Chapter 5

Shay sat there, studying the scroll. "Their love will be their downfall," he chuckled aloud.

"Whatchaí working on now?" asked Robyn while looking over Hopeís shoulder to see what she was drawing by the fire.
"Gaa! Oh, nothing at all! Iím still working on the guys," Hope nervously replied.
Robyn took the sketchbook from Hope and looked at the undefined figures. They werenít finished, but it was obvious that Hope had been working on them for hours.
"You wanted me to draw some hot guys, right, so why not Hanson? We both like them," Hope stated. "Theyíre harder to draw than you think."
"Are you kidding?!" cried Robyn. "They look so hot here! Man! And Tay looks so hot here!"
"What about their looks?" continued Hope, taking back her book, "I like them for their music. Their looks to me are more of a plus. The way the love music is as much as I love drawing!" Hopeís eyes began to glaze over as she continued to draw them. Robyn stared in amazement as Hope drew them. Hope then paused suddenly, turning to Robyn and asking, "Robyn, have you ever wanted to design Hansonís clothes? You know, just for the fun of it? Not that there taste is clothes is bad or anything."
"Oh yeah!" cried Robyn. "We have to put them in TIGHT pants!!!" The both of them laughed and continued to work on the drawing. When it was finished, they looked around the campsite, but no Hansonís appeared. "It didnít work, I guess," sighed Hope. "I think Iím going to go to sleep."" "That sounds like a good idea there," agreed Robyn with a yawn.
They placed the stuff outside of the tent for the night, and prepared their sleeping bags for a cold night. As the night lingered on, Shay came out to examine the camp-area.
"No one is awake," he thought aloud as he wandered through the site. He was looking for something he could use against his anticipated battle with the angels, which had been foreordained to battle him to the end. He then stopped and saw the sketchbook. When he was about to pick it up, he heard a noise from within the tent, and he quickly vanished.
"Hope? Hope? Wake up," whispered Robyn, shaking Hopeís shoulder.
Hope turned in her separate sleeping bag and looked at Robyn groggily. "Whatís the matter?"
"I was thinking about the angels. Can you tell me more about them?" begged Robyn.
"Oh, okay," yawned Hope, rubbing her eyes. "I can tell you as much as I know about the angels, and I warn you, itís not a whole lot." Hope closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "They are the purest of all the pure angels in Heaven, and they are the guardians of the 5 pillars of human emotions. There is the Angel of Hope, the Angel of Joy, Angel of Love, Angel of Strength, and the Angel of Intelligence. If one is to fall, so do the others because without one, the rest cannot go on." Robynís eyes sparkled as hope finished her explanation.
"Wow," Robyn murmured. "Whoís the strongest?"
"Why the Angel of Hope, of course." Hope replied smiling.
"Without them, there wouldnít be the rest to begin with." Robyn yawned and wiped away a bright blue tear. "Oh man, I just hate it when I tear up from yawning, donít you?" Hope laughed in agreement and continued her explanation. "Shay hates the Angels so much because he knows that they have the power to destroy them. The only thing is that neither him nor us know who they are! Say, how about we go to sleep now and continue this talk tomorrow morning?"
"Sounds good to me," Robyn said


Robyn stood in the middle of the barren plain staring face to face with Taylor Hanson. "Taylor," she murmured. Before she could continue, she found herself pinned to the hard gravel ground with Taylor on top of her. Only it didnít look like Taylor any more. The famous blue eyes had turned to a harsh green, and his hair grew out into a long ponytail.
"Shay?!" she cried out in desperation. "Somebody HELP!"


Hope found herself walking all alone without her sketchbook or Robyn. She stared out into that vast, vacant, red sky, looking for answers. Then something had caught her eye out in the distance. There was a flash of bright white light sand yelling out ahead of her.
"What the?!" Hope cried as she ran towards the commotion. As Hope neared the light, she realized what she had seen and had heard. There before her were four of the five faceless angels fighting Shay, but where was the fifth?
"HOPE!" cried out the Angel of Strength. "Help us! We need you!" There was another flash of light and painful screams. Then, there was nothing.


"Robyn! Hey, Robyn! Wake up!" called out Hope. "Do you hear that noise?! Robyn! Wake up!"
"Huh?" inquired Robyn with a drunken look on her face. "What are you talking about? What noise?"
"THAT noise!" replied Hope thrusting the door to the tent open, revealing three young, blonde boys playing Robynís guitar. "It worked!"

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