Chapter 8

Hope woke up early the next morning. She had a strange feeling but didnít know exactly what it was. She felt her face in the spot where Shay had kissed her a few days ago. It was still a bit sore but at least it was healing. She heard noises outside her tent so she went out to see what it was.
"Taylor you are up early!" Hope said as she noticed him eating some dry cereal.
"You forgot to draw milk!" He said as he had another hand full of the cereal.
"No I didnít! I just didnít fish drawing it so it wouldnít go bad!" Hope said as she went to the spot where she had left the book. "Did you move it?" She asked Taylor.
"I havenít seen it!" Taylor said.
"Right... you are probably just trying to get back at me, because of what I did yesterday. Give it to me if you want the milk!" Hope said angrily.
"I donít have it!" Taylor said as he walked back to his tent.
"Then were is it?" Hope asked.
"Maybe Shay stole it!" Taylor said sarcastically.
"Oh My God what if he did?" Hope said as she started to panic.
Taylor and Hope both started to searched the camp site frantically for the book.
"Iíll check my tent!" Hope said as she realized it wasnít outside.
"Iíll check mine, but I doubt itís there!" Taylor said as he unzipped his tent.
Hope rushed into the tent and found Robyn still sleeping. She quietly started to search around.
"Taylor Help!" Robyn screamed as she sat up in bed breathing deeply.
"Whatís wrong? What happened?" Taylor asked as he burst in the tent.
"Robyn you were having a nightmare, are you ok?" Hope asked as she sat down beside Robyn.
"Iíll be fine!" Robyn said as she sleepily fell backward in bed.
"Are you sure?" Taylor asked.
"Yeah." Robyn said.
Taylor walked out of the tent and Hope kept looking for the book.
"What are you doing?" Robyn asked as she sat up again.
"Looking for my sketchbook." Hope said as she empted a bag of cloths onto the floor.
"You left it outside last night." Robyn said as she grabbed her brush.
"Oh no!" Hope whined.
"What?" Robyn asked.
"Taylor and I think Shay may have come and taken it and now itís looking like he has." Hope said as she pushed the cloths back in the bag.
Robyn was silent.
"Well any way what were you dreaming about?" Hope asked.
"It was just a battle with Shay and you were there and we were both in big trouble." Robyn said with a sigh.
"Oh I see." Hope said. "Well Iím going to go back out side to look. If you see it, tell me!"
Hope walked out of the tent to find all the guys searching for the book.
"Did you put it in Robynís Guitar case?" Zac asked.
"I donít think so!" Hope answered.
"Nope!" Ike yelled as he did up the case again.
"Itís not in our tent!" Robyn said as she came out wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
"Oh my god itís gone!" Hope cried. "We are so dead out here!" she said as she started to cry.
"Hope, donít cry, weíll think of something. Things canít be all bad. I mean we did find one angel!" Robyn said giving her friend a hug.
"But Ike is only one and who knows what Shay can do with that book." Hope said through tears.
"Hope, weíll think of something!" Zac said as he started to pace, deep in thought, in front of Hope.
"But what if he tries to draw something to destroy us?" Hope asked.
"I donít honestly think that itís the book, Hope, I think it's you." Zac said. "That book will be unless without you."
"What makes you so sure?" Hope asked.
"Iím not sure." Zac said as he started to play with the sand under his feet. "I have an idea. Draw something in the sand Hope."
"What?" Hope asked confused with the request.
"Draw something in the sand!" Robyn said as she drew a smiley face in the sand.
"I donít think it would work guys." Hope said as she sat back.
"It's worth a try Hope, I mean what else are you going to do?" Ike asked as he sat down next to her.
"Lets Dance!" Robyn yelled.
"What?" Ike asked looking at Robyn strangely.
"You asked what else are we going to do and I said dance, or at least sing something. Everyone is so down I canít stand it. Get happy people! Come on Joyful!" Robyn said as she ran and grabbed her guitar.
"Robyn, not now, please." Hope pleaded.
"Why are you losing hope, Hope?" Robyn asked as she started to strum away on her guitar.
"Everything is hopeless out here. Shay is going to defeat us. Iím sure about it!" Hope said as she buried her face in her hands.

"...their can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail its hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe some how you will.
You will when you believe. In this time of fear.
Where prayers so often proves in vain.
Hope seem like the summer birds to swiftly blown away.
But now Iím standing here.
A heart so full I canít explain.
Seeking faith and speaking word we never thought weíd say.
There can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail its hard to kill.
Who know what miracles you can achieve.
When you believe some how you will.
You will when you believe..."
Robyn softly sang as her friends listened.

"Hope sheís right, if you believe in yourself you can save us." Ike said as he put his arm around her.
"Hope, why donít you try and draw your book in the sand and then maybe we will get it back from Shay." Zac said as he handed her a small rock. "Use this."
"Guys itís not going to work ok!" Hope said angrily.
Everyone sat in silence.
"I canít stand this!" Robyn screamed.
"What?" Taylor asked as he got up.
"Everyone is so negative. Why canít we just make the best of this situation?" Robyn asked as she stood in front of her friends.
"And what do you propose we do?" Hope asked.
"Have some fun!" Robyn replied as she ran into the tent.
She came back a few minutes later carrying her CD player. She pressed play on the portable CD player and turned the volume up as loud as it could go. From the headphones came a faint, but defined song.

"Friday night and the lights are low.
Weíve come lookin for a place go..."
Robyn started to sing.

"You like Abba?" Taylor asked with a laugh.
"Oh god yeah, they rock!" Robyn said happily.

"...Dancing Queen feel the beat from the tambourine oh yeah..." Taylor and Robyn sang and danced. Everyone started to laugh as Robyn ran up to Hope and grabbed her by the hands.

"You can dance,
you can jive,
having the time of your life... oh, oh, oh...
See that girl.
Watch that scene.
Diggin the dancing Queen..."
Robyn sang to Hope as she cheered up and started to dance as well.

"Got to love the disco music!" Taylor joked as the song ended.
"Got to love anything you can dance to!" Robyn said happily.
"Robyn you are so nuts!" Hope laughed.
"Come on Hope, please try and draw something in the sand!" Robyn said as she gave her friend the puppy dog look. "If you donít, I might start singing the spice girls... 'Stop right now thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch, hey you always on the run, got to slow it down, baby got to have some fun...í"
"Ok, ok! Stop please, Iíll draw something!" Hope said with a laugh.
Everyone watched silently as Hope drew in the sand. She started out with her sketchbook. As she finished it appeared on the ground in front of her.
"Oh my god it worked!" Zac said as he began to glow.
"Oh my god Zac, you were right..." Hope said as she stared up at him, "...you are the angel of Intelligence."


Shay stared down at the book. In the back of his mind he watched the group of five. "They know that one is an angel... I can not let them find out that they all are." Shay said to himself as he stared down at the picture of himself in the book.
"Now why canít I get any of these creature out of this book?" he wondered as he passed by demons and dragons that Hope had drawn. As he watched the group fall into a great depression not knowing how to survive with out the help of the book he felt stronger. "The more Hope loses her will to help, the stronger I get and the closer she is to falling." He said to himself. He confidently put the book down and wandered back to the campsite. Staying out of site, he watched as Robyn tried to cheer up her friends. He felt week, for some reason, his powers were fading. The returning hope was strengthening the angels. He watched in horror as the book appeared on the sand. "The girl is the key!" he yelled angrily as he fled back to his hide out. "I must destroy them now!" he said, more determined then ever. "Hope must fall, if not I am doomed."

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