Chapter 6

Robyn sat up in bed. She shivered a little and brushed her messy hair out of her face. She rubbed her eyes as the bright sun spilled into the tent. "My Guitar!" she cried as she realized the sound that Hope was talking about. She burst out of the tent.
"Hello...is this yours?" Ike said as he handed it to Robyn.
"Yes thank you." Robyn said as she shyly took it back from Ike.
"Gee Robyn you seem really attached to that thing!" Hope said with a laugh.
"What do you mean? Stop asking questions it's to early. I didn't sleep well." Robyn whined as she sat down. "Somebody turn off the sun it's too bright" she said as she rubbed her eyes again.
"It worked Robyn!" Hope said as she ran to her friend's side.
"What worked?" Robyn said as she stood up and stretched.
"Look at Taylor!" Hope said as she grabbed Robyn by the sides of he and turned it so that she faced Taylor. "Tight blue jeans, white muscle shirt and over top a red button shirt." Hope whispered.
"Your drawing! Zac the baggy jeans and the t-shirt! Oh my god! Ike's leather jacket!" Robyn said as she walked around the guys. She stopped and pointed at Zac's feet.
"The shoes!" she both cried as they noticed the yellow shoes on his feet.
"I can't believe it worked!" Hope said in disbelief.
"Ok I think we have missed something." Taylor said as he and his brother looked at each other with questioning looks.
"How do we explain this to them?" Hope whispered to Robyn.
"Umm..." Robyn stuttered. "Hi!" she said as she turned to the guys and smiled. "I'm Robyn-Ella and this Hope and this is all a dream! You will wake up and none of this will have happened, I hope! Until then..." she searched for something to say. She smiled at the guys. "Can we get you anything, food, drinks, a psychiatrist?" she asked.
"You don't know what we're doing here either do you?" Zac asked as he sat down.
"Honestly? No! We don't know why we are hear." Hope said. "We kinda met here in literally the middle of nowhere and can't leave."
"Yeah that's what happened! And then Hope started to draw stuff and it appeared and we started joking around saying 'wouldn't it be cool if...' and well she drew you and now you're here!" Robyn said all in one breath.
"Can you repeat that a little slower please?" Ike said.
"I can't." Robyn said as she went into the Tent. "I forgot to get you to draw clean clothes!" She said as she handed Hope the sketchbook.
"What's wrong with what you are wearing?" Taylor asked.
"It's dirty! I wore it yesterday." Robyn said and gave him a weird look.
"What would you like to wear today?" Hope said in a weird tone.
"How about a tank top and...Jeans like baggy skater jeans." Robyn said with a smile.
"Ok guys watch this and maybe it will explain a little." Hope said as she drew the clothes for Robyn.
The tank top appeared first. The guys stared at it as Robyn grabbed it off the ground. Then the dark blue jeans appeared.
"Thank you!" Robyn said happily and ran into the tent to change.
"How did you do that?" Zac asked.
"I don't know everything that I draw seems to appear!" Hope said as she placed the book beside her.
"Can we look thought it?" Taylor asked as he pointed at the book.
"I guess!" Hope said as she handed it to him.
"How does this look?" Robyn asked as she came out in the bright red top and the jeans. Her hair was back up in the pigtails.
"Very Brittany Spears-ish!" Zac said with a laugh.
"Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh baby, baby. Oops you think I'm in love. Been sent from above. But I'm not that innocent." Robyn sang and danced.
Everyone started to laugh as Robyn continued. When she was finished she sat down beside Hope.
"So what were you all taking about?" Robyn asked as she noticed Tay and Ike looking through the sketchbook. "Isn't she awesome?" she asked as she pointed at Hope.
"Yeah these are really great!" Taylor said as he flipped another page.
"Oh those are the five faceless angels!" Robyn said. "So you were telling me something about hope and love and joy... what was that all about?" she asked Hope.
"Well as you know each angel is one of them..." hope started.
"One of what?" Ike asked.
"Ok I'll start over. They are each a human emotion. Hope, Joy, Love, Strength and intelligence." Hope explained. "Without hope you can't be joyful, without joy there can be no love, with out love there would be no strength, without strength there would be no intelligence and with out intelligence there is no hope. You see it's a circle and each angel needs the others to help them to defeat Shay." Hope continued.
"Who's Shay?" Taylor asked.
"Flip ahead a couple pages." Robyn said. "That creepy, nasty, evil guy is Shay!" she said
"You created him?" Ike asked
"I guess I did." Hope said.
"This is dumb! I don't believe any of this! I'm going to find away home!" Taylor said as he got up and walked away.
"Taylor you won't find anything!" Hope yelled.
"She's right Taylor there is nothing out there but nothing and Shay!" Robyn yelled.
"What is he going to do?" Taylor asked as he turned around.
"He might attack you!" Hope said.
"He attacked her." Robyn said.
"He is waiting for the angels." Hope said.
"Maybe if we find them they could help us get home!" Zac said.
"All I know is I don't want him to find me!" Robyn said shyly.
"Why are you an angel?" Ike asked.
"No!" Robyn said with a laugh. "At least I don't think I am. I mean if I was I would know it right? I'm so confused!" she said as she started to panic. "Why am I here? Why am I in this crazy world, with a girl who draws stuff that appears and Hanson who appeared out of a drawing. I mean I looked through the book and didn't see a picture of me, so why am I hear?" She said as she started to cry.
"Calm down Robyn!" Hope said softly to her friend.
"I can't Hope I dreamt that Shay attacked me. What if he does! He as disquieted as Taylor!" She said as she jumped up and backed away from the group. "What if Taylor isn't Taylor! What if that is Shay right now!" Robyn cried as a big blue tear rolled down her cheek.
"I'm not Shay!" Taylor said as he walked up closer to Robyn.
"Stay away from me!" Robyn screamed.
"Robyn Taylor is not Shay!" Hope said as she grabbed Her by the shoulder.
"What makes you so sure?" Robyn cried into her friends shoulder.
"What did he do to you that has you so scared?" Taylor asked as he backed up.
Robyn looked up at Taylor Not knowing what to say. She was afraid that he was Shay in disguise but his blue eyes looked down full of concern.
"Did he try and rape you?" Hope whispered.
"Yes." Robyn said softly.
"Oh god...I would never do anything like that!" Taylor said as he took another step backward.
Taylor walked away from the girls and when to sit around the back of the tent. Ike found his brother staring off into another world.
"I would never touch her Ike." Taylor said softly as he noticed his bother.
"I know you wouldn't." Ike said. "She is just afraid and confused. We have to be strong for her."


