Chapter 10

"Well Hope are you ready for me to finish what I started the first day we met?" Shay asked as he laughed evilly and breathed fire down at her.
"You wonít touch her!" Ike exclaimed as he stepped in front of. He began to glow a brilliant white as he transformed on that very spot. "You will not hurt any of them!"
"Even with the five of you together you cannot defeat me." Shay laughed. "You are all fools! Two of you are not sure of your powers! I have the advantage here." Shay boomed as he looked down at Taylor and Zac. "As for not touching Hope. I will not have to!" he added as he spread his giant hideous wings and took off into the sky.
"Oh god!" Hope screamed as the burning returned. She brought her hand up to her face and covered the burn, but that just made it worse, the burning moved from her face to her hand. She screamed again in agony. "Itís spreading! Oh god! Itís hotter than before! Please make it stop!" She cried as tears filled her eyes.
"Stop hurting her!" Robyn screamed as tears welled in her eye. She ran to her friend's side.
"Robyn donít touch her!" Taylor yelled as he too started to glow. "It may affect you too!"
"God help her!" Robyn prayed.
The blue tears rolled down Robynís face. All she could do was sit and watch her friend. There was nothing she could do. One of her tears fell onto Hopeís arm. It seamed to multiply and cover her entire arm soon it ran up her cheeks. Soon the blue liquid seemed to cover all Hopeís exposed skin. Hope stopped screaming and seemed to calm down.
"Robyn your tears are like ice. The burning is stopping!" Hope said as she threw her arms around her friend. "Thank you!" she added as she too started to cry.
"Youíll never defeat us now!" Zac said as he and his brothers stood in front of the girls. "We are the five angels!" He added as he fully transformed on the spot.
With that Shay disappeared.
"Where did he go?" Zac asked as he spun in a circle looking all around.
"Robyn you are so amazing!" Taylor said as he wrapped his arms around Robyn. He smiled lovingly down at her and transformed.
"It makes so much sense!" Hope said as she watched the two of them.
"What does?" Ike asked.
"Robyn is the angel of Joy and Taylor is the angel of Love." Zac said.
"Exactly. Robyn's happiness is what made her change and Taylorís love for her changed him!" Hope said with a smile as Robyn and Taylor both blushed bright red.
Suddenly Shay reappeared behind Hope and shot a burst of energy at her. Ike was stunned to see her hit the ground. The rage built inside him as brilliant white fire shot from the palms of his hands and up at the giant beast.
"Hope!" Robyn cried as she rushed to her side.
"Oh Child donít cry for your friend, you will join her!" Shay yelled as he shot the same energy at Robyn.
"No!" Taylor yelled and shot the same white fire up at him.
Robyn grabbed Hope in her arms and bowed her head in prayer. A brilliant white light radiated off Robyn and consumed the two of them. "Oh God, my lord do not let him hurt her." She whispered.
"Zac help us!" Ike yelled as he felt himself growing weaker.
"You wonít hurt them!" Zac yelled as he too found the power deep within himself and shot the fire at Shay.
"Oh Hope, they canít beat him without us. Please we have to help them wake up!" Robyn whispered as the tears rolled down her cheeks.
"I give you my strength my friend!" Hope whispered as a blue tear rolled down her face and landed in Robynís hand.
Robyn turned her head and faced Shay, still holding her friend tightly in her arms. Her eyes were starry and distant. The white light that surrounded them became a giant ball of rainbow fire. Robyn squeezed her eyes shut. "You, oh god, are my lord. I bare your word and do thy deeds." Robyn screamed as the ball of fire flew from Hope and herself and struck Shay in the chest. He fell to the ground as he transformed back to his old form.
He grabbed his chest breathing hard as the sweat poured down his face. "You have not seen the last of me!" He yelled in pain as he disappeared.
With that both Robyn and Hope collapsed.
"Robyn!" Taylor yelled as he ran over.
"Oh god Hope!" Ike yelled as he followed his brother.
"Is Hope ok?" Robyn asked as she looked up at Taylor weakly.
"I donít think so Robyn." Ike said as he picked Hope up into his arms.
"What do you mean?" Robyn cried.
"She is breathing, but weakly, her pulse is low, and she is very pale." Zac said with a sigh.
"And I canít wake her up. She isnít responding to anything!" Ike said as her brought her into a tent and laid her down.
"Oh god no!" Robyn cried weakly.

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