Chapter 9

"I canít believe it worked!" beamed Hope. "I thought we were done for!" She quietly wept as her friends looked on. "Whatís even better is that weíve found out that youíre an angel, Zac! Itís amazing."
"Yeah!" agreed Robyn. "This calls for a serious celebration!"
"I donít think that itís THAT much of a big deal, really!" Hope laughed as Robyn hugged Taylor as she continued to insist.
"Come on, puhleeeeese?!" begged Robyn as she did her famous puppy-dog look to her friend again.
"Oh, alright, then," smiled Hope. "We do have good reason to, so why not?!"
"Whatíll we have?!" asked Robyn excitedly. "Weíre going to need music, and lots of food, and cakes,Ö"
Hope laughed. "We shouldnít over do it, Robyn! Perhaps we can have some good foods like pie, umÖ,"
"How about we just have something like burgers?" asked Zac. "Itíd be easier, and we wouldnít be overdoing it."
"I get it!" cried Robyn. "Just like an outdoor barbeque! Man! I love those!"
"Oh okay!" Hope said as she smiled even more. "Right now Iím so glad that we have the book back, I- I- I donít know what to say!" Hope closed her eyes and began to cry again.
"You really are a crybaby, Hope!" teased Taylor. "-What the hell?!" Taylor stopped and stared in amazement as Hope began glowing a brilliant, white light.

The rags that Hope had called jean shorts and a sweatshirt were transforming into a beautiful white, silk-like gown. In her hair, appeared a wreath of beautiful flowers.

Hope looked up at her friends and asked, "Whatís the matter, guys?"
"Hope, youíve changed," murmured Isaac. "You look just like one of your drawings!"

Hope stood up and blankly stared at him with a puzzled look.

"I havenít changed, guys, Iím still Hope! The helpful, Ďcry babyí thatís been with you guys!" Hope said softly.
"Hope, youíre just like your drawing! The angels! Youíre an angel!" whispered Robyn into Hopeís ear.
"What?" Hope inquired. "I donít believe it! Itís got to be the reason why Shay is such a pervert! Heís been trying to make us fall!" She looked down at the gown and brushed out a winkle. "Iím just astounded. I really am! I- aaaaaah!!!!" Hope cried as she fell on her knees, placing her hands over the place that Shay kissed her.
"Hope!" cried Zac. "Are you okay?!"
"Let us see whatís wrong, Hope. Maybe we can help you!" coaxed Isaac.

Hope looked away for a moment, and then she moved her hands from her cheek to reveal a small, circular, kiss-shaped burn.

"What is that from?!" cried Taylor.
"It was from my first encounter with Shay," winced Hope. "He had kissed me on the cheek, but I donít know why! Someone! Help me! Please! It burns!"
"Maybe we can wash it off!" cried Zac grabbing a bottle of water. "Here! Wash this over that burn! It may help cool it off or something!"

Hope took the water and began to wash her face.

"Is it working?" asked Isaac.
She looked up at Isaac and smiled reassuring him that she was fine. "Iím fine, thank you," Hope said getting back up, and dusting the sand off the white gown.
"That burn mark is still on your cheek, though, Hope!" said Robyn.
"The burning though has finally stopped, Robyn," Hope smiled. "I couldnít be any better than that at this moment." She grabbed her sketchbook and began to sketch down objects like a maniac. "Now back to getting that celebration started!"

The four watched their friend, Hope, who was still as an angel continuing to draw up everything. Before Hope was to finish the final details, she paused.

"What is it, Hope?" asked Zac.
"I was just thinking," she replied. "Maybe I donít need to keep drawing it all. Perhaps I could focus on what I want, and maybe it will appear!"
Zac smiled and said, "Youíve done a lot on the drawing so far. I think you should finish it." Hope smiled back and nodded.

As Hope finished her drawing, there before them appeared a small yet powerful stereo, delicious foods, sodas, green tea (for Hope), and the milk that she didnít get to draw for Taylor.

