up and stood by us.
“What’s wrong…oh my god…” Amanda immediately covered her mouth and looked down in shock. I glanced over at Holly and noted she didn’t seem to phased by the situation.
“Wh-why…why does he…I…” Amanda began to stammer.
“Why is his hair black?” Taylor questioned.
“He has taken on the genes of your disguises, Felicia and Jordan.” Holly said simply.
“But…but…his eyes and…” I began to say.
“You both are vampires…it comes with the gene pool.” Holly said matter-of-factly.
“How…how do you know this…” Taylor questioned and got up from his seat on the bed next to me. Holly took a deep breath and sat down in a chair across from the bed. She lowered her head and sighed.
“Holly….please…” I pleaded.

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