Chapter 7

"What makes you think that Iím an angel?!" asked Isaac. "I donít have wings, do I?"
"No, and the angels in the book donít have wings, either, Ike," Hope strongly stated. "When you were saving them, you began to give off a bright white light. Now how do you explain that one?"
Ike scratched the back of his head and looked at the ground. "But how come I didnít notice? I didnít go ĎHey, Iím an angel and I can whip your ass,í did I?" Ike had shrugged.
"If you werenít an angel, Shay wouldnít have left in such a hurry. He would have enjoyed watching us slowly die from his torture." Hope placed her index finger on Ikeís chest, giving him a look as hard as stone. She looked at the others and said, "Letís go back to the campsite. We canít do much either way at this very moment and we donít know when Shay will come back. I know I donít want to be stuck nowhere in Hell."
They all headed back to the campsite and discussed the events that had happened that day around the on going bonfire.
"So, Iím an angel," muttered Ike. "I wonder if any of you here are too."
"Iím not sure," said Robyn. "But one thing I know is that Shay is really, like, obsessed with you now, ...doing it to young girls." Robyn closed her eyes slowly as she mumbled out the last of her sentence.
"I have to agree with Robyn there," said Hope with a flat expression on her face. "Besides, we hardly even know each other here. We have to make the best out of this situation no matter how bad it may seem right now. I was walking home from a bad day at work, and I got here because all of the trees and homes disappeared!" Hope closed her eyes. "Then there was my encounter with Shay. He would have almost killed me if it wasnít for Robyn."
"That is amazing," mused Taylor. "I thought that these angels would stick together, being called ĎThe fiveí, you know. Like Hope said, we hardly even know each other and thatís as much as we know about the angels, too! Come on! I still donít believe any of this! Ikeís not an angel! Look at him! Heís, heís... heís IKE!"
"Calm down, Tay," Hope said as she folded her hands. "Who knows who and where the angels are. For all I know, you could be one. And your attitude will get us nowhere!" Hope sighed and looked at her feet. She felt that there was no way to prove to Taylor that the angels were real.
ĎWhat the heck,í she thought. ĎI donít even know how to explain Ike!í
"Say, Ike? When you were glowing... you know, when saving Tay and Robyn, what were you feeling or thinking at that very moment? Maybe we can figure out which angel you are," spoke up Hope trying to change the subject.
Ike scratched his head and looked at Hope. "I donít know," he said. "I was like, ĎI have to save them. I have to be strong. I..."
"Thatís it!" cried Hope. "You are the Angel of Strength, Isaac Hanson. Iím glad that we have you with us!"
Robyn picked up Hopeís sketchbook and looked at the page of the angels.
"Hey! Look at this!" cried Robyn. "One of the angels is starting to get a face! Hope, did you start adding more to it? I thought that you said you were finished with this!"
"I am! What are you talking about?"
"Iím talking about this!" Robyn said as she presented the sketchbook to the rest of the group, revealing that one of the angels began to have a likeness to Isaac.
"Oh my God!" whispered Hope. "I didnít draw that. It canít be... can it?"
"This is getting too weird for me now!" Taylor getting more annoyed.
Hope looked at Taylor. "I think that youíre probably an angel and you donít want to admit that possibility!" Hope said coyly. "Yeah, guys, I think that Taylorís feeling a little more above all of us who actually believe that there is a possibility. Come on! Look at Ike! People donít glow every day like that! Admit it Tay!"
Taylor snorted and turned his back to Hope.
"Gee, thanks!" Hope huffed slightly losing her patience. "Robyn, go talk to your Ďboyfriendí over there, will you? Heís acting like heís got PMS on the rocks!"
"Boyfriend?! What are you talking about?!" Tay cried as his face was growing a bright shade of red. "Who died and made you boss?!"
"Tay," Hope said as she turned again to him. "You like her. Admit it! If you think youíre so tough, then I highly doubt you to be one of the angels, the Angel of Intelligence? Oh, Indeed! Heís smarter than any of us combined, did you know that?! He knows that this is all a dream and that heíll wake up not knowing any of the events that have happened here! He knows that all of this is just one big load of bull shit!"
"Hope! I didnít say that!" yelled Taylor. "I just donít believe any of the stuff youíre telling me!"
"Hope!" whispered Robyn. "Why are you doing this? Youíre getting him mad!"
"I know," Hope quietly replied. "Iím trying to see how strong he is." Hope smiled to her friend and told her not to worry. "I think he likes you. Heís just afraid to say it in front of his brothers and me." At those very words, Robyn blushed brighter than Taylor was a moment ago.
Noticing this, Tay began to bother Hope again. "Hey! What did you tell her!? Were you embarrassing her?! You better not be!"
Hope kept smiling and she looked at Robyn. "See?" she said with a laugh. "Donít you worry." Hope then turned to another page in her book and started to draw herself some clean clothes. "Itís getting dark," said Zac as he looked up at the sky.
Hope had just drawn them a tent and fresh supplies for the night.
"Yeah, it is," agreed Hope as she placed her sketchbook down beside the tent. "We should go to bed. I donít know what weíll do tomorrow. Good night."

Later, as they laid sleeping, Shay returned, a little more disgruntled than he was earlier from that day.
"Damn that angel," he muttered. "I was so close. I had almost made one of the angels fall! But no! He had to get in the way! I could have destroyed them easily! Wait, whatís this?" He picked up Hopeís sketchbook. "This may become of good use," he said aloud as he examined the drawings, "Very good use."

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