"Robyn are you ok?" Hope asked as she watched her friend follow Taylor with her eyes.
"I think I am." Robyn said softly.
"Can I get you anything?" Hope asked with half a smile.
"I know that, that's not Shay!" Robyn said as she motioned over to Taylor.
"How do you know?" Hope asked in disbelief.
"I don't know it's just a feeling!" Robyn said with half a smile.
"I had a dream last night too but I'll tell you about it later you should go and apologize to Taylor!" Hope said as she gave Robyn a push.
"I know!" Robyn smiled as she got up. She walked over to the tent and found Taylor and Ike. "Hi guys." she said shyly.
"Hey Robyn-Ella" Ike said with a smile.
"Robyn is enough Ike." Robyn giggled.
"Ok Robyn!" Ike said with a weird face.
"Can I talk to Taylor for a minute Ike?" Robyn asked. As Taylor heard his name he snapped out of his little worked and looked up at Robyn.
"Sure!" Ike said as he got up.
Robyn sat down in the dirt next to Taylor. She searched for the right words but couldn't think of anything. She looked at her hands nervously. Taylor reached over and took one of her hands.
"I would never hurt you!" he said softly as he looked out into space.
"I know you wouldn't." Robyn said as she squeezed his hand tightly.
"You do?" Taylor questioned as he looked at her.
Robyn nodded her head and smiled shyly.
"How?" he asked.
"I don't know I'm getting this weird vibe from you!" Robyn said with a giggle.
"Are you sure it's not an evil vibe?" Taylor asked.
"No maybe I'm just to star struck!" Robyn laughed. "Yeah I'm sure if I wasn't I wouldn't have come over here!"
"Want to go for a walk?" Taylor asked as he got up.
Robyn hesitated for a second then grabbed onto his outstretched hand and pulled herself up. They walked out into nowhere. Robyn felt safe with Taylor. She looked up and the bright red sky began to spin. Taylor has stopped to look at it by she had kept walking. She saw the sand swirling around her. She turned to see Taylor spin in a circle not knowing what was going on. The wall of sand grew thick between them.
"Taylor where are you?" Robyn screamed.
"You and your race will parish!" Robyn heard a voice say to her. She spun around and came face to face with Shay.
"Taylor Help me!" Robyn screamed.
"No one can help you now." Shay said as he hit Robyn and she fell to the ground.
"Don't touch her!" Taylor yelled as he kicked Shay off of Robyn.
"And you think you will stop me?" Shay said as he stood up and faced Taylor.
"I can try!" Taylor said as he pushed Robyn behind him, "you will not hurt her."
"Robyn, are you alright?" They heard Hope yell.
"Hope Help us Taylor is trying to fight Shay!" Robyn screamed as she grabbed onto Taylor's shoulder.
"Taylor just get outta there!" Ike yelled from somewhere.
"Tay you can't fight him alone!" Zac yelled. "You would never beat him. We have to find the angels!"
"He wants to rape Robyn I won't let him!" Taylor Yelled. "Robyn, get out of here!"
"I'm not leaving you in here with him!" Robyn cried as she grabbed onto his hand. "Come on lets try and get away!"
"We're coming in Taylor you can't do this alone!" Ike yelled as he broke his way through the wall of sand.
As Ike broke through he seemed to glow. Shay watched in horror as the other two-followed Ike in. He fled the scene and the winds died.
"He disappeared!" Zac said as he looked around.
"Ike are you ok?" Hope asked as she stared at him.
"Robyn did her hurt you?" Taylor asked as he grabbed her hands.
"Why are you looking at me like that Hope?" Ike asked.
"Hope your drawing. Ike is one of them!" Robyn said as everyone stared at Isaac.

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