"You just HAD to draw the milk NOW, didnít you?" Tay said as he rolled his eyes.
"Well you did want milk, didnít you?" Hope smiled. "This makes up for this morning."
"Wow!" cried Robyn. "This is great! I canít believe it! Look! We got burgers, a pie, ice cream, and a stereo that has a five CD-changer! This is just too cool!"
"Itís not much, really," Zac said. "We canít have too much going on because of Shay." He took a burger and bit into it. "My question is how can Ike and I become like what you are?"
Hope shrugged as she looked at her new sketchbook. "I think that it has to do with the amount of emotional energy thatís given off by an angel."
"I think I get it," mused Zac. "When one of the angels are reaching their potential energy, they begin to glow right before they totally transform! Fascinating!"
"Enough of this technical mumbo-jumbo!" interrupted Robyn. "Letís party! I havenít partied in ages! Come on, Taylor! Letís dance!" With that, Robyn grabbed Taylor by his wrists and pulled him over to an open area.
"But I donít know how to dance!" exclaimed Taylor.
"Donít worry about that!" smiled Robyn. "Live for the moment! Just like a poem Hope was explaining to me about one night! You donít worry about the schematics of everything! You just do them at that moment. Going by emotional impulse!"
"What makes you so sure about it?" he asked.
"Think about it," Robyn said spinning circles. "I wouldnít be spinning in circles worrying about it if Iím putting my feet in the right place. Itís like dancing. You dance what you feel. Get it?" She kept spinning and landed into Taylor. "Oh, sorry!" she blushed.
"Thatís alright," Taylor said as he took her hands.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"Dancing," smiled Taylor. "You said to do what you felt is emotionally right, right? Well I feel like dancing, and so I will!"
"Will you look at them?" sighed Hope. "Thatís so cute. Robyn looks as if sheís dancing on the air." With a slight smile, Hope closed her eyes and then looked at her feet. "When youíre noticed by the person you care for, itís just such an indescribable feeling. -I wish that would happen to me for once." She muttered out her last sentence so quietly that no one could hear her.
"Yeah, it does look like Robynís dancing on the air, Hope," smiled Isaac. "I havenít seen Tay like this unless heís working on something music-related."
"Thatís great," muttered Hope. "If I was having a day dream like that, someone would burst my bubble and spoil all of my fun. Like, youíll do or say something on purpose thatís brainless to be a little more entertained, and someone then comes and just ruins it for you! I hate it so much!"
Isaac shrugged his shoulders. "I donít know what to say about that. Itís like dreaming about snow in July, and then having someone make you snap out of it, I guess."
"Thatís a very mild way to put it," Hope smiled somberly. "But look at them! They look so happy over there!"
"Look at you Taylor!" cried Robyn. "Youíre not as bad of a dancer as you said!"
"Thanks!" he smiled.
"Taylor! This is the happiest day of all my seventeen years! I never thought I would ever have a chance to meet you, even dance with you! I just hope that this day never ends!" Robyn exclaimed with excitement.
"Me too," Taylor said as he gently placed his lips on hers.

For that split second, Robyn began to cry as bright blue tears of joy fell from her eyes as she began to glow brighter by the moment.

"Oh my God," Hope murmured. "Could it be...?"
"It is," breathed Isaac. "She is one of us, Hope. Sheís dressed just like you now. Itís amazing."
"Hope?!" cried Robyn running over to her friend. "What just happened to me?"
"Well," Hope began. "You were dancing with Taylor when he kissed you. As soon as he did that, you transformed into an angel!"
"Oh, Hope! Taylor! This is amazing!" Robyn cried. "I-Ö"
"I must dispose of you now!" A voice boomed over the campsite.
"What the hell?!" cried Isaac.
"No, it canít be! That voice!" Hope whispered.
"SHAY!" Robyn screamed as she tried to hide in Taylorís arms.
"Iím glad to see you, too, Robyn," smiled Shay deviously. Robyn gasped and tried to speak.
"Donít even ask, my dear," Shay spoke as he waved his finger in the air. "I know all of your names. Iíve known them from the very start. Iím surprised Hope that you finally discovered your inner power. Itís a pity you wonít be very useful to your friends."

As he spoke, the five friends just stood there in complete horror as Shay began to grow and transform into a hideous dragon.

"Hope!" yelled Zac. "Did you know he could do that?!"
"No!" she cried back. "He must have seen one of the drawings in my sketchbook that he stole! I donít know what weíre going to do!!"

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